I call this particular level "Showdown". The reason for this is probably most apparent early in the game. My favorite four of the enemy l...

Not a shot fired.
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           The DOOM .LMP Film Collection: Collector's Edition

Title      :  Not a shot fired.
Category   :  Hall of Fame
Recorded by:  Michael Houston  Date :  February 20, 1994
Episode    :  2                Level:  9        Skill: Ultra Violent


A favorite level of mine, since there are so many monsters and plenty of 
fighting going on, none of it requiring you. I also managed to catch an
great battle between the final Cacodemon and Baron.

In this instance, I decided to use only the chainsaw, and to use it only
after the dust had cleared. Luckly, there was only one Baron of Hell left, 
although he was far from finished.
Hi there!

Thanks to the wonderful world of high technology, we can now not only 
participate in, but also cause a mass slaughter right in the cozy comfort
of our computer chair. Not only that, but thanks (much thanks!) to Brendon J.
Wyber and Rapha‰l Quinet (Authors of DEU), we also have the Doom Editor 
Utility, and can create our own perfect "Spray-and-Slay" scenario!
 I call this particular level "Showdown". The reason for this is probably most 
apparent early in the game. My favorite four of the enemy list are represented
here in droves, and classy weapons and bonuses abound (except for the BFG-
9000, which I thought made things a little too easy, and we can't have that...
), as well as some crafty secrets and traps.
 This patch WAD requires that you have the registered version of DOOM, and you
should play it on a fast machine so as to increase refresh rates to a pleasant 
level (the bodies get kinda thick here...). To run it, place the .WAD file 
(SHOWDOWN.WAD) in your DOOM directory, type DOOM -FILE SHOWDOWN.WAD, and press
enter (capitals are not neccesary). The init screen will come up and tell you
that "This version of DOOM has been modified... (etc.)". Just press enter and
when the menu comes up select New Game, Knee Deep in the Dead. Skill level 
won't matter, just don't go for Nightmare 'cause you ain't gonna survive it :@
  Four things to remember while playing:

  1:Watch your ammo levels (health too!!)
  2:Watch your ass as well!
  3:If it smells like a trap, it probably is...
  4:All secrets are in sequence; if you miss one, you won't be able to leave!

It is a real run for your money, but if you keep these things in mind, it's
acually kind of easy after awhile ;) . BTW: Don't forget about the strafe 

Level one is "Showdown" (kinda hot for the first level, huh?). All succeeding 
levels are normal... That's it! Good luck and don't forget to bring some band-
aids! (not forgetting the deluxe shotgun cleaning kit...) Oh, and by the way,
the weird pulsing blue (water texture) on the recieving end of the teleporter
wasn't intentional, but I thought it looked cool so I left it as-is.

DOOM E1L1 replacement level "Showdown" was created by Rick DeMar, Compuserve 
member #74354-1421, whom also finger-picked this document. I used DEU 5.0 
for map design and BSP.EXE (Beaucoup thanks to Colin Reed, author of BSP.EXE) 
for graphic cleanup. Endless thanks also to those awesome guys at id Software 
for bringing us "DOOM". Look for "Doom: Hell on Earth" this summer and 
remember, "Winners don't use cheat codes!!!"


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