PAZUZU-This single mission takes you to a demonic series of underhalls and temples to the evil devil PAZUZU. The entire complex is guarded by some ...

PAZUZU (wings of possession)
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WAD Type
     for DOOM 2 Version 1.9
Title                   : PAZUZU (wings of possession)
Author                  : MYSCHA the sled dog 
  T. Elliot Cannon - Architect  
  age 30
  (904) 671-7862 voice mail

Email Address           : <email removed>
  <email removed>

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Misc Author Info        : Age 30 -Architect with own small practice in
  Tallahassee, Florida
  Pool Player 9 ball & one pocket MPBA player member
  Doom 2 Wad designer fanatic and quite a ruthless
  deathmatch player as well..ask around 

Active Projects         : Currently working on "CHRONOS-Man's last breath"
  a 32 level episode with maps created in 3-5 level
  groups or strings. Storyline based on time travel
  historic location based missions......(Actively
  receiving applications for Music Authors)
  Recent acceptance into TEAM TNT as a level 
  Be sure you save yer cash and buy THE FINAL DOOM
  when ID releases it sometime in June.....
  TNT, prior to me being accepted designed,
  a 32 level episode EVILUTION. Which was 
  purchased by ID especially for the FINAL DOOM.

  be sure and visit Team TNT's homepage

  TNT has also released ICARUS, alien VANGUARD
  a 32 level futuristic episode you can pick up
  for free....visit their homepage today.        

Additional Credits      : Dr. Sleep for friendship and advice.
  cannot be surpassed..Excellent dancers with
  some of the best deathmatch moves I've ever seen!     

Description             : PAZUZU-This single mission takes you to a demonic
  series of underhalls and temples to the evil devil
  PAZUZU. The entire complex is guarded by some of
  your most feverish nightmares... Stay alert and
  work your way thru this unearthly place in search
  of the three ancient skulls of mystic held within
  the complex..... retrieve them and escape...
  hopefully with all of your limbs still attached!

  PAZUZU-Itself is a relatively tough level, and 
  will certainly take you a few tries to master it
  and discover its workings and secrets.You will be
  pitted against many different scenarios in unique
  settings that may have you groping for health...
  Make each dodge and strafe your best, because 
  you can't take many hits in this one....

  paz01.lmp (included) recorded by MYSCHA the 
  sled dog-as requested from e-mail from other 
  releases..I have included an LMP. Of course
  ya' get to watch me goofin' around ....               


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP 1
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : not implemented
New Sounds              : Yes trademark MYSCHA weapon sfx from scratch.
New Graphics            : Yes Sky texture
New Music               : Yes D_RUNNIN has been replaced.
  This is an open invitation to music writers to
  send me a sample of your work. I like the style of
  the music included in this PWAD, so if you can
  write music, drop me a note, if I like it I'll
  include your name as music author. (just think of
  the publicity!) (g)
Demos Replaced          : None
 LMP paz01.lmp included as a separate fiel for your 
 viewing pleasure.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : 30 hours (I get into it)
Editors/Utilities used  : 
WADED Version 1.83 by Matthew Ayers /level editing
  DETH 3.88 by Antony J. Burden and Simon Oke;
  for level consistency and error checking
  BSP v1.2 by Colin Reed;
  Reject Map Builder v1.2 by Jens Hykkelbjerg;
  WINTEX version 3.4 Oliver Montanuy

This PWAD is error free as per DETH consistency check. So don't send
me any e-mail saying a line def is missing or something cause there ain't 
none. (G)

Authors may NOT use this level or any of its SFX for construction or 
piecemealing of other wads. Don't use this level in any compilations or
episodes without the expressed written consent of MYSCHA the sled dog.

You may however, play this wad over and over until you finish it cursing me
the entire time for making it so damn hard. But when you finally conquor it
you can thank me for making you a smarter player. Reckless or timid
players will die I assure you. You must think and act in every situation
with the utmost of urgency or you will be eaten or burned alive.(G)

Be sure to visit Dr.Sleep's homepage for the BEST in DETH utilities and PWADs

Where to get this wad...

FINAL NOTE: I would love to hear from any of the players regarding this WAD.
I would also love to see some LMPs of deathmatches as well....
If you were to play this Map deathmatch, it will obviously help to know 
where you are, and where to go..(that comes from single-player play) But, 
this map should play fine for deathmatch for short races to 7 or 10 as it 
is not huge, but fairly large. Ideal for a CIS modem games forum Ladder 
match. (shameless plug) 


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