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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08
Title                   : PHOBOS3
Filename                : PHOBOS3.WAD
Authors                 : Colin Phipps & Robert Phipps
Email Address           : <email removed> & <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : 

Colin Phipps - I am a student, and I also do WAD reviews. Check 

Description             : 

This episode for DOOM ][ combines the graphics and style of the 
original DOOM Knee-Deep in the Dead  with the difficulty, new 
monsters, weapons and textures of the comercial game.  There are 
also a number of new textures, mainly created by rearranging old 
textures, and some new animated computer textures.


If you like these levels, please let me know what you liked most. 
They don't take long to make using DCK, though I seem to spend 
ages improving them. If I get some feedback then I will probably 
complete my scheme to extend it to 11 levels. Who knows, maybe 

Equally, if there is something which you thing is bad about 
these levels, let me know. I have had little feedback about 
them so far, so all feedback is appreciated.

Additional Credits to   : Helen Phipps, for helping with the artistic side.
Other WADs by the same authors : 
12PWR.WAD, 1PHOBOS.WAD, PHOBOS2.WAD - earlier versions of bits of this episode.
CATADOOM.WAD - by Robert Phipps. On Compuserve Action Games Forum, and 
soon on Might change its name though.

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM ][
Episode and Level #     : MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None - if you need one, play a lower skill :-) 
or e-mail me (<email removed>)

* Construction *

Base                    : MAP01 - From scratch
                          MAP02 - From scratch
                          MAP03 - Modified E2M3
                          MAP04 - From scratch
                          MAP05 - From scratch
                          MAP06 - Modified example PWAD supplied with DoomEd for Windows
                          MAP07 - From scratch
                          MAP08 - From scratch
Build time              : You really don't want to know. Years. 
                          Mostly struggling with editors. Once 
                          I got DCK, things got much faster.
                          The levels done with DEU and DoomEd 
                          took weeks each; with DCK it is just days.
                          Also huge amounts of time improving and 
                          refining the levels.
Editor(s) used          : Originally DoomEd, DoomEdPM, DEU
                          Then I found DCK v3.61 and it's far better.
                          DEUTEX for compiling.
Known Bugs              : None major - some rough walls and minor clipping effects

If you find any texture misalignments, e-mail me (<email removed>).

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels, 
providing this file is included, and due credit is given to the 
original authors. 

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

Other Information
These levels were originally released as 1PHOBOS.WAD, for DOOM 1.  
Since then I converted them to DOOM ][, and enhanced many of
the levels, including adding the new monsters and power-ups. They 
were then released on Compuserve Action Games as PHOBOS2.WAD, 
and got a fair number of downloads.

These levels were designed to be in the same style as Knee-Deep in 
the Dead, the first episode of the shareware DOOM, but much harder.
The levels also take advantage of the extra flexibility given by 
the new monsters, guns, and textures.

These levels will NOT work with DOOM 1, look for the original 
1PHOBOS.WAD if you have DOOM 1. Or e-mail me, and I will try to 
find my archived copy.

If you read nothing else in this file, read this:

I have replaced a number of computer textures, and some of 
these include computer terminals. These are activateable - 
when you press on them, they do something. Often, they 
just say 'Access denied', but often they will trigger 
secret areas to open, or open ways forward. 

Some of these are required, they are not just for secrets. 
They should be fairly obvious. To let you know what I mean, 
I have made the exit to the first room one of these switches 
- you just press on the terminal to your left in the shuttle, 
and the door will open. 

Basically, whenever you see a computer screen with UAC 
written on it, it is probably some kind of switch. You should 
get the idea.

Slightly less important note:

I have tried hard to make all the switches in PHOBOS3 trigger 
something in sight or at least nearby. As other WAD authors 
will know, this isn't easy. In one or two places, where vital 
switches are a long way from the things they trigger, I have 
imported extra graphics, so a MAP is displayed above the switch, 
which when pressed highlights the area where the change has 
occured. Compare it to your map and work out where it changed. 
Hope this helps. 

Style of Play
These levels were written to be challenging single play, far harder 
than Knee-Deep in the Dead.  I liked the Knee-Deep style, realistic 
and industrial, but found it far too easy.

It should take time to complete.  There are plenty of secrets to 
find, to aid your progress.  There are also starts for Co-operative 
play (4 at each level), and extra (multi-player only) ammo has been 
added to compensate for not being able to pick up extra ammo from 

The levels were designed with Deathmatch in mind as well.  All the 
levels should now have 8 Deathmatch starts (the most any Doom source 
code hack supports so far that I know of).  Every Deathmatch start 
has a weapon and ammo present or nearby.  I have given a better 
weapon to the harder starts.  The levels designed so there are two 
or more ways out of nearly every area - but these will often be 
secrets.  I have designed the levels specifically with Deathmatch 
v2 rules in mind, and it works fine under either rules.  There are 
also Deathmatch switches, which may open or seal off bonuses, or 
seal a door behind you to prevent pursuit. I don't expect the 
levels are much good for deathmatch play, the later levels are 
too large, but I have allowed for it.

