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: These are the new wall textures used in an episode I created called Nuke Mine (you can probably find it on this same ftp site). The are very good...

Nuke Mine (Come Get Some)
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Title                   : Nuke Mine (Come Get Some)
Filename                : NUKEMINE.WAD
Author                  : Jason Hargreaves
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : My girlfriend thinks I'm a DOOM-geek (sh-ya, right!)

Description:            : These are the new wall textures used in an episode 
I created called Nuke Mine (you can probably find it 
on this same ftp site).  The are very good quality.
Check them out, if your interested get my Nuke Mine 
episode.  It replaces missions 1-6 and mission 9 in 
episode 1.

The following have been added to NUKEGRPH.WAD

#      Description                      Deu Name        DoomWad      Gif File
-    -----------                        --------        --------     --------           
1    Brick Wall (BW)                    sp_rock1        wall63_1        bbw1
2    BW w center bars                   sp_rock2        wall63_2        bbw1bars
3    Hole Wall                          redwall         wall78_1        holewall
4    BW w rad lines                     cement1         wall52_1        bbw3
5    BW w rad lines & comp screen       cement5         wall52_2        bbw4
6    BW w drains                        cement2         wall53_1        bbw2
7    BW w drains & center bars          cement3         wall54_1        bbw5
8    BW w rad lines & center bars       cement6         wall54_2        bbw6
9    BW w rad lines & pentagram         cement4         wall55_1        bbw7
10   Bushes                             skspine1        spine4_1        bush
11   BW w nuke edge                     sp_dude2        wall50_2        bbwnuke
12   BW w rad lines & nuke edge         skulwal3        wall76_1        bbwnuke2
13   BW w rad lines/nuke edge/poison    skulwall        wall79_1        bbwnuke3
14   Flowing Nuke Wall 1                firewalla       wall22_1        nukewal1
15   Flowing Nuke Wall 2                firewallb       wall23_1        nukewal2
16   Flowing Nuke Wall 3                filrewall       wall23_2        nukewal3

Note:  You are free to use these textures in levels you create, all I ask is
that you include my name in the credits.  Happy Deu-ing.

Also, if anyone would like to know how I made the new textures here's how...
Using wad tools, I made lbm graphic exports of ceiling textures that I thought
were cool as well as one texture that had dimensions of 128x128 bits.  Using
graphic workshop in windows I converted the lbm files to bmp formats.  I opened
up about 5 paintbrush programs in windows and then opened up all of the bmp
files at once.  Using the 128x128 bmp as a template, I copied and pasted bits
of the ceiling and floor textures onto the 128x128 wall.  I found I had to do
this because if I copied a 256 color image into a new paintbrush file, it
would not store it as 256 colors, rather as a 16 color load of garbage.  The 
other reason is that the 128x128 bmp serves as a nice template so you know
how big everything is.  Also note that a ceiling or floor texture is 64x64 bits,
so if you copy four sections onto your 128x128 wall you have a new texture that
will line up with itself on both sides.  For best results in paintbrush, use
the keyboard arrows to fine tune your position.  Play around with it, you'll
soon find what works best for you.  
For the grated windows, I used one ofthe ceiling textures with grating, zoomed
in, filled the holes with cyan and copied it onto my new wall.
Whamo! Instant walls.
I then used gws to convert the bmp back to gif files.  I used wad tools to find
some wall textures that were 128x128 and are really bad walls to look at (sorry
id, but there are a couple).  128x128 walls are something like 17,544 in 
size, for example all those concrete walls).  Then using dmgraph.exe, I stored
these gif files in a pwad file.
If you are curious to know, the whole procedure took about 2 1/2 hours for the
16 walls that I made.

If you read all of this then you are a very curious minded person and you
may want to get in touch with me by e-mail.  There is soooo much to tell you.


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