5-level set with a tech-base theme, using Quake2 textures, new sprites, and a cool new sky. While not truly a hub-type of structure, these levels a...

Phoenix Rising
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MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06
**  NOTE: Play these levels with ZDooM (on which it has been thoroughly play-tested).
**  With DOOM2.EXE it will crash with vis_plane and other errors.
**  You will NEED a port that allows jumping, displays external sprites, and can display
**  taller skies.  ZDooM does all of these (and perhaps other ports do as well, but I
**  haven't tried them with these levels).

Title                   : Phoenix Rising
Filename                : Phoenix.wad
Author                  : Gurkha Boy
Email Address           : <email removed>

Other work from author  : Pugilist.wad, a 3-level fist-only series set in WWII
  Fear_Isl.wad, a single level
  Decimate.wad, a single level
  Complex.wad, a massive and detailed single level
  Arena_01.wad, a fast-paced, short single level
  Hex_on_u.wad, a 3-level medieval set using Hexen2 textures
  They can be found in the Ports directory of ftp.cdrom.com
  (except for Arena_01.wad, which does not need a port and is in
  the regular DooM2 levels directory of cdrom.com).

Misc. Author Info       : Been playing DooM for 6 years, now.  Love the newer
  games too, but keep going back to DooM.

Description             : 5-level set with a tech-base theme, using Quake2 textures, new sprites,
  and a cool new sky. While not truly a hub-type of structure, these
  levels are interconnected. Let's call it a quasi-hub structure, 'kay?
  (Read Notes, below.)

0417 hours, March 23, 2056: An observer at a listening post in the Jean-Pierre Maisson
Observatory in Vichy, France, receives a terse voice-only message from the Deimos Station
orbiting Mars -- "Something has activated the anomalies. It wasn't us; it must have been
them. We are monitoring the situation, and we believe we are fully prepared." That was
the last transmission received from Deimos.

March 25, 2056: Several military and research satellites orbiting Earth disappear from
sensors, and mysterious communications and power disruptions are detected on the Einstein
Orbiting Platform, the Copernicus Array, and other unmanned space stations.

0142 hours, March 26, 2056: Garbled holo-messages are received from the Erwin Rommel
Geo-Stat Military Weapons Post. The only decipherable phrase is "Mein Gott! So viel!
Was konnen wir tun? Alles is abgefucked!!", Deutsch for "Jesus! There's too many of them!
We're screwed!" Minutes later similar communiques are received from several other GMW
orbital posts. By the end of the day military installations on every continent and the
Arctic are under full-scale assault from what can only be described as a hellish force.

1030 hours, March 27, 2056: A hastily-scheduled meeting is called between the Chairman of
the Organization of Galactic Research & Exploration (OGRE) and the Commanding General
of the Inter-Planetary Defense Alliance. The agenda -- a counterstrike using newly-
developed plasma weapons. The Chairman urges restraint. "Lets study them first," he
argues. "This is a unique opportunity to examine ET life-forms. Your plasma weapons may
leave nothing but carbon residue." "Good!" replies the General. "Then all we'll need to
do is mop up the floor with water and a bucket!"

1400 hours, March 28, 2056. Rockport Command Center, somewhere in the Canadian Rockies:
Brig. General Ed Stone summons four personnel to his bunker. "I'll be brief," he barks.
"I don't see any way out of this mess. We've had no time to mobilize armor, so it's been
hand-to-hand. Plus they got to our fly-boys too, so we got no air cover. Even with the
experimental plasma shooters we've got shit. They outnumber us fifty to one, and now I'm
getting reports of some big-ass suckers that are tough as nails and shove rockets where
the sun don't shine. I need volunteers for the Sleep Room. Now I know we've never tried
putting anyone into stasis before, but the egg-heads in the lab guarantee it'll work.
The plan is to bring your metabolism and vital signs so low that it can't be detected
by normal means. For practical purposes you'll be dead; and that may be enough for those
bastards to leave you alone. We'll set the timers to bring you out of stasis in a year.
Then it'll be up to you to do what you can. Volunteers at dozens of installations
throughout the world are undergoing the same "procedure". Maybe you can organize some
sort of resistance movement. If you make it out.

"Keep in mind that we're going to scramble our security protocols and you'll be reduced
to alpha-level clearance only. Clean up the joint if you can, and then your best bet is
to try to make it to the Comm. Center to contact the others.  Then get to the Shuttle
Port and fly the hell out of here. You four are our best. I don't know what you'll face
when you wake up, but I don't think I want to be in your boots."

0630 hrs, April 1, 2057. Rockport Command Center: A computer console above the Stasis
Chamber comes softly to life. A light blinks, the console beeps, and the glass cover of
a stasis module slides noiselessly open .....

Map_01 -- Out of Stasis
Entry-level type map, where you figure out a way to gain entry to the
installation. Practice your jumping skills.

Map_02 -- The Smell of Death
Explore the waste tunnels, sewage treatment, and hazmat processing.  

Map_03 -- Daylight Again
Exit the Waste Area and run for cover. Blaze through Power Generation on your way
to the Supply Station, and finally into the Installation.

Map_04 -- Theater Ops.
Basic Training. Armored Assault. Arena Combat. 'Nuff said.

Map_05 -- Flight of the Phoenix
Re-enter the installation, wreak havoc in Research, arm yourself in Weapons
Systems, find your way back into the Stasis Chamber, phone home in the Comm.
Center, and finally rev up those engines in the Shuttle Port.

