Well,...you arrive at a pre-determined point in the level...and you find some weapons and ammo...and you take a look around...and you see some real...

568.36 KB
WAD Type
                                         This is a GOTHIC MIDI production                                                     

     Hello and thank you for downloading this .WAD file. You have made an excellent choice
                  by selecting this file and I must comment on your good taste.  : ) 

   GOTHIC MIDI is my self-promotional vehicle to demonstrate my ideas, music, and
   technical abilities. You will see GOTHIC MIDI files in several areas on Compuserve
   and on various BBS's, mostly as MIDI sequences, digital audio samples, and patches
   for specific synths and modules. GOTHIC MIDI is basically a Multimedia machine
   that generates useful entertainment for all, especially for musicians and multimedia
   developers who are looking for quality sounds and programs.

          This Doom .WAD file is the result of my venture into the Action Forum on CIS one
   day...As I sat there bewildered over the massive library of editors and PWADs, I just
   knew that I needed to do this...      : )

          As a MIDI programmer / Recording Engineer by trade, I gladly accepted the tedious
               and daunting journey that is infamously known as...Doom WAD Authoring...

      So, here I am two months later ...after having learned a few major Doom Edit programs,
    studying GOBS and PILES and OODLES of Specifications, Manuals, TXT & FAQ files.
                               "Is it ALL worth it?", you ask...    You  betcha'!!

       I am an independent MIDI/Digital Audio programmer who always welcome a challenge
   in any technical aspect...   
             GOTHIC MIDI can handle quite a few aspects of programming music and audio for
   games and mulitmedia. I always welcome any inquiries of employment towards this field.
   I also like to hear from MIDI Folk who own and/or program the remarkable K2000 synth/
   sampler, GOTHIC MIDI's machine of choice. To ALL who are interested in what GOTHIC
   is all about...drop me a line on C-Severve at 75451,3430. I'm very open minded about
   projects and I'm eager to find my next challenge...

                                            O.K....On with the Show!!...
                                  ********  Mandatory MIDI Monitoring  ********

   Included in this ZIP file is a "Seeker.mid" file...This is the background music I wrote for
   this specific episode (I told you, I do it ALL!).  Before you read on, double-click on that
   file (if you're in File Manager or whatever) and listen to the music while you read this
   amusing "little" .TXT file...(Go ahead...I'll wait...)

                                           ...waiting for response...



                                                 HELLO! We have tunes!!

   This MIDI file is a registered copyright and is property of GOTHIC MIDI. No unauthorized
   distribution of this MIDI file seperately. Let's just keep this simple...
                    1.) If you NEED this file for your project...Please drop me a line and perhaps
                         we can work something out.

                     2.) You can pass this file around as a WHOLE...not in segments. This is for
                           Doom fans and authors only. If I hear this music in the background of
                           a Tampax commercial..."Dere's gonna twouble, Boy!"
                      3.) If you MUST pass this on to the good people of the Internet...I would
                           appreciate it if you would write me first. The only real rules in life are
                            those of good judgement and common courtesy.                           

        -------------> Legal Mode: OFF

        -------------> Business Mode: OFF

        -------------> Fun Mode: ON


Title                         :  " PHOBOSPHERE "

Filename                  : Sphere.wad  &  Seeker.mid

Author                      : David J. Reid .......a.k.a. " MoonLust "

Email Address          : 75451,3430  on Compuserve

Misc. Author Info       : A MIDI / Digital Audio specialist who likes all things mysterious. 
                                  I'm 28 years of age, single (too many machines), and music with
                                  impact and emotion always keeps me going. 
                                   Favorite Foods - I like gyros, steak, and White Castle Hamburgers.
                                         (Have you tried Romero's Imp Sticks, yet? Mmmmm)
                                   Favorite Artists - Trent Reznor, Bach, Ministry, and 10k others.
                                   Future Goals - Program Quake, fall in love, write 1.2 Gigs of MIDI,
                                      buy some more Imp Sticks (I'm fresh out), and try to get "id
                                       software" to hire me. 
                                   Favorite Software Co. - (Must you ask?)  id ROCKS!!
                                  Only having had this "Box O' Chips" for three months, I'm constantly
                                                  seeking uses for it. Hail, the Electronic Age...!

Description               : Well,...you arrive at a pre-determined point in the level...and you find
                                  some weapons and ammo...and you take a look around...and you
                                  see some really scary bit-maps come at you...and you shoot them
                                  with your 8-bit "Digi-Blaster"...and they groan and fall over. 
                                                    No mystery here...just common sense.   : )

                                    Seriously, folks, this WAD has a ton of high quality samples that I felt
                                   the need to have. The size of this file is huge because of it. The base 
                                   level is around 270kb ! The sounds and MIDI equal around 310kb! And
                                   this .TXT file alone is bigger than most peoples' complete WAD's.
                                          The MIDI file that I included was written exclusively for an SB16 or
                                    compatible - that means FM Synthesis. I felt that writing for this platform
                                    would be about the best way to convey the music to a general audience.
                                      If you have one of those wave-table synthesis jobs...Well, good for you
                                     and your good taste (again!). I, unfortunately, just have the wonderful
                                     FM synthesis to work with (and so do millions of other users). I just
                                     figured that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few
                                                               (where have I heard that before?). 
                                           Now, if you want to talk about 16 bit 44.1khz digital audio samples...
                                      That's opening another can of Imps...GOTHIC MIDI mostly deals with
                                       "CD quality" samples for use with synths and samplers...Be on the
                                       lookout for GOTHIC files on C-Serve...

