RADIUS1.WAD (First of "The Radius Project" Series)
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Please place RADIUS1.ZIP and all of its version in the r letter directory,
and not the deathmatch directory. Please place this file in both places,
so people will know where to get it. Thank you.
Title                   : RADIUS1.WAD (First of "The Radius Project" Series)
Date Finished           : March 22, 1995
Author                  : Evil Genius (Jimmy Sieben) 
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : Look for BBHS Doom soon, as well as parts of Star
                          Wars Doom, parts of TNT, and possibly other
                          assorted projects. Also look out for other versions.
Misc. Author Info       : I am an avid Doomer, 1 of few in the Memphis area
                          (that I know of :) I like basketball (Go U of M
                          tigers and Orlando Magic!!!). I also enjoy
Description             : Mood? HA! Deathmatch baby! There will be other
                          versions of this WAD soon, namely a single player
                          version, a 2 player DM version, a Fast frag (tm)
                          version (Ross!), and maybe others. the naming
                          scheme will be RADIUS1x.ZIP where "x" indicates
                          the version. TXT files will explain this. This level
                          rocks in Doom 2 DM. See below for points of interest.
Files in this Archive   : RADIUS1.WAD   The actual level
                          RADIUS1.TXT   This file
                          SPOILERS.TXT  File of answers to little puzzles,
                                        and some strategiges for the level
                          OTHER.TXT     A little file telling about the
                                        development stages of Radius. A 
                                        little trivia and interesting facts.
Additional Credits to   : All my Beta Testers (there's lots!)
                  Jimmy Sieben (Of course!)         Pentium 60, 8 Meg Memory
                  Jon West                          486 DX2/66, 8 Meg Memory
                  Michael Novak (<email removed>)   486 DX2/66, 8 Meg Memory
                  Cheung Tsoi                       486  DX/33, 8 Meg Memory
                  Ty Halderman (<email removed>)Pentium 60, 8 Meg Memory
                  Robert Taylor                     Pentium 90, ? Meg Memory
                  Daphne Halderman                  486 DX/33, 12 Meg Memory
                  Ed Phillips  (<email removed>)  ??????????, ? Meg Memory
                  Ross and his gang (<email removed>) ??????, ? Meg Memory
                  Raphael Quintet for DEU
                  Ben Morris for DCK
                  Oliver Mountanuy for DEUTex
                  iD, of course!
                  My brother, L.A. for his valuable input
                  Also thanks again to Ty. He provided valuable input
                    nightly, what a guy!
                  And, thanks again to Ross Carlson. His 4 player doom
                    network will soon provide a nice little demo.
* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2                  
Map #                   : MAP01 (For DOOM II only)
Single Player           : Yes, to learn the layout. Very important that you
                          have at least a basic knowledge of RADIUS1's
                          structure before playing in Death Match.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, but not much fun here...all the starts are in
                          the same area.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, definitely! Especially 4 players. Be sure to
                          use -ALTDEATH, because the level was made with item
                          respawn in mind.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, use level 3 for normal play. Levels 1,2 allow
                          easy access to the Rocket Launcher, and Levels 4,5
                          give you easy access to BFG, Plasma, and RL. There
                          are also Stimpacks in special power centers, but
                          they are not available in normal play mode (Level 3).
New Sounds              : No
New Music               : No
New Graphics            : Yes. I put existing switch graphics over different 
                          backgrounds to make them look right. I did this for
                          SWxBLUE, SWxCOMP, and SWxSKIN. There is a hidden 80
                          frame animation, which is pretty nifty. It can only 
                          be seen in multiplayer mode. Also, there are new 
                          directional graphics: big letters, and info panels.
                          There is also a logo texture.
Demos Replaced          : Yes, but in another ZIP. This will be released later.
                          Note: if you make a good LMP of your DM game, be it
                          2, 3, or 4 player, send me a message and I'll arrange
                          to get it. I'd like to see how the Doom community 
                          uses my level.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : At least 30 hours. I spent a while on this one.
Editor(s) used          : Long list...DEU 5.21 GCC, DeuTex 3.1, DCK 2.1 Beta,
                          DCK 2.2, NeoPaint 2.2, WinTex 3.3, LMPUtil 1.5, and
                          probably some I left out :)
Known Bugs              : none, except some of the textures do funny things 
                          because Doom doesnt deal with CEMENT9 right. I cant 
