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Ok... Here's The Situation... After defeating the big boss on doom2, which was Codenamed NECRO, you atart your long trek back home, however, you ac...

Necro's Revenge
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Title                   : Necro's Revenge
Filename                : Necro_x.wad Necro_x.deh
Author                  : Xaser
Email Address           : <email removed> (NO JUNK MAIL!)
Misc. Author Info       : I like doom.
Description             : Ok... Here's The Situation...
                          After defeating the big boss on doom2, which was
                          Codenamed NECRO, you atart your long trek back
                          home, however, you accidentally stumble into a
                          portal and are sent back in time BEFORE THE
                          INVASION EVEN STARTED!!! Suddenly, the demons
                          barge in and take over earth, just like before!
                          Now you have to stop the earth invasion ALL OVER
                          AGAIN! However, somehow, you screwed with timespace,
                          and now all the weapons are different! Instead of
                          the wimpy pistol you used to have, you now have a
                          kick-ass alien-looking plasma pistol! all the
                          other weapons have changed, too!!!

                          Basically, it's just a weapon replacement for Doom2 or
                          Final Doom. It may work with Ultimate Doom, but I'm
                          not sure. Most of the weapons were taken from Mindscape's
                          Necrodome, which is basically a car combat game
                          that is *almost* like Twisted Metal. I guarantee
                          that you'll like these guns, or else, i'll give you
                          your money back. (Wait a minute, this was free, so never
                          mind :)

Additional Credits to   : Mindscape, for Necrodome.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Any DOOM game.
Level #                 : None replaced.
Single Player           : Yes!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : HELL FREAKIN' YEAH! THESE ROCK!
Difficulty Settings     : N\A
New Sounds              : Of Course!!!
New Graphics            : Yeah! New Weapons and Items!
New Music               : Not here.
Demos Replaced          : N\A

* Construction *

Base                    : Some Necrodome Sprites (heavily Modified),
                          Some From other places. Teleport Gun was inspired
                          by Telefragging.
Build Time              : ???
Editor(s) used          : WINTEX, Windows Paint (shit), Paint Shop Pro,
                          Hypersnap-DX (for screenshots of Necrodome guns).
Known Bugs              : Don't Know.
Unknown Bugs: You can tell someone is stupid if they list bugs here.

* New Weapons *

1- Knife- Yeah, Right. You Probably Have A Better Chance Tickling Them To Death.

1- Shooter- Shoots out bullets kind of slowly, but it takes no ammo! Perfect for
conservation nuts.

2- Plasma Pistol- Shoots Out Plasma balls. Shoots out slower than the Doom plasma gun.

3-+Hand Cannon- Blast These Baddied With A Spread Of Bullets That Will
Punch Lots Of Little Holes Into Those Baddies.

3-*Necro's Shotgun- Coolest Looking Gun. Shoots like doom2's supershotgun, but much faster.

4-*High Velocity Gun (HVGUN)- Shoots out bullets that do 3 times as much damage as normal.
Takes up 3 times as much ammo, though.

5-*Laser Gun- Shoots a supercharged laser beam at the enemies that blows 'em to shreds.

6-*Chaingun- Acts like doom's chaingun, but twice as fast! 

7- Teleportation Gun- Shoots a laser beam that teleports the victim's living being away leaving
nothing left but a body. Basically, it kills anything in one shot! Beware, though. It
uses up 50 lasers (laser gun ammo), and has a tremendous down-time after you fire.

* - Came From Necrodome.
+ - Modified version of HVGUN Sprites.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You WILL Distrubute This And You WILL Include This File Intact. 
You WILL Distribute It In Any Electronic Form (CD, Floppy, BBS, E-mail).
Do whatever you want with this WAD, I don't care.

* Where to get this WAD *

Stupid Question, You *should* Already Have It!

FTP sites: ftp.3darchives.in-span.net, maybe?

BBS numbers: What Does BBS Stand For? Big Bull Shit?

Other: You should already have it.

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