                                        If you find this file to be too big in size...Maybe your Nintendo is
                                   calling for you!  If you find that it needs to be bigger, drop me a line and
                                    we'll Co-Author a Mother.WAD. 
                                          Originally, this level was intended to be E2M1 but I wanted the sky
                                     texture in the first Episode. From here on in, it's E2M1 (to conform to
                                      id Software's request). 
                                     Another worthy note: If you open this file in an Editor program you
                                     will lose the music and the sound effects. Always make a backup
                                     before you hack it up!
                                   Again, GOTHIC MIDI is Multimedia...and yes, that includes text!!  
                                   (I don't do shabby work...If it's worth doing...it's worth doing right).
                                             ******  Additional Credits ******

And many thanks to:
                                   Olivier Montanuy - Thanks for your wonderful WinTex/DeuTex
                                                              package. Golden Imp Award for the best
                                                              freeware money can buy.
                                   Ben Jordan - For the low pitched "Die" .WAV in this WAD. I
                                                       had no address to write you at. I liked the way 
                                                       it sounded, no TXT w/ your upload, hope this is OK. 
                                    id Software - For being the Premiere Software company in the world.
                                                        Your innovation and thoughtfulness remains unsurpassed.
                                    Renegade Graphics - RGDoomed CD version Rocks! Thanks, Joe, for
                                                                    your understanding. ; )
                                    Scott Warren - My friend and fellow MIDI programmer - A tip of the Imp
                                                           to you and your input. 
                                    Kurzweil - For the K2000 rs V.3 that I use everyday...Love it!
                                    Sweetwater Sound - Dan Fisher - Thank you for your expertise.
                                                             &   Adam Cohen- For being The Best support that
                                                                                        a MIDI guy could ask for.
                                    Trent Reznor - Thanks for NIN. It's inspiring.
                                     M.J.B. - "Tastes good when it should".
                                     Raven Software - Heretic is already a classic.
                                     Creative Labs - My SB16 was cheap and it's the standard.
                                     Joan Embry & the San Diego Zoo - Thanks for loaning me the chimps
                                                     to playtest this level. They proved to be quite valuable & they
                                                     beat me every time. (You can pick them up now, Joan!!)
                                                                    & Last but not Least...

                                     Myself - For learning, studying, and devoting my adult life to the
                                                  fellow WADhood. My Imps are killing me!                                     


                                                 ***** Simple Instuctions*****
To play PHOBOSPHERE all you have to do is copy "Sphere.wad" into your Doom directory and
at the command line type this wonderful little string (the stuff in small case):
                                             C:>DOOM -file sphere.wad 

      Just hit Enter and you're off to the mystic land of PHOBOSPHERE. Happy hunting...
                                                ***** Compatibility *****
      This file was created on a 486DX2/66 with 8 megs of RAM. I suggest that your system
 should be equal to or greater than this. I went the extra 9 yards to ensure that there were no
 bugs, system "crawls", or anything else that might hamper your Doom experience.
        I wrote this .WAD using the latest 1.9 version of Doom, I also suggest that you upgrade
 if you haven't already (this patch can be found on any major network). 
   I'm assuming that this WAD will work with version 1.666 (maybe even 1.2) but since I haven't
  tried it, I can't put it in writing.(<---Then what is this?)
        Also, I didn't have the opportunity to "Net-Test" this WAD yet. I have placed all the Multi-
  player Start positions (including a slew of DM Starts) & placed objects accordingly, but again, I
  can't put it in writing because I haven't tested it (Ignorance IS bliss). 

                                                        * Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 - Episode ONE, Mission ONE 
                                               (You must have registered Doom to play this file.)
Single Player               : YES -  Originally designed to be a Lone Gun Episode.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : YES - (Up to 4 players)You all start out holding hands and singing songs.                  
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : YES - (Up to 4 players) Might be awhile before you see your opponent. : ) 
Difficulty Settings         : YES - Mode 1& 2 -  Deathmatch (no monsters, weapons placed to suit it).
                                              Mode 3 & 4 - Original Recipe (a few key inhabitants)
                                              Mode 4 & 5 - Extra Crispy (You are not alone here!)
New Sounds                : YES - Some twenty + sounds have been added. I think they're greeaat!!
                                              Also, there is no vulgarity contained within this file (Damn!).    : )
New Graphics              : (     No   - Sorry, I couldn't read anymore, had to rest. Maybe next time?
New Music                  : YES - The Sphere.wad contains Seeker.mus - GOTHIC MIDI exclusive
                                               song for this E1M1 Level of Doom.
                                        Added Bonus - Seeker.MID file for Windows (or whatever). (Listen to it 
                                         ------------------                           as you read this to get the Real Deal).
Demos Replaced         : None - Why watch when you can play?? : )


