Noob Project Part 4- Space Station Vrack

The quest for the BFG continues.... Read the story below if you want to understand

Noob Project Part 4- Space Station Vrack
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WAD Type
Archive Maintainer      : special instructions if any
Update to               : 
Advanced engine needed  : Latest version of ZDoom 
Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play 
Title                   : Noob Project Part 4- Space Station Vrack

Filename                : Nprject4.wad
Release date            : 
Author                  : Lupinx-ressurected

Email Address           : <email removed>

Other Files By Author   : Noob Project series

Misc. Author Info       : Its me lupinx-ressurected (now renamed to lupinx-kass). Im 15, and I like cheese sticks.
Im probably gonna take a break from zdoom wads, and map with good ol' vanilla so I can improve on making levels.

Description             : The quest for the BFG continues.... Read the story below if you want to understand
what the hell is going on. In this level, jumping and mouse-looking is required.
This is a difficult level, and I highly reccomend you use the SSG most often! The Rocket Launcher
and chaingun are more useful for long distance fights in this level. Ammunition and health is in abundance,
but so are the enemies! CAUTION: You fight human marines in this level, they are much more difficult then

STORY: After Noob Project 3, you were chasing down Massmouth, who obtained the B.F.G. from Gamarra.
Massmouth was flying to the Worm's moon, you were hot on his trail chasing him, when suddenly a UAC ship
stops you on your chase and apprehends you, for disobeying and order
and going after the weapon in the first place. You were than taken and enjailed on Space Station Vrack, where
sat in the corner of your cell and looked out the window, watching the stars. You heard that this station 
was once invaded by the hell spawn, and one marine singlehandedly cleaned the station out, ever since then
the UAC reoccupied the station with increased security measures. You decide you can not do much at the moment 
so you bunk. When you wake up, you see a shotgun on the floor next to you with a note on it. How did the guards
not notice? The note reads: Good morning reviewer, I provided you a shotgun for means of escape, after all...
what kind of wad would it be if you were stuck in a cell? I will meet later on, oh and I brought a friend with me
whom you might remember from Nprject2.wad... See you soon >:D -The author
You don't know what the hell he's talking about or what a "Nprject2.wad" and a "Reviewer" is, but he made a mistake... CHIK*IT
He gave you a gun. Looks like you'll be getting a B.F.G. after all. 

OKAY! Enough of this story crap. The rest is explained in the level, so you can put your eyes to rest.

Additional Credits to: Fredrick Johannasen for the new textures used in this wad.
His Vrack series also inspired me to make this level.
* What is included *

New levels              : 1
Sounds                  : yes
Music                   : yes
Graphics                : yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : no
Demos                   : no
Other                   : no
Other files required    : nope

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM2 
Map #                   : 1
Single Player           : yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : no
Other game styles       : Huh?
Difficulty Settings     : Less health on UV but thats it.

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch 
Build Time              : Too long
Editor(s) used          : Wintex and Doom Builder
Known Bugs              : If there are, feel free to tell me, I think I fixed all of them.
May Not Run With...     : Anything not Zdoom 

* Copyright / Permissions *

Yeah use it if you want, but just give me credit.

* *

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