                          do any thing about it.
Points of Interest      : There are several here. I want the RADIUS Series 
                          to be good levels for everyone.
                          1) The Radium - The Radium is the central arena with 
                          the pillars and stuff. Good for Rocket fights and 
                          Plasma, and Chainsaw Wars are fun here too. There is 
                          a Co-Op Exit here. Single exit here as well, blocked 
                          in multi-player mode. Co-op involves a puzzle: read 
                          spoilers.txt if you want to know. There is a hint at
                          operating the exit somewhere in the level, and in DM 
                          mode, there is a better hint available. Also note 
                          the 8 outer doors open at the same time. This is to 
                          allow quick escapes!
                          2) Twin Towers - These towers lower to reveal the 
                          power weapons, 1 has the BFG and 1 has Plasma. It 
                          takes a few seconds for these towers to lower, and 
                          if you leave, you have a chance of missing them. 
                          Note that in skill 4 or 5, the weapons are laying 
                          in front of the towers. This is in case some people 
                          want all weapons accessible easily. See above for 
                          more info. However, to provide incentive to go 
                          inside, Skills 4,5 have Big Cell Packs inside the 
                          3) Cement Gazebo: This is one of the best looking 
                          parts of RADIUS1. Don't stand around looking, or 
                          you'll get fragged. Inside, on a pedestal, are a Soul
                          Sphere and Blue Armor. There is only one way in, 
                          though,'ll see what I mean! The 
                          switch is hidden somewhere near the gazebo.  
                          See spoilers.txt. 
                          4) Blood Bank: Here a LOT of blood collects. Don't 
                          fall in! Don't worry, you won't lose energy, just 
                          time and risk being fragged. This is the second 
                          arena. It is more open, and has a TON of roadkill.
                          5) The HourGlass: This part is in the middle of the 
                          Blood Bank. The big switch does something useful.
                          See spoilers.txt.
                          6) Spirit Stairs: These stairs resemble a demon's 
                          body, and are dark..awesome place for some multi
                          -level fighting. Note the teleporters on top, and 
                          the look-out eaves in the surrounding corrdiors of 
                          the Radium. Great places to wait for people to 
                          leave the Radium...just dont get hit yourself.
                          7) Rocket Run: Here is a three level, intersecting 
                          tower that requires skill to get the RL. I did this 
                          for a reason: I think that power weapons (RL, 
                          Plasma, BFG) ruin good Dmatches. I like skill! 
                          Anyway, you have to do a skillful run to get the RL. 
                          It can be done, even without Gammma all the way up, 
                          but its hard. Same principle here as Twin Towers, 
                          except skill dictates it. Note that in Skill 1,2,4,5 
                          the rocket is just laying there. This is for same 
                          reason as BFG and Plasma, but offers more control.
                          Some people like the RL, but not the cell weapons.
                          7) Halls of the Hunted: This is the hunting part. 
                          Originally, this was going to be the whole perimeter
                          of The Radium, but it would be stupid. I also made 
                          this level to be something for everyone. The hunting 
                          corridors would appeal to only some people. 
                          Anyway, this has most of the stuff and action. See 
                          spoilers.txt for extra info.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels. One restriction, please name it something completely
different from RADIUS or any of its versions. And not RADIUS2,
cause this is a series. :) If you edit the level, tell me where
I can get your version. Of course, you can always refine item
placement, but if you do a major edit, please let me know. Also,
please send in LMPs of the original level only. Otherwise, the
demo becomes unsynched.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. In fact, PLEASE DO distribute this level everywhere you

CD-Rom people: Please put this on your CD's! One request: if you REALLY
REALLY REALLY feel like it, give me a copy of the CD <G>.

Tournament Holders:
I would love it if this level was used as your Tournament WAD! I feel it
would be a pretty good test of DM skill. I just ask that if you make LMPs,
I get the one of the championship. This isn't required, but would be nice. :)

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: whatever the current Doom site is. As of writing, it is

BBS numbers: Please upload to all Doom BBS's you call.


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