Um... You know, like... It's a Doom 2 level... And you... ah... play it... see?

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AUTHOR   : Brett J. Murtha

EMAIL    : <email removed> (Until June 1999)
           ICQ UIN 6969350 for messaging or updated email information.


: Boring dude who sat down fiddling with a new Windbloze WAD editor to fix
  a map stuffed by an old Windbloze WAD editor who then -- just -- couldn't --
  STOP -- nooooo!  A first and maybe final attempt at making a visually
  appealing, puzzle-oriented level.  It should feel like a game in itself.

: It really was hard to just QUIT...   :)
  Making a WAD is so much fun I doubt I'll bother making another one.    ;)
  It's too time consuming trying to get stuff I haven't seen implemented
  before looking and behaving just right.  I'm psycologically incapable of
  tacking a few unimaginative sectors together and filling them with BFG
  meat.  I wish more WAD authors would honour iD's legacy -- stop thinking
  about sterile sectors and hordes of enemies to mow down and starting
  thinking about architecture and puzzles.  Some of the works I've grabbed
  from the net are made by true maestros, but most are hacked together by
  butchers.  I've made some effort to emulate the former, but be kind
  since this is my first attempt.  Eeeooii...  =8*)


: Um... You know, like... It's a Doom 2 level...
  And you... ah... play it... see?

: Find the head-on-a-stick(tm) and pop its bleedy butt, okay?
             Oh yeah, no butt...
                      ...You'll think of something.

: BTW, the "exit" really *is* an exit...  Sort of...  Just takes a while to
  pass thru it.

  Hint: Don't take that leap of faith into the lava pit for the megasphere,
  ok?  It didn't work the first time you tried it, and it won't work now.
  Now if the pit were a pillar, could you jump into something else? Mmm?

  Hint The Second: Day-dreaming cybie doesn't run around;
                   His head is in the clouds,
                   But his feet are on the ground.

: Cheaters should omit granting themselves keys, or they'll ruin the
  puzzle-oriented nature of this level.  That's IDFA for full ammo and NOT
  IDKFA for the same with keys, ok?

: Rather than a central theme, the map is dotted with eye-candy:

   -Cybie crushers; do the mash, do the monster mash & see 'em pee blood
   -Spiral staircases
   -Switches tagged with special inserts or borders to denote function
   -Atmospheric use of lighting effects; I just lurve gradients on stairs

: See if you can pick out the tourist traps in rough order of appearance.
  If I could have been bothered, these places would have been labeled
  with modified bitmaps in the Wolfenstein texture slots:

   -Slime Mine               -> look for the generator & drilling screw
   -Spider Demon Temple      -> become as a god to achieve enlightenment
   -The Meat Locker          -> meat so fresh it still twitches
   -Sacrifical Chamber       -> where does this trail of blood lead?
   -Stairway To Heaven       -> my legs are KILLING me!
   -Observation Tower        -> just a burning city and windswept clouds
   -Cyberdemon Shrine        -> see the pagan blood-peeing ritual
   -Monster Mural            -> day-dreaming cybie has his head in the clouds
   -Head-On-A-Stick(tm) Hall -> light at the end of the tunnel


: Cilla for briefly playtesting (Full Ammo & God Mode only, as always,
  sigh) and not appreciating how purdy it looks when all the linedefs
  are meticulously aligned...  :)

: Len for whining about his own WADs not working properly, forcing me to
  discover neat ways around the DOOM engine limitations...

: The squishy "blood" filled latex eyeball I squeezed the shit outa of every
  time I caused a mysterious Visi_Plane error or forgot to exit the game
  running in the background thereby losing my latest build.  Argh!  Take
  that you peewee cacodemon you.

: Lizard for sitting in the monitor's glow and staring unimpressed at the
  emerging map, driving me to add ever more sectors until I got some sort of
  enthusiastic response from him.  (Note: For bearded dragons, it seems
  sloppy green brocolli poop is considered "distain" in human terms.)

: Dr Pepper for keeping me awake and for being a cheap alternative to Coke
  which doesn't carbonate a hole in my intestines & is always on special
  at the supermarket coz normal people think it tastes like medicine, toilet
  fresh, or stink beetles (no, really) and won't pay full price for it.
  Mmmm... Caffienated rose water... Glur-ur-urg-ahh...



Episode and Level #     : MAP01 (VERY tall sectors, so use a later engine)
Single Player           : Yep - Designed with solo play in mind...
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yep - Allowed for but untested...
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yep - Ambush points and multiple starts.
Difficulty Settings     : Nah - Ultra Violence, man... What else IS there?
New Sounds              : Nope
New Graphics            : Nope
New Music               : Nope
Demos Replaced          : Zippo



: New level from scratch


: Predominately WADAUTHOR.

  DoomEd for WindBloze 3.11 a few years back laid the skeleton, but I
  didn't get too far beyond Sector 0, the first staircase, the "meat locker"
  and the "sacrific room".

  That editor kept causing trubz so the WAD was stuffed in a zip and promptly
  forgotten for several years.  I dusted it off again when some of the kewl
  and helpful doodz in #DOOM2 mentioned WadAuthor...

  Well I think this new editor kicks ass (esp the on-screen bitmaps, multiple
  tag options and map error checking). The result was an obsessive couple of
  days exploring the architectural abilities of the Doom 2 v1.9 engine...
  There's a wide variety of themes in this single level, and the map looks
  cluttered and DAUNTING, but it's actually very clear and concise, with a
  definite linearity to it.  This is helped by the use of the three keys and
  switches with false panels over them you need to find the releases for.
  (Hint: Note the mining company logo from Doom 1.)

  If you think there's too many monsters, take the architecture into account.
  I've used thematic textures a little.  There's crushing ceilings for some
  of the cybies.  Narrow shooting slots let you wipe out neighbouring rooms
  in relative safety (will you be sucked in by the cybie-slot, tee hee).
  Also, try to get the more conjested areas cleared before you enter by
  turning the nasties on each other.  The opponents I've placed in certain
  areas have been specially chosen for their detriment on other species.

  I consider this pretty easy to get through; it can take about 20 minutes.
  It's quite easy to finish the level WITHOUT cheating AFTER you've solved
  the riddles, but if you really must just have a frag-fest -- or just to
  initially solve the rotten thing without dying and restarting -- only use
  the IDFA cheat instead of IDKFA, so you preserve the linearity of the
  "story" without gaining keys prematurely...


: None known.  I even challenge yaz to find a nasty linedef mis-alignment. :)
  The big monster mural doesn't count - that bitch appears differently every
  time I see her, even when I don't fiddle with her sidedefs.  You should
  see what happens when you try to wrap the horns over a curving surface.
  I know I'm a perfectionist, though I wish I wasn't -- I'd be finished with
  this crappaz days ago.  :-/


This WAD was initially uploaded to the main CDROM.COM archive...
Where it goes from there or its mirrors is anyone's guess...
Someone, someday must appreciate my piss-poor effort...      =8*) Wheee


: Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels if due
  credit is given.  You'll need someone to point the finger at when people
  start complaining.

: You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this text WITHOUT
  modifications or financial gain.  Spread it far and wide for all to
  behold and wrinkle their noses at.

: Commercial distributors must not sell this WAD, as it is a "derivative
  work" of iD software, but apparently it can be distributed on a CD with
  other neat junk for a reasonable fee.  Drop me a line so I can maybe buy
  it if its other sharez are sweet enough...

Ninja Duck, June 1999.

        (>_<) Screw you guys; I'm going hooome...


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