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Your trapped on that infernal moon base as usual. You've gotten to the point where you take out most everything that comes at you without blinking....

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WAD Type
E2M1, E2M2
Title                   : Purgatory   
Filename                : dmpurge.wad
Author                  : James Wilson (aka Shade)
Email Address           : Cserve: 73651,2312

Description             : Your trapped on that infernal moon base as usual.
                          You've gotten to the point where you take out most
                          everything that comes at you without blinking.  
                          You've become careless.  You round a corner and
                          meet a hail of fire and gunshot, and you're dead.
                          You wake in a dark hole, awaiting the time
                          when the denizens of hell will come and take you
                          away for a permanent more-than-luke-warm bath of
                          fire.  BUT HEY!  Just because you're dead doesn't
                          mean that you can't still kick butt!  After all, 
                          going to hell for real didn't take away your
                          shotgun (and they say you can't take it with you).
                          You scrounge your way out of the dark hole and see
                          a fortress in the distance.  If you can reach it,
                          then you can reclaim your lost soul from it's round
                          blue container and free yourself from Purgatory.

Level notes             : This is my sixth Doom level created from scratch.
                          It was primarily developed on registered DOOM
                          version 1.666.  There ARE two levels in the wad, 
                          but the first one is short, and more of an intro
                          to the second level.  The main level is large!  I
                          kept the number of decorative objects (lamps, trees,
                          and such) to a minimum to facilitate a fast wad, but
                          those of you with slower computers may have
                          problems with it slowing down.  YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE
                          TO SAVE YOUR GAME IF YOU ARE USING DOOM VERSION 1.2,
                          but you can save it with 1.666.

How do I play the damn
thing?                  : To those of you who have never played a Doom 
                          add-on level congratulations for entering a
                          group so cryptic that it borders on a secret
                          society.  I've had many people e-mail me and ask
                          the very question I pose above.  Simply move the
                          new level (the .wad file) to your Doom directory
                          and type the following:

                          "doom -file dmpurge.wad" (or whatever the level's 
                          name is)
                          This tells Doom to seek out the .wad file indicated
                          for new and nifty information to update the
                          original Doom.wad with.  You will receive a warning
                          that you are playing on a modified version of Doom,
                          but ignore this message as the .wad files do not
                          permanently alter Doom, and everything will go
                          back to normal once you quit (but it is always a
                          good idea to back stuff up just in case).  I have
                          included a .bat file to expediate this whole process.
HELLO?                  : If you like this level, let me know.  If you hate
                          it, let me know why.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E2M1, E2M2 
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2/4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2/4  Player  : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (UV is very hard.  I can't finish it.  This
                          level was made to be played at 'hurt me plenty', I
                          made UV exceptionally hard for the psycho-doom
                          players.  'too young' and 'not too rough' are also
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Construction time       : 50-60 hrs
Editor(s) used          : DOS EXTENDER VERSION OF DEU and BSP 1.2
Known Bugs              : None.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors (MAY) use this level as a base to build additional
levels.  Authors (MAY) alter or play or do with this level pretty much
anything they want, I only ask that you give me credit.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

Compuserve:  Gamer's Forum in the Action Game Aids section. 


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