The Plot

(OK, this is pretty much just the original Doom 1 plot. That's 
what this episode is about, Knee-Deep but better. Skip this if 
you like. The first level of the episode is based on this, so 
you can get the idea by playing that anyway.)

For a number of years the military have had an 'arrangement' with 
the UAC to use their bases on Phobos and Deimos for research. 

You are one of the marines assigned to guard the bases on Phobos. 
Your platoon of marines were returning by shuttle from some well
earned planet leave when the trouble started.

As your shuttle came close to Phobos, your captian attempted to 
get clearance from the small military starport to land. There 
is no response. There is not that much activity in the area, the 
military discourage visitors, so he decides to go in anyway. 
As your shuttle descends, you see the starport below you. The 
runway is clear, so you go in to land. 

Your shuttle is suddenly rocked by a series of impacts. Some 
kind of flying monsters are are attacking. The pilot just 
misses the runway, but the shuttle comes to a halt fairly safely. 
However, the craft has taken serious damage, and will take weeks 
to repair.

There are a number of fuel leaks and such, so you are assigned 
to do some quick repairs while the other marines search for 
the personnel and find out what is going on. Some of the troops 
assigned to defend the starport are approaching, and the 
marines go to meet them.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose. The troops from the starport 
are attacking your fellow marines! Over the radio you hear 
shouts about monsters, and zombies, and that everyone is 
gone crazy. Your captain tells you to fix the shuttle, then 
leads his marines out to secure the base.

After about 15 minutes of frenzied radio activity, with lots 
of shooting, screams, and explosions, the radio goes silent. 
You try to contact any of your fellow marines, but it is no 

A quick search of the shuttle reveals that all you have is 
your sidearm and the current computer readouts, though they 
must be wrong, all they tell you is that there are no other 
starships in range, and that Mar's other moon has 

Looks like you'll have to go and find out what happened to 
the rest of Phobos; not everyone can have gone mad, surely?

(Alright, you can start reading again now <g>.)

MAP01 (Hangar) - by Colin Phipps
In previous versions of PHOBOS this level was based on E1M1 of 
DOOM 1. I have now replaced it by a completely new level which 
goes much better with the storyline.

This is just a warm up really, to set the theme of the episode, 
show off some new computer textures, and get you used to those 
computer switches. You lose health early on, but should recover
most or all of it by the end.

The level is designed to be like a starport and hangar. It was 
inspired by MEGAPACK.ZIP, which has a similar style runway. The 
level is fairly easy, just a light introduction to get you used 
to those computer switches and give you some shells.

MAP02 (Toxin Refinery) - by Colin Phipps
A compact, tough level this one. It was later in the episode, but 
got moved because it was smaller than most of the others. So it 
is a taste of the difficulty to come I hope.

This is based on E2M3 of DOOM 1 - I liked the acid pond, so I 
deleted the rest and built around it. Doing this caused massive 
unclosed sector problems and graphic corruption, I messed up 
badly somewhere, so I deleted most of it and re-built it. 
But technically there is a traceable history to the original.

The (acid floor) maze is tricky - save before you enter, and 
don't expect to find the best route first time; but don't worry, 
there are rad-suits provided if you do go the wrong way. 

If you think you're really good, you could skip MAP01 and warp 
into this level, but even I only survive 1 in every few attempts 
of starting this one with just a pistol.

BTW, sorry true purists, I swapped the level order from the 
original Doom. The episode plays better this way round.

MAP03 (Nuclear Plant) - by Colin and Robert Phipps
The first big level we wrote, this was first released as 12PWR.WAD,  
but it has since been greatly changed and improved. It is quite big, 
and has lots of good large rooms, as well as numerous viewing 
points. It has lots of large fights in those rooms too :-) !

This is based on a nuclear power station, Sizewell B in Suffolk 
(England). You can see the reactor hall, turbine hall, pond and 
rad-waste buildings, as well as the control room.

MAP04 (Command Centre) - by Colin Phipps
This level was written from scratch. It contains some tough 
areas, and numerous traps. What more could you want :-) ?

MAP05 (Phobos Labs) - by Colin Phipps
This level was written from scratch.  The level is dominated by a 
network of acid tunnels flowing from a supply resevoir through 
various channels to storage lakes.  The network is carefully layed 
out, with all areas having obvious acid 'feeds' from other areas.  
If you find enough secrets, you may even reach the topmost supply 
resevoir, and the abundant loot stored there. Inspired by the 
excellent acid tunnels at E1M3 of APOCALYP.WAD.

MAP06 (Central Processing) - by Colin Phipps
The level was based on the sample level supplied (without monsters 
or bonuses) along with DoomEd for Windows.  This has been greatly 
enhanced and extended (and monsters added, of course).  This level 
has been greatly improved since its first release, and given a much 
stronger style to the level. It is still not as good as the others 

MAP07 (Computer Base) - by Colin Phipps
This level was built from scratch.  The style is based on E1M2, but 
this is much, much harder.  If you don't need the invulnerability 
near the end, you're better than me :-).  