                                                * General Construction *

Base                          : This WAD was made by scratch - one sector at a time - potion by
                                    helmet - Imp to CacoDummies -  I did it ALL myself! (And with the
                                    help of Imps Annonymous...I feel better now...)
Known Bugs               :  I know of quite a few bugs, but there are none in this file (knock on Tile 5!)
                                                       Editors, Utilities, & Time

       Renegade Graphic's RGDoomED Deluxe (CD version) - Great Windows editor, lots of goodies.
       DoomCad 1 & 2 - Nice windows editors for Doom 1 & ][ - more nifty goodies.
       WinTex / DeuTex - Olivier Montanuy, you're the man! Award for ease of use.
       RMB - Great utility for WAD enhancement. Made this WAD 88% more efficient!
       DEU - I stuck my WAD in here for a few minutes (did I say that?).
       DEEP - A DEU enhanced program. Pretty...steep...pretty steep learning curve. 
       DMAUD / DMMUSIC - Thanks Bill Neisius (how about a Direct to MUS driver for composition?)
       MJB - Great coffee. Couldn't have done this without it.
       1.666 Unofficial Doom Specs. - Thanks Matt Fell for devoting your life to informing others. : )
                                                      (Make your WAD efficient and legal with knowledge).
       Kurzweil K2000rs.V3 - THE synth/sampler of the decade. Used for .WAV files & DSP.
        This WAD took me quite awhile to create (around two weeks) because of the added audio, 
         MIDI (.mus file), and ten new interfaces to learn. I hacked to get this thing right (day & night)
         so that your experience in PHOBOSPHERE will be a pleasant one...

                                                     * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels. Authors MAY hire THIS Author
to do additional music and / or sounds for their games and / or Multimedia. Authors MAY trade
fried Imp recipes among themselves. Authors AND Players MAY enjoy this GOTHIC MIDI WAD
immensely and I wish you luck against the squeeling CacoDummies (Isn't that a cereal?).

You MAY distribute this WAD, PROVIDED you include this file, with
no modifications, AND you write the Author First to notify him. 
(I just want to keep track of my files...Is that so wrong? : )

You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. (Remember - Keep them all together).

                                                 * Where to get this WAD *

                                                FTP sites, BBS, and the 'Net:

          Wherever this file lands is where it stays...Originally, I uploaded it to Compuserve 
               in the Action Games Forum (GO: Action) in the Doom 1 Levels section.
              As luck would have it, I picked the wrong Network to upload my killer level.
              After a million questions from their SysOp in the course of two weeks, I decided
             that I didn't want to do business with a company who feels the need to censor
             everything they see.
             This file is now being made exclusive to the Maroon BBS at (619) 851-2578,
              which is toll free in San Diego County, or (619) 470-6665 / (619) 470-8518.

           If any individuals feel that this WAD needs to go on the 'Net, please drop me a line at
                                                75451,<email removed>

          Please enjoy this .WAD file and MIDI file...A lot of effort went into this project and I can
          definitely say this...DON'T CHEAT!! There is NO need to use the codes on this WAD.
          If you can't handle the heat, get out of Extra Crispy Mode...there is some strategy to
          to this level...apply your best combat maneuvers and bite a bullet...

                                                    MIDI, MYTH, & MAGIC,
                                                           GOTHIC MIDI
                                                           David J. Reidr ease of use.
       RMB - Great uti��Rw�/ ` �� ��T��:`� ��J�P`�E�E0v`V`�v`�``^`V`���t`�'v`�/'����`�O,�������]��_���������g�������h���������_�����������F������������T����������%��������6���������� ��j��������4
����^��k��k�������h�������.��������[��]��g��������������������'��P��PR�����������������E��G��{��}�����?��������O��������������������6��c��e��g�����-��������S��t��v�����Q�������I�����*��*�����s�����H����� ��� ��� ��B!��D!���!��#"��g"���"���"��h#���#���#��=$��=$�$���$��
@��@��V@���@���@��A��rA���A���A��6B��6B:B���B���B���B��DC���C���C��=D���D���D��?E��E���E��RF���F���F��G���G���G���G���G+H��-H��H���H���H��?I���I���I���I���I��7J��yJ���J���J���J��.K��\K��^K��`K���K���KL��,L��.L��}L���L���L��;M���M���M��LN���N���N���N��1O���O���O���O���O��?P��AP��AP�P��Q��iQ���Q���Q���Q��R��R��TR���R���R���N���N��1O���O���O���O���O��?P��AP�� Arial                                 ----------------------------------------

          Wherever this file lands is 


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