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A high-tech 21st century DooM episode that is big, innovative, good-looking, and above all, HARD! This episode pushes the DooM engine to it's very ...

Operation: Lightning
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Updated April 2011 with co-op fixes and some minor improvements.
     Operation: Lightning - The Story so Far
The year is 2099, six weeks before the turn of the century.

You are Jody Russell, a top space marine. Your call sign is 'Kill Crazy', 
because you kill like crazy and love every second of it.  You can't wait for
the turn of the century, but right now you're strapped into your drop pod,
ready to assault another planetary base that's gone hideously wrong, in a fast
strike codenamed 'Operation: Lightning'. Damn. Now you have to survive another 
suicide mission first, but hey, you eat suicide missions for breakfast!
The radio crackles: "All marines, this is Steel Lynx. Now listen up:
Something has gone wrong with this base. No-one has heard anything from it
for the past few weeks, and it seems to be producing fierce electrical storms
from somewhere. Your task is to find out what is wrong, what is generating
these lightning storms, and shut it down. Kill all hostile resistance."

"OHHHHHHH YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" you shout at the top of your voice.
"I copy that, Kill Crazy" the radio replies. "Good luck, marines. Out."

You hear a noise, then suddenly you are falling through space.
You activate the pod's boosters, and aim down towards the planet, as part of
a large wave of silvery hunks of metal.  Suddenly, there is a loud crack,
and one of the pods is hit by a bolt of lightning. It hits another pod, and
both spiral away from the wave.  Someone reels off a message: "Flare to
Steel Lynx, we're caught in a st..aaagh!" (static). Then, another pod is
hit, followed by more and more. One of them clips the pod next to you,
which then crashes into you, and you spiral down towards the surface.
You wrestle with the controls and they start to respond, but you can't
pull up before you hit a wall......

Dazed and shaken, you sit up and look around you. You have crash-
landed through the wall of a building, just outside the entrance to a large
sewer. You look ouside and note the snow-capped mountains and the red sky. 
"Hmmm. Strange place, this. I wonder how a red sky can produce lightning?" you
say to yourself.  Then you hear the dying scream of another marine, and you 
know that can only mean one thing.......the aliens from hell have landed!

Damn. Looks like you'll miss the centenary celebrations. Not while
you're still alive, you won't. Patting your kevlar vest and gripping
your trusty pistol in your left hand, you prepare to kill like crazy.........
Title                   : Operation: Lightning
Filename                : OP-LITE2.WAD
Author                  : Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer)
Email Address: <email removed>

Other WADs by me: None (at the time of creation).
  apart from the Quake 2 skys (Q2SKY*.wad, * is 1-8)

  For a full list of my wads and where to get them,
  see the bottom of this file. (updated April 2011)

Completion Date         : 24th August 2000
 (released 8th February 2002 after initial updates
  to make it more suitable for release)

Misc. Author Info       : A hardcore DooMer who loves all it's similar
  games (esp. Quake 2 and Half-Life) but still
  thinks DooM is best.

Description             : A high-tech 21st century DooM episode that
  is big, innovative, good-looking, and above
  all, HARD! This episode pushes the DooM
  engine to it's very limits, and is a very
  extreme DooM episode.

History: This was my first proper wad, made in 1999/2000, hence
  the end-of-century setting.  It started out life as an
  8-level DooM episode, but I converted it to DooM 2 and
  added 3 new levels (L3,10,11). It was not intended for
  release, but after I had released Fragport and had seen 
  some good reviews of it, I decided to release this one.
  (don't worry, it's totally different, and harder, too).
  For those of you who like secrets, there are exactly 3 
  in each level.

Additional Credits to   : Leo Martin Lim (for the excellent shuttle in maps 09 and 10)
  Russ Walsh (for the corrugated metal texture)
  Josh Fallon (for the night sky texture)

*Playing Instructions*

This zipfile should contain the following files:

OP_LITE2.WAD - The episode.
OP-LITE2.DEH - DeHackEd patch - contains new game text. (required to play)
OL2-LOAD.BAT - Batch file for loading the patch into a copy of doom2.exe.
DEHACKED.EXE - DeHackEd, the program that loads the patch.
DEHACKED.INI - Contains setup detail for Dehacked (assuming c:\doom2 is where your DooM 2 files 
       are - if not then edit the .ini file to enter the correct location)
   DEUSF.EXE - Prepares the new sprites for use with doom2.exe and then reverses
       the process afterwards.  (not needed in source ports)
OL2-SKY.WAD  - Modified sky for use with ZDoom.
OL2-PLAY.BAT - Batch file for playing with doom2.exe.
OP-LITE2.BAT - Batch file for playing with ZDoom. (for other ports edit accordingly)
OP-LITE2.TXT - This file.

