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Over 50 new DOOM II textures from Heretic. is a PWAD

Over 50 new DOOM II textures from Heretic.
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Title                   : Over 50 new DOOM II textures from Heretic.   
                          VERSION 2!
Filename                : HTEXTURE.WAD
Author                  : Michael Lundy
Email Address           : I don't quite have one.
Misc. Author Info       : 13 year-old DOOM hacker
                          I know many WADs by 13 year-old authors sucked, 
                          but this one doesn't. 
                          By the way: check out my other work of art:
                          Houses 1.1. Look out for Houses 1.2 and my
                          Dark Forces Blaster Rifle Patch. It's out now.

Description             : Over 50 Heretic textures that were converted to
                          the DOOM Palette! This uses PNAMES, so the only
                          textures written over were:

                          SKY1 (The old sky texture is renamed as OSKY1)

                          Things to remember: You will not see any of the
                          new textures as the textures have new names. This
                          WAD was meant for you, the user, to make a WAD
                          with Heretic textures. You should have an easier
                          time using these than the author of MONASTER.WAD
                          This is for DOOM II ONLY! You may modify this to
                          DOOM I if you know how.

Additional Credits to   : Dominique Lavergne, author of MONASTER.WAD. I
                          couldn't of converted the textures myself. All
                          I really did was give the textures names that
                          would not overwrite a lot of textures.

Changes Since Last      : Each texture should now have it's original name
Version                   from Heretic. I also think I found a new texture
                          in MONASTER that is similar to Heretic's CHAINMAN

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : None
New Sounds              : Yes. This has door sounds too, unlike
                          BTW: I apologize for not including sounds in my
                          last version. Sorry... the sounds are definitely
                          in there now. I've replaced the lift sound, 
                          switch, door, fast door, and moving area sound.
New Graphics            : Yes. The new textures.
New Music               : No

* Construction *

Base                    : Modified graphics from MONASTER.WAD
Editor(s) used          : DEUTEX 3.4
Known Bugs              : Viewing of SKY1 and GRSKULL22 will kick you out
                          of DOOM II hacks of DEU, so be quick when you 
                          choose these textures.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels. You may 
do whatever you want with this file, as long as you give me credit
in your wad

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com/pub/doom2/newstuff        
           (after 7-10 days, look in ftp.cdrom.com/pub/doom2/graphics/)

BBS numbers: None

Other: None
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