P.M. Seven

P.M. Seven equals my initials plus seven levels. One of the seven levels is identical to one other except there are no keys, exits, or barons and y...

P.M. Seven
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E2M4, E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E2M8, E2M9, E3M9

Title:                  P.M. Seven
Filename:               PM7.WAD
Author:                 Patrick Martin
Email Address:          <email removed>
Misc Author Info:       I am a Doom fan.  Prior to Feb. 1, 1996 I had no
                         means of reaching other people with a computer.
                         In other words, I have been unable to play
                         multi-player Doom.  Now I can share my pwads as
                         well as find comrades-in-arms or fragbait.

                        I also plan to create at least three more levels
                         and string them together with this wad.  In the
                         meantime, any feedback would be greatly

Description:            P.M. Seven equals my initials plus seven levels.
                         One of the seven levels is identical to one other
                         except there are no keys, exits, or barons and you
                         must kill all cyberdemons infesting the level.
                         Below are brief descriptions of these levels.

                        E2M4 - "Death Camp"  The name of this level speaks
                         for itself.  This level has several places where you
                         can hose down dozens of troopers.  These places
                         include:  a trench, a couple jail cells, and a
                         mess hall.

                        E2M5 - "Demon Pyramid"  A stepped pyramid is at the
                         north end of a huge outdoor area.  Two sniper ledges
                         flank the pyramid.  South of this outdoor area is a
                         winding maze of overgrown vines.  Separating the
                         maze and pyramid is a fissure whose bottom is filled
                         with lava.  If you fall in, well... go figure.  This
                         is the first level I made.

                        E2M6 - "Labyrinth"  This level is a very large
                         maze with a tiny shrine at its core.  You have many
                         winding passages.  There are few dead ends, but it
                         is easy to run circles.  Use your auto-map

                        E2M7 - "Underworld"  The best description that
                         I can think of for this level is that of fleshy
                         wasteland connected by rocky strobe light tunnels.
                         Can you navigate through the teleporter maze without
                         going nuts?  A very nasty surprise awaits the unwary
                         near the exit.

                        E2M8/E3M9 - "Demon Hotel"  Welcome to their lavish
                         hotel.  After all, even cyberdemons coming out of the
                         gateway from hell need a place to stay.  This hotel
                         contains nearly 150 rockets.  For everyone
                         who plays deathmatch, plenty of chainguns surround
                         the building.  This level is fairly brief... unless
                         you need to kill the one or two cyberdemons residing
                         in the building.  Beware of the spider.  E2M8 is the
                         cyberdemon boss stage.  E3M9 is the stand-alone
                         level version.  (I have ported E3M9 to Doom ][.)

                        E2M9 - "Dark Circuit"  As the name implies, you will
                         enter a completely dark area and do some blind
                         fighting (or running!)  You start in the middle
                         of a circular arena.  Many former humans and weapons
                         surround you.  Outside this area is dark and
                         invisible to your area map.  This dark curcuit
                         contains several shotgun sargeants, specters, and
                         barrels.  This level is simple, brief, but by no
                         means easy on UV.

                        Each level (save E2M8) has a two-player cooperative
                         exit.  In other words, the single player exit is
                         sealed off in multiplayer, and you need the help of
                         one other player in order to exit the level.

                        Also, some levels are easier than others.  E2M4
                         is probably the easiest of the six.  E2M8 is by far
                         the toughest.  E2M4 and E3M9 are beatable on any
                         difficulty, even on Nightmare.  You will NOT survive
                         the other levels on Nightmare ...unless you are a
                         gaming god!  Either you will be gunned down or eaten
                         alive, and the monsters just keep coming....

                        PM7.WAD is registered/Ultimate Doom version of

Additional Credits:     ID for creating Doom and Doom][
                        Renaud Paquay and the DEU Team for Win32DEU
                        Colin Reed for BSP1.2x
                        Robert Fenske, Jr for Warm
                        Hank Leukart for The Doom Hacker's Guide
                        The person who invented the invisible stairs
                          technique.  The wad with the earliest date that I
                          have seen using invisible stairs was Leo Martin
                          Lim's UAC_DEAD.WAD.


* Play Information *

Game                    :  Doom
Episode and Level #     :  E2M4, E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E2M8, E2M9, E3M9
Single Player           :  Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  :  Yes (Untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   :  Yes (Untested)
Difficulty Settings     :  Yes (All of them)
New Sounds              :  No
New Graphics            :  No
New Music               :  No
Demos Replaced          :  None

* Construction *

Base                    :  E2M8 is modified (slightly) from E3M9.  All other
                            maps are new levels from scratch.
Build Time              :  E2M4 - Off and on for about three weeks.
   E2M5 - Off and on for about three months.
                           E2M6 - About one week.
                           E2M7 - Off and on for about two months.
                           E2M8 - About one hour to modify E3M9.
                           E2M9 - About five days.
                           E3M9 - About one week.
                           Grand Total - A long time!
                            Plus days of changing and aligning textures.
                           (Admittedly, it took many hours learning how to
                            use Windeu32.  That is why E2M5 and E2M7 took
                            so long!)
Editors used            :  Win32DEU 5.24 (for creating most of the level)
                           Warm v1.6 (for nodes, blockmap, and reject) 
                           BSP1.2x (for node building)
Known Bugs              :  E2M4 - None
                           E2M5 - None
                           E2M6 - None
                           E2M7 - None
                           E2M8 - None
                           E2M9 - One slight HOM that I cannot get rid of
                                    without a major change in the level's
                                    design.  It occasionally appears if you
                                    stand on the south lift while facing
                                    north.  (I tried Warm and BSP.  The
                                    location of the HOM that won't die
                                    depends on the node builder used.)
                           E3M9 - None
                           (I have not tested these levels on other machines.
                            I use a Pentium-100 with 16Mb Ram.  Some levels
                            may slow down some machines.  Again, feedback
                            would be very helpful.)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY use these levels as a base to build additional levels.
If any levels you make are derived from PM7.WAD, please credit me.
Also, if any complete level from PM7.WAD is included as part of
another wad, please document where it came from.

You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this file

* Disclaimer *

The author of this wad is NOT responsible for any damage caused by
the use of this wad!  (I don't think this will be a problem.)
In other words, if your hard disk gets formatted, the computer blows
up in your face, or anything devastating that would damage, disable,
or destroy your computer or anything else, you are on your own.

* Where to get this WAD *



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