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Qyv's house of illusions Version 1.0 is a PWAD featuring 2 maps, playable on DOOM2

Qyv's house of illusions Version 1.0
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02
Title                   : Qyv's house of illusions Version 1.0
Filename                : qyvhouse.wad
Author                  : Qyv
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Unofficial DooM champ of 808 (Hawaii)
                          Got tired of seeing all the lame wads piling in
Description             : First of all I will admit this is my first wad
                          ever made.  It took awhile to learn the different
                          editors...  There are plenty of special effects
                          in these 2 deathmatch levels so take the time to
                          look them over before challenging someone.  If
                          you forget some of the secrets there is always a
                          computer map in one of the rooms.  IMHO this is
                          the most detailed house wad I have seen to date,
                          if anyone has seen better please let me know.
                          The 2 levels are almost exactly the same in every
                          way, except one is in daytime (with night sky?)
                          and the 2nd is in pitch dark night.  You will not
                          be able to use the lightswitches during the first
                          level but will work in the night.  Also, the
                          switches are not visible so bang on the walls or
                          use a map editor to find them...  There are enough
                          to turn off practically every light in the house.
                          I reccomend learning level 1 very well before
                          trying a deathmatch on level 2, unless you like
                          stumbling around in the dark.
                          The helmets now up your armor 20% instead of 1%,
                          and your screen will flash very brightly (from
                          putting on the helmet?) for a couple seconds...
                          1 way walls and glass, blocking all weapons.
                          Btw the floating eyeball things are supposed to
                          be fans hehe.
                          Alot of time was spent finding the right textures.
Hints                   : I can't put all the secrets and strategies down
                          cause there's so much, but heres a few.
                          There are 2 teleporters (and a slime waterfall to
                          get a bfg) where the driveway exits to the street.
                          The left tele will put you on the TV, where you
                          can shoot the wooden kitchen wall placed a little
                          to the left.  This will open a small room in the
                          hall to get a backpack.  If you are careful when
                          getting the pack, you can keep the door open for
                          later on...
                          Try walking on my synthesizer...  =)
                          Walk along the brick wall until you can get across
                          to the blood falls, ride it up to tele to the
                          plasma gun on the table.
                          Use the observation room to watch other players
                          unnoticed, until they decide to check that room...
                          The barrel in the observation room will instantly
                          kill any player near it.
Additional Credits to   : Matthew Mauger for his glass walls idea
                          Creator of Outpost21.wad for the night sky grafx
                          Tim Ash for night level idea (from Boothill)
                          Oliver Montanuy for Wintex
                          Data Exchange BBS for providing incredible
                          4 player deathmatches at 1 dollar a month for
                          2 hours each day  (Yea!)

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01, MAP02
Single Player           : Yes to have a look around...
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Nope, no starts.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES!
Difficulty Settings     : Yes skill 1-2 no monsters, 3-4 2 imps and a demon
New Sounds              : Nope.  Maybe later...
New Graphics            : Yes a couple TV animations and textures
New Music               : No!  Music ruins the mood (Unless its NIN)
Demos Replaced          : Maybe a deathmatch lmp later.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Deth & Wintex
Known Bugs              : Only 1 which I could not get rid of...  The far 4
                          corners of the house's perimeter have HOM due to
                          too many lines in view.  No way to correct this
                          other than a simpler design (no!) so I left it.
                          Should not effect gameplay too much.

                          Wad makers looking for a bug challenge may want to
                          check out the main bathroom.  I used a second
                          sector for a section of the wall between the
                          bathroom and the hallway, because the original
                          sector caused a invisible barrier not on the map.
                          (Even in the wad editor)  No I dont mean the
                          bathtub wall...  Try erasing the second sector and
                          pulling the first one in its place and you'll see
                          what I mean.
                          (Also the reason why the light switch is on another
                          wall, due to wrong way linedef for second sector)

* Copyright / Permissions*
Do whatever the hell you want with this wad as long as you put my name on
the credits.  (It's easy 3 little letters Q, Y, V.)  Tis my handle really,
want to know my name go check my email address.  Cdrom distributers also
are welcome, but I would appreciate a copy of the CD being made... =)

*Other DooM stuff by Qyv*
Qyvweapons dehacked patch: Energy cannon, rifle, energy mine, flamethrower...
Monster Suits dehacked patch: Deathmatch your favorite monster\weapons
Sticky weapons dehacked patch: Weapon explosions stay onscreen, SFX, ect.





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