You fell for the ultimate trap. The Death Test. Caught like a fly in a spider's web. Now you're just another monster in the maze. Your jailer is a ...

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                          for HERETIC v1.9

Title                   : Wizard's Revenge
File Title: REVENGE2.WAD
Version                 : v1.2
Author                : Richard Carlson
Other Files By Author: Creatures of Light & Darkness, Grendel, Big Red,
                           Wizard Wars, Demons! (DOOM), Archmage (Hexen),

Description: You fell for the ultimate trap. The Death Test.
                          Caught like a fly in a spider's web. Now you're
                          just another monster in the maze. Your jailer
                          is a cruel demon who loves to dish out pain.
                          Not much of a roomate. The cell you occupy
                          seems to be some kind of secret or forgotten
                          place. They want you to go crazy here. They want
                          you to become a killer, a monster. But either
                          way, you won't last long. Something bigger,
                          stronger, maybe invisible, WILL get you.  Or the
                          desciples will sacrifice you in their temple.
                          (It's said that some are taken back to their dismal
                          lairs and slowly tortured to death merely for
                          their own sick amusement.) You grit your
                          teeth as you realize what must be done. Tomorrow
                          you will be weaker. You must act at once! Taking
                          out the cell guardian will be easy enough. Beyond
                          that, only luck and low cunning can deliver you
                          from this cursed prison...                          

Player Instructions:      Treat this as a real story. This is not "Ledges".
                          You won't find tons of power-ups and gobs of
                          weapons, ammo & healing just lying around all
                          over the place. Well, weapons should be no problem
                          but to find the really cool specials/powerups
                          somebody's got to do a bit of that Indy
                          Jones thing and uncover whatever dark
                          secrets (and wonders) lie hidden within this
                          deceptively simple level. You don't have to "do
                          the quest thing" to rack up plenty of kills, but
                          I'm wagering that the "adventure component" will
                          only make victory sweeter and failure (death)
                          more worthwhile...

Thanks to:     ID/RAVEN for the best damn vr games created so far...
               the authors of WadAuthor & WARM
               the authors of BOOTHILL & TRINITY (our favorite wads)
               the authors of WHITE, CAMELOT, INDIANA, SCREAM & HEXMISS for
                a welcome change of pace
               the authors of UACDEAD, SERENITY, "Blood on the Walz",
                GALAXIA, NEVER, "Deimos Subway", "Aliens TC", VOIDSHIP and
                WIZARD1-4 (thanks, Phil B.), for all of the time and hard
                work you must have put in
               the authors of CHEESE, BALLS & PENGUINS for making us
                laugh so much (You guys are truly SICK!)
               Brian U. - This wad's for you.
               Jeremy C. - Where is my BFG?
               Stef & Karen J. - Thanks for the test run, the hospitality
                and all of the sage advice!

          RC's Best Wads List

             DOOM         HERETIC     DOOM II     HEXEN

             UACDEAD**    CAMELOT     BOOTHILL**  HEXMISS*
             TRINITY**    HTRINITY    ICARUS      INDIANA*
             BLOTWALZ     BALLS       MM 1 & 2    -
             SERENITY**   WIZARD      -           -
             ALIENTC**    WIZARD2     -           -
             SUBWAY       WIZARD3     -           -
             GALAXIA      WIZARD4**   -           -
             NEVER        -           -           -
             SCREAM*      -           -           -
             CHEESE       -           -           -
             WHITE*       -           -           -
             VOIDSHIP     -           -           -

            * D&D players might like these wadfiles   
            ** my favorites


* Level Info *

Map: E2M1
Solo Play               : yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player: yes but only 2 players
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: yes
Skill Levels            : yes
Sounds                  : why not
Weapons                 : all
Items                   : all
Monsters                : all except D'Sparil (sorry)
Pop Pods                : yes
Teleporters             : yes
Ending?                 : yes (If you can find it, it takes you to
                           the episode two secret level!)

* Construction *

Base: new level from scratch
Build Time: 25+ hours
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor v1.20
Known Bugs: none that I know of...
Playtest                : 10 hours

* Copyright/Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (bbs, diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact (and mail me a copy of the CD or diskette at the address below).

* Where to get this WAD *


The VAULT                612-754-2229
The BLACK hOLE           612-442-5635
CITY LIGHTS              612-639-1873
SPORGA                   612-854-6909
The THIEVES KITCHEN      612-561-7967

or Email:

Richard Carlson
<email removed>



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