MAP08 (Phobos Anomaly) - by Colin Phipps
Don't worry, I resisted the temptation to include a cyberdemon or 
spiderdemon (or whatever you call the thing at the end of Doom ][, 
thank goodness). Then again, you may think that what I did include 
is worse! A grand final fight. 

Developer's Notes

I import a few bitmaps from the original DOOM, which were 
essential to the levels. If you don't like this, don't play it. 
The only ways to get round this would be to:

a) Convert it back to Doom 1. But I like the chaingunners etc 
so I really don't want to do that. Besides, since I converted 
it to Doom ][ it depends on Doom ][ textures too!

b) Design my own artwork to replace the required textures. But 
if you saw my feeble attempts at art, you wouldn't even 
consider this an option. The idea of the episode is realism, or 
something like that, and my pathetic drawings would wreck this.


Don't bother reading this, it's boring. I just put it here so

a) I can vent my frustration at DoomEd by flaming it. 

b) Because I like to have a verion history, and if I put it 
anywhere else, I'll lose it.

Here it goes:
- Wrote my first level, FORT.WAD, it was rubbish, never released
- Wrote 12PWR.WAD, a replacement for E1M2. This was done using 
 DoomEd for Windows. This left the level with serious NODES 
 problems and a corrupt REJECT. 
- After a manual session with DEBUG, I recover 12PWR.WAD.
- Switched to using DoomEdPM. It was worse than DoomEd, though it
 left no permanent structure problems at least.
- Switched to DEU 5.21. 
* 12PWR.WAD released on a few BBS's.
- Created 11COURT.WAD to replace E1M1, based on original E1M1.
- Created 13TREFIN.WAD to replace E1M3, based on original E2M3.
- Major structure problems with 13TREFIN.WAD, almost a complete
 re-building of some areas required.
- Switched to DCK v3.61
- Built 14BOSS.WAD to replace E1M4. Only took a weekend, DCK is
- Got DEUTEX, built the levels into a mini episode.
- Built 15LABS.WAD to replace E1M5. Took a couple of weeks, a 
 lot of structure to work out. Added to episode.
- Built 16PROC.WAD to replace E1M6, based on supplied level 
 with DoomEd. Added to episode.
- Built 17CBASE.WAD to replace E1M7. Added to episode.
- Built 19FORT.WAD to replace E1M9, based on my earlier FORT.WAD. 
 It was rubbish. 
- Added secret level exit to 13TREFIN.WAD
- Did a quick 18ANOM.WAD to replace E1M8, compiled all into an
* 1PHOBOS.WAD released to a few BBS's.
- Got Doom ][.
- Converted all levels to Doom ][, using DOOM1-2.WAD to handle 
 textures for now. Scrapped E1M9, disabled secret level exit 
 at E1M3.
- Worked out exactly which textures I needed to get from Doom 1, 
 used DEUTEX to import just those into new episode PHOBOS2.
- Various minor improvements to the levels, adding new Doom ][
 monsters, SShotgun etc.
- Major reworking of 16PROC.WAD.
- Cut down the sizes of imported textures to bare minimum. Created
 a few new textures which are just permutations of old patches 
 not usually available, e.g Radiation sign on rusty plate metal.
- Returned to 12PWR.WAD, did massive edits to remove a lot of 
 unnecessary junk from the DoomEd troubles.
- Swapped 12PWR.WAD and 13TREFIN in the episode order.
- Imported original Doom 1 level names.
- Reworked 18ANOM.WAD, original exit pattern relied on a Doom 1 effect.
- Reworked 13TREFIN.WAD, so old secret level exit is new normal 
 exit, redistribute keys etc so level flows better.
- Increased difficulty of 12PWR from its days of being a 
 stand-alone WAD to a level appropriate for mid-episode.
- Tested and tested and tested, got rid of last texture errors.
* PHOBOS2.WAD released on Compuserve Action Games forum. For 
 some reason I omitted Phobos Anomaly.
- Again a major reworking of Central Processing, giving a more 
 distinctive style.
- Built a completely new level, Military Base. Having finished 
 and perfected it, I then spent a few weeks on other things and 
 returned to editing to find I had lost it. Aaarrrggghhhh! Can't 
 be bothered to build it again.
- Completely reworked the computer textures I was importing from 
 Doom 1. Cut them into regular sizes patches, separated computer 
 panels from screen displays. Rearranged the displays to give 
 a better range of graphics.
- Designed a few of my own screens for switches.
- Adopted a more distinctive style, and applied this at several
 places in the episode to improve overall style.
- Go through the levels removing old computer textures and
 switching entirely to my new ones. 
- Completely retextured secret maze at Command Centre to get rid
 of one of the last major areas with mismatched textures.
- Scrapped the old Hangar, started a new level HANGAR.WAD to 
 replace it.
- Began complete reworking of the end of Nuclear Plant to bring
 it in line with style of episode.
- Long gap in work, since I can't upload it to
 because of original Doom 1 graphics.
- Picked up where I left off, completed Hangar.
- Finished changes to Nuclear Plant.
- Added some more disinctive features. like rising exit signs.
- Retextured maze at Central Processing to get rid of texture 

I said don't read it!


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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