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Nintendo graphic and sounds replacements for Doom II (also works with Doom I)

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 ************************** NEW FOR 1998 *************************


Title                   : NINTENDO DOOM 2
Author                  : Chris Warren
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other WADS by me        : DISNEY.wad

Description             : Nintendo graphic and sounds replacements
                          for Doom II (also works with Doom I)

Additional Credits to   : iD Software for Doom.
                          The author of NWT

Where you can 
get this WAD        :

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : N/A
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : N/A
New Sounds              : YES! (Most sounds)
New Graphics            : YES! (Most of the sprites and some textures)
Demos Replaced          : All 3 of them.

* Construction *

Base                    : Recorded sounds and pictures. I drew some 
                          pictures and scanned others.                           
Build Time              : About 5 months.
Editor(s) used          : NWT, PSP, Cool Edit
Known Bugs              : Textures for the Big Mario
                          final boss don't align properly.
                          Game demos at the start
                          will not run and the game exits with an
                          error if you are not running Doom2 V1.7a
                          (The solution is to start the game quickly, before 
                          the demo plays. Alternatively, upgrade to Doom 2 v1.7a)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may use these files and distribute them freely, provided you do not
alter any of the pictures or sounds in the wad file. You must also include this
text file and all other files included in the ZIP when distributing this wad. 

Do not steal my graphics and use them in your own wad.  I spent a long time making this!
Anyway if you want to make a wad for doom then it's much more satisfying to do 
everything yourself!

* Additional Description *

I have changed every character from DOOM 1 & 2 into a Nintendo character. You 
play Cranky Kong and you are sick and tired of all these new Nintendo games with 
pretty graphics and no gameplay.  Why, you remember way back in the good old days
when video games had only two buttons, two on-screen colors and beeps for sound effects.
Nintendo characters in those days were REAL heroes! Not like the little weedy types
around today.. Mario?..ha...Diddy Kong? .. What a joke.. but, Cranky Kong... now 
there's a name worthy of the title 'Video game hero'.  You think back and remember how
you used to work really hard at kidnapping princesses and doing all that other stuff that
made you so great!  

Something breaks your concentration! And you snap must have drifted off 
to sleep (you do that a lot these days).  Upon listening more carefully you discover 
that it was Mario's voice that awoke you.  He is talking to the other Nintendo 
characters about something... It sounds like.. couldn't be... 
but then again.. Yes.. yes that's what he said.  Mario and the rest of the Nintendo
crew are talking about creating an all new, state of the art game with whiz bang graphics,
superb sound effects, a spectacular soundtrack, all new rendered 3d landscapes,  
configurational controller options with every Nintendo character (except you) included.

This game MUST NOT go ahead!  It would be the worst title ever.. This time they have 
pushed it too far... you will have to teach them a lesson.  Rage surges through
your body as you think about what would happen if such a game was actually released.. the 
noise, the bright colors...noooo!  Quickly, you search your box of Nintendo odds and
ends and pull out your old fashioned Nintendo Zapper.  This should do the least 
for now.  You take a deep breath as you recall upon your abilities to once again become the 
great video game hero that you were in days gone by.. Then you grab hold of your walking stick
and set out to put an end to these foolish Nintendo characters and their stupid game.


        You --------------- Cranky Kong    
        Pistol Soldiers---- Mario
        Shotgun Soldiers--- Toad  
        Chaingun Soldiers-- Princess Peach           
        Imps -------------- Dixie Kong 
        Demons ------------ Yoshi             
        Hell Knight ------- Fox Mcleod         
        Baron of Hell------ Link        
        Lost Soul --------- Boo          
        Cacodemons -------- Flying Koopa         
        Mancubus ---------- Fulgore        
        Pain Elemental ---- Lakita Brother 
        Revenent ---------- Diddy Kong    
        Arch-vile --------- Donkey Kong          
        Spider Demon ------ Wario    
        Spider Mastermind-- The Bomb-omb King     
        Cyber Demon ------- Bowser        

        And a secret character for the secret levels ????????



       After you UNZIP the Nintendo.ZIP file to your Doom or Doom2 directory you
                         will find 4 files.

              *  Nintendo.WAD  -  The main WAD file. Contains 
  the new graphics
                                  and sounds.
              *  Nintendo.TXT  -  This Text file

              *  Nintendo.BAT  -  The Batch file that MUST
                                  be run in order to play 
                                  Nintendo Doom.
              *  Dontrun.exe -    Executable that contains info.
                                  about new sounds, text etc.
                                  DO NOT RUN THIS FILE TO PLAY
                                  NINTENDO DOOM OR THE SOUNDS WILL

        Whenever you want to play Nintendo
          Doom, you "MUST" run the   Nintendo.BAT   file.

           Do "NOT" run the:  Dontrun.EXE   file. It will mess 
         up the sounds. 
           Do "NOT" use the:
                              -file Nintendo.wad 
      command line any more unless you want to play a multiplayer game, because again 
      all the sounds will screw up!  Just run the included 'Nintendo.bat' and all 
      should go smoothly (plus it's easier anyway)

NOTE:  If you get an error message that says  'Demo is from from a 
different game version!'  then you are running a copy of doom2 other
than Version 1.7a.
The Solution?  Just start the game quickly before the demo has the 
chance to begin playing.

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