Notes:  All the levels are set in a single military installation. Therefore in some maps
you will see inaccessible areas, or doors that cannot be opened. Most of these
areas/doors are accessible in later levels.
All maps are original. However, in Map_04 I have "adapted" areas from two of my
earlier levels. ("Lazy?!! You callin' me lazy? Ah, well, you're probably right.")
I take credit/flames for three sprites (in the Stasis Chamber at the beginning of
the game), and for most of the signs. The original Q2Tex.wad contained signs for
"Warehouse", and "Supply Station". Using these as templates in MS Paint, I edited
the letters to create new letters, but mostly I cut and pasted to create 14 new

The demos were created with ZDooM V1.22. Pistol start with 100% secrets & kills. 
To view them, use ZDLaunch. Otherwise, load Phoenix.wad in ZDooM v1.22, bring up
the console (use the ~ key) and type:
playdemo demoxx.lmp
where xx is the map number (i.e., 01, 02, etc.)  If you're playing a demo and try
to load another demo, the second demo gets screwed up. Exit the first demo before
loading up another.

Additional Credits to   : Nick Baker (<email removed>) and Derek MacDonald (derekmd@
  hotmail.com) for their Q2Tex.wad, which contains the great textures
  of Quake II.
  Rick Clark (<email removed>)for his Biolage textures, biotex.wad
  Stian Skjondal (http://members.xoom.com/zerosignum, zsignal@organizer
  .net) for his skypack1.wad, which contains fantastic skyscapes.
  Team TNT (http://www.teamtnt.com) for their Retres.wad, from which I
  got many textures (including the nukage falls, computer displays,
  glass, railings, etc.) and two tree sprites
  John Wriston (<email removed>) for his Dark Forces enemies in
  Jonas Feragen (<email removed>) for his Christmas tree sprite in
  his excellent XMas Doom '99
                          id Software for DooM, DooM2, Quake, Quake2, Q3A.


* Play Information *

Engine                  : ZDooM
Map Number              : MAP02-MAP06
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes, practically ALL new textures, some new sprites, cool sky
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : No
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS     : If you can run ZDooM you should not have a problem running
  these levels.

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch (although I swiped some stuff from my
  earlier levels
Editor(s) used          : Map editing -- WadAuthor v1.30, an excellent utility
  Graphics editing and wad merging -- Wintex 4.3
  Adjusting height of sky -- DEEP 97
  Sprite & graphic editing -- MS Paint
Build time              : About 3 months (3-4 hours a day).
Known Bugs              : The flying monsters sometimes get stuck. Don't know why this
  happens, but it doesn't affect the playability.
Source port notes       : This level was designed for ZDooM, but other source ports
  that allow jumping may work just as well.  You will NEED
  the jump feature of ZDooM or other source port. You will need v1.22
  of ZDooM if you want to view the demos.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact. If not, the hideous spirits that infest the waking world
will hound and haunt you, making you regret that you chose to
ignore these dire warnings.  Oh, and they'll serve you a wicked
subpoena too.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:
ftp.cdrom.com or any mirror of ftp.cdrom.com

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Do not read further if you want to figure out the secrets for yourself.

Map01 -- Out of Stasis

1.You only get one shot at this secret until you get the yellow key. When you jump down
from the vent shaft into the storage room, try to land on the crate closest to the
vent shaft. From there, jump onto the adjacent crates until you can climb on top of
the crates with the health vials. From there, try to jump across to the crates with the
chainsaw. If you miss (and its easy to miss the jump in the dark), you'll have to get
back into the vent shaft from the stasis chamber, and go through the whole routine again.

2.This one's easy. Hit the switch in the small storage room, turn around and run along the
wall until you can enter the small room with the backpack.

3.This one's easy too. As you enter the warehouse, turn left and push the wall to open it
for green armor.

Map02 -- The Smell of Death

1.To get to the backpack in the storage room, go to the nearby room with the desk. One of
the wall panels opens when pressed. Jump onto the desk and jump into the vent shaft.

2.The area behind the red key door leads to a secret. To get the secret you need to do two
things -- get the red key, and open the door behind the red key door. Enter the waste
area control room next to the red key door (you'll need a blue key). Find the "lightning"
switch next to the desk and computer displays. The switch opens a panel in the four-sided
computer console. Run there to get the red key. Go back to the desk and look across the
nukage area. You'll see a switch next to the door behind the red key door. Shoot the
switch to open the door.

3.This secret is in the room with the arch-vile. After offing the stinking weasel,
carefully walk along the outside of the railing, jump onto the silver containment vessel,
then jump onto the platform in the corner. A wall panel opens to the secret.

Map03 -- Daylight Again

1.From outside the main doors to the Supply Station, jump on the crates and look inside the
glass-walled room. Shoot the switch to open the door to the room.

2.Enter the room behind the blue key door. On the left wall are several panels that open.
One of the closets behind the panels has another door leading to the secret.

3.After hitting the final switch (that opens the door to the exit tunnel and also releases
the arachnotron spiders) look left to find a damaged panel. Open the panel for the secret.

Map04 -- Theater Ops.

1.After teleporting into the Basic Training area, press the wall to your right.

Map05 -- Flight of the Phoenix

1.This one is a little hard to see.  When climbing the stairs to get to the Stasis Chamber
control room, there's a wall to the right with a slightly misaligned texture. Press it
to get the secret.

2.In the Comm. Center, walking into the blue flashing alcove temporarily opens a door near
the entrance to the Comm. Center. Run back to get the secret.

3.In the Comm. Center, jump from the two computer display consoles to the wall that has
exposed wiring (not an easy jump). Press the wiring to enter the secret.

4.To get the BFG follow these steps: Enter Weapons Systems and run towards the area with
the BFG. As you enter the little area where the BFG is displayed, RUN back through the
door before it shuts. You'll see a section of the wall on the right is an elevator that
is lowered. Run to elevator, ride it to the top and jump across to the platform with the
switch. Press the switch and go back to where the elevator was. Across the hallway a
section of the wall has lowered, revealing a teleporter. Hop in to get the BFG.


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