This WAD file contains 4 modified levels from the original REQUIEM.WAD, which fix errors found in the levels while playing Deathmatch. First off, ...

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MAP05, MAP08, MAP11, MAP23
                          Created by Steve Terry

This WAD file contains 4 modified levels from the original REQUIEM.WAD, which
fix errors found in the levels while playing Deathmatch.

First off, let me just say that in my opinion Requiem is the best compilation
of levels ever made for Doom II. After I stopped gawking at all the
"impossible" tricks used in this WAD and got tired of toasting imps and cacos,
I decided to try the levels out in a DM game with my friend. Although most of
the levels play excellently in Deathmatch, we quickly discovered that some
levels had bugs in them that were only present in Deathmatch, usually because
the level had no exit in Deathmatch.

Now, I don't know how you like to play DM, but my friends and I usually start
with level 1, blast each other around a bit, get bored, and go to the next
level, where the fun begins anew. Because some levels didn't have exits in
Deathmatch, this became impossible. So I decided to fix it so I COULD play DM
this way. After fixing these problems, my friends and I have been able to frag
each other through all 30 levels of the game. (The bonus levels are not
accessable directly in DM--you'll just have to warp there) We then realized
that there were probably others out there wanting to play these excellent
levels the way they were meant to be played -- Bug-free. We hope this file
helps you in your quest for more DOOM carnage! ;)  Enjoy!


The following files are found in REQFIX.ZIP:

        REQFIX.TXT  -- This text file.
        REQFIX.WAD  -- The fix file, containing 4 modified Requiem levels.

To use this file, simply run DOOM II in Deathmatch mode, the way you normally
would, including the two original Requiem files and the REQFIX.WAD file. You
can also use this WAD file for playing the single player game, although it
won't make any difference to the gameplay. (This is so you can permanently
patch your REQUIEM.WAD file with these new levels if you have the desire and
the know-how to do so.)

The following changes have been made to the Requiem levels:

Level 5: The Canyon (Original author: Bill McClendon)

        This level includes a separate area for playing Deathmatch, and has
        been my favorite Deathmatch level in the Requiem set since I began
        playing it. Unfortunately, the DM area does not contain an exit
        switch, so once in this level, you're stuck here until you exit DOOM.

        The REQFIX.WAD file adds an exit switch in the most inconspicuous way
        possible. To find the switch, climb to the passageway that leads to
        the top of the map. It's the one with two staircases separated by a
        landing that leads out to one of the large patios. At the top of the
        upper staircase is a ledge looking out onto the main arena. The
        switch can be found on the last section of wall on the right side of
        the ledge. The wall is easy to see because it is also off-color (and
        has a huge switch on it, too, but I figured that was obvious :)

Level 8: The Reactor (Original author: Iikka Keranen)

        In my opinion, this level is one of the best in Requiem, so I was
        upset when I found that it wasn't playable in Deathmatch. When you
        attempt to play DM on this level in the original REQUIEM.WAD file,
        one player will trigger a line that lowers the ceiling of ALL sectors
        to the floor simultaneously, obviously making the level quite

        The REQFIX.WAD file simply normalizes the offending line, allowing
        you to successfully play the level in Deathmatch. I'm not sure why
        this line was given an action at all in the first place.

Level 11: Rats in the Walls (Original author: Adam Windsor)

        In this level, the author decided to restrict the playing area in
        Deathmatch mode to the first small area, allowing for a fast-paced
        carnage without all that needless searching around for the enemy.
        Unfortunately, this cuts off the level's exit, again causing you to
        have to exit DOOM if you wish to go on.

        The REQFIX.WAD file adds an exit switch located on the side of a
        vertical pipe found in the central area of the map, surrounded on
        three sides by gratings looking through to a U-shaped hallway. To
        make the level playable in single-player, the switch is placed INSIDE
        the pipe, and the sector bordering it will close when the player
        steps out of the starting room in single player mode. I have ensured
        that the switch is untouchable in a one-player or cooperative-mode
        game, and the pipe even looks identical to the one in the original
        Requiem level. :)

Level 23: Hatred (Original author: Dario Casali)

        This level has roughly the same problem as level 11. Part of the
        level is only accesable in a one-player game, and it is in this
        section that the player must exit the level. In deathmatch, no exit
        switch is present, trapping you here until you exit DOOM.

        The REQFIX.WAD file adds an exit switch located in one of the
        narrow caves in the underground area. (The one that has two barrels at
        it's opening at the beginning of the game) It is bordered by lights
        and is slightly off-center to mark it for what it is. In order to
        make the game playable in a single player game, the sector containing
        the switch will close as the player leaves the starting area. Again,
        the wall behind which lies the new switch has been made to look
        identical to the way it would look in the original REQUIEM.WAD file.

That's it! The Requiem levels are now fully playable in Deathmatch! Have fun!
                                                        -- Steve Terry <D2M>
                                                           <email removed>                                                         

Thanks to the Requiem Team for some AWESOME replacement levels for DOOM II,
Ben Morris for programming the Doom Construction Kit, which was used to
perform the actual level editing, and of course, id Software, for making DOOM
in the first place!


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