(Once Again) Grab That Throat!
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09
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|              G R A B   T H A T   T H R O A T !              |
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Title (Once Again)      : Grab That Throat!
What is This?           : A Computer DeathMatch patch for DOOM II
Release Date            : 8-23-96
File List               : GTT.BAT - Lets you choose levels.
                          GTT.DEH - The EXE hack.
                          GTT.WAD - Levels with opponents set up.
                          GTT.TXT - This text file.
                          EASYMODE.BAT - Lets you choose levels in
                                         Easy Mode.
                          EASYMODE.DEH - EXE hack for Easy Mode.
                          DEHACKED.EXE - DeHackEd 3.0.
                          NE2000.COM - Tricks DOOM II into IPX network.
                          LAN.COM - Step 2 of tricking DOOM II into IPX.
Disk Space Required     : About 1 & 1/2 megabytes.
Author                  : Michael Lundy
Posting From            : <email removed>
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : I've built many WADs, which have been
                          some of the best on the Internet. I
                          REALLY want to get my hands on Quake
                          editing tools as soon as they come out.

Other WADs by Author    : I'm too lazy to list all of them...

                          Water Flood & Gorilla Gore II
                          Get Your Gun!
                          107 sounds from my mic
                          Deathmatch by Mike
                          Another Heretic Cathedral (Shareware)
                          DF Rifle Patch.
                          Heretic Textures for DOOM II.
                          Houses 1.4.
                          Silhouettes of Phobos.

                          ...Again, I wrote a lot more, but a
                          few were compilations and updates of
                          other ones (i.e. Houses 1.3).

Upcoming by Author      : You might find levels for Quake by
                          me later on (I'll be patient with
                          the BSP builder).

* WAD Description *

Brief Description       : If you can't find anyone to DM with,
                          then this is for you. Now you don't
                          need a modem or network to play
Outline Description     : + Uses monsters changed into players
                            as your opponents. There may be
                            even more than four players at a
                          + DeathMatch levels rigged up specifically
                            for this. Some were made by me.
                          + A status bar made by myself using
                            a crappy paint program.
                          + All you have to do is unzip this and
                            type COMPDM.
                          + A lot of fun!
WAD Info in More Detail : About two weeks ago, I downloaded a
                          Computer DeathMatch patch. It was sort
                          of buggy (Players got stuck in slop
                          frames and stuff). So I decided to
                          fix it up and then give it some better
                          levels. So, here it is.
What's Changed From     : + Many player characteristics changed,
Original COMP-DM?           such as frame fixes. They can now
                            fall off of ledges and you cannot
                            sneak up behind them, like you
                            would a monster. These changes make
                            it more fun and realistic.
                          + New levels. Some I made (My brother
                            made one, too). Some others. The point
                            is that they're good.
                          + Contains a DEH instead of an EXE (Having
                            an EXE is not a good idea). So if you end
                            up getting this instead of Immortal's
                            Computer DeathMatch, that is why.
                          + An Easy Mode for those who aren't DOOM
                            Champions, or just have a slow computer
                            which doesn't allow them to be really
How It Works            : DOOM is tricked into 1-player deathmatch
                          with monsters in nightmare skill level,
                          so their aim is better and they keep
                          coming back.
Levels Used             : Level 1: IDMAP01.WAD
                          Level 2: MOUNTKNG.WAD (Level 5)
                          Level 3: MIKEBOKN.WAD
                          Level 4: DETHPOND.WAD
                          Level 5: DANZIG2.WAD (Level 19)
                          Level 6: DOOM2.WAD (Level 7)
                          Level 7: DWELLER2.WAD
                          Level 8: J_ROOM4.WAD
                          Level 9: DANZIG1.WAD
Might Not Run With      : DOOM versions other than 1.9 (It might.)
Big Thanks to           : The Immortal for the original COMP-DM.
                          Jason Hoffoss for DMapEdit 4.0.11.
                          Oliver Montanuy for DeuTex 3.6.
                          Greg Lewis for DeHackEd.
                          Mark Klem for the tile texture.
                          Id Software.
Additional Credits to   : Everyone who made the levels in this
                          I credit anything else to the authors
                          of the software, WAD, etc., that I
                          happened to have used.

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II
Level(s) Replaced       : MAP01 - MAP09 
Single Player           : You don't really need to explore these
                          levels first, so don't do it.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : If you can tell your friends apart from
                          your computer opponents in split-second
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes. Not just 2-4 players, but 1-4 players.
Difficulty Settings     : No, it's automatically set to nightmare to
                          give your opponents better aim.
New Sounds              : Only to fix BFG guy so you can hear him
                          firing, unlike Immortal's COMP-DM.
New Graphics            : A couple wall textures and a status bar.
New Music               : No, but I changed them around in the DEH.
Demos Replaced          : No. I wish I could, but it won't work.
Other Data Replaced     : The EXE file. (It won't change yours. This
                          comes with a DEH and all the software
                          it needs.)

* Construction *

Base                    : Immortal's Computer DeathMatch 1.6
Main Editor(s) used     : DMapEdit 4.0.11, Deutex 3.6, DeHackEd 3.0
Other Editor(s) used    : NeoPaint 2.2
Build Time              : A couple days.
Known Bugs              : None, but look below.
Other Problems          : Frag counter doesn't work.
                          Plus, don't reset in the middle of a game.
                          If you do, go to your DOOM II directory
                          and type:
                          REN DOOM2.EXE DOOMHACK.EXE
                          REN DOOM2.EX_ DOOM2.EXE
                          _AND_, if you ran Easy Mode, add these lines
                          REN GTT.DEH EASYMODE.DEH
                          GTT.DE_ GTT.DEH
                          Just in case, make a backup of the DOOM II
Future Improvements     : Fix the frag counter, if possible.

* Installation *

Unzip this to your DOOM II directory and you're ready to go. Type GTT
to start. Or type EASYMODE to run Easy Mode.

Required to Have in Dir : DOOM II and the files in the list at the top
                          of this text file.

* Troubleshooting *

Problem: DOOM II crashes when I run this.
Solution: This may have conflicts with computers which already have a
          network. Try removing the lines NE2000 0x61 and LAN from
          GTT.BAT, restart your computer and try again.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this WAD as a base to build additional

You may do whatever you want with this file, as long as you give
credit that the author can easily find in the text file. Make sure
you align the textures, unlike everybody else (Heh, heh).

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers: None.

Other: None.


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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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