N-SANE1 Disorientation taken for granted...
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THIS IS A DOOM2 LEVEL!  (Don't you hate not knowing this kind
of info right off the bat?)
Title               : N-SANE1  Disorientation taken for granted...   
Filename            : N-SANE1.wad
Author              : N. Scot Norman
Email Address       : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info   : Hardware Technician at a local computer outlet.  System 
stress-tester/debugger.  "Your DX4 100 is ready sir, you
want fries with that...?"
Additional Credits  : All the people on #DOOM...  Vidiot (when I can get a
hold of him), |Sniper| for moral support, Chompie for
playtest suggestions, NICO for helping calibrate the 
difficulty levels, and Cyber for making it so difficult
to upload to CDROM.COM.  Also thanks to TREE and Hankle,
who's wads are great demonstrations of good level
Oh yeah, Thanks to ID Software for making a game that
lets you make your own levels.  Can't wait for QUAKE.
Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes!!  (This is the point!)  
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, but You'll waste alot of time trying to "take
them all on".
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, but the special "routing" of this level can be
annoying.  All the players gotta REALLY know the level.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes.
Alteration of Level?    : YES.
New Sounds, Graphics,   : Nope.
Music, Replace Demos?   : Yes.  N-sane1.lmp. (Christ, but I HATE the DOOM2 
music!  I will Include some other tune when I can...)
Base                    : COMPLETELY new level.  ("Yawn")
Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.2 (Best interface).  DEEP7 (most thorough, but 
VERY slow considering that I have the unregistered 
version:  This wad is free - So what's the point of 
paying for an editor???)  DoomCad 5.1 (Great, but my 
WIN95 kept locking up.)  Wintex, (Great now that I 
know how to use it.)
Build Time              : about 24 hours, not counting playtesting...
Known Bugs              : Arch-Vile bug on Spectre in big room if killed in
the doorway.  Deal with it!
  This level was extensively playtested on a DX2/80
  with 8 megs of RAM (mine), a DX2/66 with 4
  megs of RAM (Chompie's) and a 486DX2/80 with 4
  megs of RAM (Nico's).  I would strongly
  recommend playing this level with no less than
  4 megs and 33+ mhz CPU.
  If you get lost, then I've done this right.  Don't
  rely on the map!  Just keep a cool head and keep 

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels.
levels.  But since this level is based on a "Trick" or "Gimmick", It doesn't
really lend well to upgrading.  If you use this level in a multi-level WAD, let me 
like to know about it so I can get a copy of the multi.

You may distribute this WAD, provided you include all the files
in the archive, with no modifications.  You may distribute this 
file in any electronic format EXCEPT for CD compilations; if you
put this WAD on a CD, I MUST receive a contributors' copy.  If 
you want to make money off of my work, you'd best be prepared to pay up for
it.  This work is (c) 1995 by N. Scot Norman

* Playing tips *
This level is specifically designed to get you lost.  There are 
special sections that contain monsters for no other purpose than to generate 
dis-orienting sounds.  If it seems like you can't get anywhere, keep moving 
and try again: You may not be where you think you are, and where you think 
you can go will keep changing.  Don't worry though - This level has been 
extensively playtested to make sure that you cannot get "stuck".
There are a LOT of monsters in this level.  Don't stress, just get 
them to kill each other; It's all a matter of where you stand.  THIS IS 
You may notice that almost nothing will show up on the automap:
Well.... That's the point, now isn't it?  But take heart, for there is a very
important secret "window" that WILL show up on the map.

* The .Lmp files *
N-SANE1.lmp is a hoot...   It demonstrates that it IS possible to run the
level in one shot + leaving with better than 100% health and some decent ammo.
Because of the randomness involved with monster-monster brawls, the final con-
flict at the end is always different.  I tried to run the level as if I didn't
know the secrets, so I tend to wander around as if lost - making all the mis-
takes that can be made (I even take a few fire-balls in the face).

* Miscellaneous notes *
This is my first WAD.  I couldn't have done it without DCK 2.2.  Thanks guys!
Also:  I know that my textures kinda suck, but I HATE playing with textures.
It was hard enough just to set up the level.  I tried to put in only original 
ideas for this level, but since I haven't checked out EVERY other PWAD that 
has been made, I can't say that this hasn't been done before.

Please e-mail me and lemme know what you think.  I have considered making 3 
more levels for a series, but I first need to know if anyone's gonna care.


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