A small deathmatch .wad; should be fairly intense. (see history for theme.)

One Last .Wad.....
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Title                   : One Last .Wad.....
Filename                : one_last.wad
Author(s)               : Shawn Walker
E-Mail address          : <email removed>
Other PWADS by Author   : shotmy.wad(Dark & Demonic Deathmatch)
                          sewrcorp.wad(small fast & dirty deathmatch)
                          dm_e1m1.wad(never released!)
                          s_lair.wad(Satan's Dungeon)
Construction Time       : June 1, 1996
Description             : A small deathmatch .wad; should be fairly intense.
                          (see history for theme.)
History                 : After playing 4-way deathmatch on iFrag, and
                          experiencing the plethora of .wads out there
                          (and being extremely bored) I decided to make ONE
                          more deathmatch .wad that would be worthy to play
                          on iFrag(shouldn't be too hard since most of the 
                          .wads on iFrag suck an extreme amount of cock!!)
                          As far as DM goes it should work great.  But, hey...
                          I know what you're thinking....What about the theme,
                          huh?  Well, since this is my last DOOM .wad,
                          (Quake should be out soon.....right?!!? >:^> )
                          I decided to make a room for every friend 'o
                          mine that plays DOOM and is cool.  In each room
                          there is a 'famous' DM quote for that person.
Contents                : Here is a nice list....
                          1.  A central nexus point of Demonic Death & 
                          2.  5 rooms with a theme applicable for each
                              a.  A large marble room with...
                                  1.  an Altar of Satanic Sacrificial Sodomy!
                                  2.  cool stuff behind the fountains of
                              b.  A green brick room with...
                                  1.  a nice winding staircase.
                                  2.  Plasma Rifle.
                                  3.  a Couple o' Cookin' Corpses...
                                      (like the alliteration?)
                              c.  A courtyard with...
                                  1.  a Demonic Device of Damned Dudes...
                                      (how poetic....)
                                  2.  a pond with stuff in it.
                                  3.  potential for cool rocket wars!
                              d.  A hellishly green vine covered room with...
                                  1.  a stream of green slime.
                                  2.  3 columns with dead people on them.
                                  3.  the Double-barreled Dildo of Death.
                                      (woops, I mean the ssg.)
                              e.  An open area with...
                                  1.  a stupid-ass cliff to... blow people off
                                        of??...(why the FUCK did I put that
                                        in!)   :)
                                  2.  Berserk & Chaingun.
                                  3.  4 Bitchin' Butchered Bodies.
                                      (isn't alliteration fun?)
Credits                 : TEK / Creighton Hager
                            - Thanks to CrayTek (who can kick my ass anytime
                              at DM, if he put his mind to it!) for not 
                              succumbing to cheesy and cockish deathmatch.
                          ädogy / Benjamin Anderson
                            - Thanks to Ben for inspiring me to make cool
                              doom levels, and for help with this last
                              doom .txt file(that histrionic bastard).
                          GreenHell / Nathanial Burke
                            - Thanks to The Kid for teaming up with me on
                              iFrag and helping me dispatch with those
                              ChEeSy MoThErFuCkErS, and for being my own
                              personal DM punching bag!     >:^>
                          TheDarkGnome / Joshua Rogers
                            - Thanks to Josh for coming up with cool ideas,
                              starting on them, giving up on them, and
                              allowing cooler (less lazy -Josh) people to 
                              finish them!  Also, thanks to Josh for help
                              with this last DM level.
                          GhostRider / Shawn Walker
                            - I prefer to let my .wads speak for me.
* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Doom2(Map1)
Single Player           : no.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : no.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : yes.
Difficulty Settings     : no.
New Sounds              : new death screams.
New Graphics            : yes(DM quotes).
New Music               : yes(doom 1, E1M1 music).
Demos Replaced          : no.

* Construction *

Base                    : scratch
Tools used              : Edmap 1.31
                          NWT 1.3
                          Sound Blaster Wave Studio.
Known Bugs              : none.
                          (textures are offset very well, thank you
                          very much!)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Don't use this as a base for anything!

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

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