To play :  Click on ol2-load.bat (you only have to do this once)
    then on ol2-play.bat (to play the episode)

For source ports, click on op-lite2.bat (after editing it for ports other than ZDoom)

You'll need about 5 megs of space to play Operation: Lightning.
* Play Information *

Game Version Required  : DooM 2 (v1.9) or any source port.

Episode and Level #    : Map 01-11

Single Player          : Yes  (Built for it!)

Cooperative 2 Player   : Yes - Split screen 2 player mode on DooM Legacy
 (you can also play a net game if you wish)
 (but it's no different from single player)
 (- however, the maps are co-op friendly)

Deathmatch             : No   (Levels are too big and complex)

Difficulty Settings    : Yes - Bring 'Em On - Low Creatures, High Ammo
       (Equal to Hurt Me Plenty)
       Total Chaos - High Creatures, High Ammo
       (Equal to Ultra-Violence)
       Suicidal Tendencies - High Creatures, Low Ammo
       (Equal to something harder - for experts only!)

 For the ultimate challenge, play on ST with fast monsters.
 Only the very best DooMers (like me) will beat this one!

New Sounds             : Yes - New weapons, items and scream sounds among others.

New Sprites       : Yes - A green key.

New Graphics           : Yes - I have created a revolutionary 'Alphabet
       Texture', which allows me to put WORDS into my
       levels (like in Duke Nukem 3D)
                             - There are plenty more textures as well.

     - And also my futuristic status bar. (now with blue digits)

New Game Text       : Yes - Automap names, intermission/victory text and other things.

New Music              : No - Use your stereo! (I recommend some fast-paced 
      dance or heavy metal tracks)

Demos Replaced         : None
* Construction *

Base                   : op-light.wad (the original DooM 1 version, which I never released)
 and my creative mind. (and inspirations from all over the place)

Editor(s) used         : WadAuthor, WinTex, DeHackEd, NewWadTool, DeePsea, Zennode 1.1.0, Paint, PSP.

Build Time       : About 3 months (for the original)
 and 1 month    (for the extra stuff)
 and 2 weeks    (for the post-Fragport updates)

Known Bugs             : Transmitter bugs, listener bugs, hidden 
         cameras, tracker bugs, phone taps etc.
 (but none of them appear here. On the levels
 themselves - a minor HOM in L8, but nothing fatal,
 and there are no other bugs with DooM 2).

Will Not Run With      : DooM 2 for Windows 95 and any source port that doesn't
 run DeHackEd patches.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use any of these levels as a base for modification or re-use.
Be inspired by them, but don't copy them.

You MAY use the resources in your own wads as long as you credit the appropriate 
author(s). The following resources were made by me: titlepic, interpic, status bar,
broken computers, coloured lights, alphabet, green key & accompanying graphics. 
The large tech displays in map 10 and yellow grid in map 04/11 were extracted by me 
but came from Quake 2: Ground Zero and Duke Zone 2 episode 2 respectively.

You may distribute this wad as long as you include this text file and the 
other files intact.

* Where to get my WADs * (url prefix is
  or preferably a mirror site)

Operation: Lightning is at:  /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/
Fragport is at:         /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/
Shadowcaster is at:          /pub/idgames/levels/heretic/s-u/
and Quake 2 skys at:         /pub/idgames/graphics/ and

Licence to Spell Doom is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/0-9/

Super Sonic Doom is at:      /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/

Serpent: Resurrection is at: /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/

The Serpent RPG mod is at:   /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/

The Serpent weapons mod is at: /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/

ZDoom is at
GZDoom is at
Links to all source ports are at
Remember, remember that DooM lives FOREVER!
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