Well, it's a little bit of everything (as you can/ will see). As far as I know it's the biggest pwad I've ever seen (if you find something bigger p...

RIP-OFF .99(although the level is called Dimension 42)
2.56 MB
WAD Type
RIP-OFF2  -  Dimension 42 (version 2) - for Doom or Ultimate Doom v1.9

RIP-OFF2 supports all play modes (solo, coop and DM) and features
modified weapons, new monsters, sound, music and a few textures.

Note: RIP-OFF2 will not run with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom unless you
      merge the missing sprites from doom.wad.  This is NOT recommended
      due to the huge size of the resulting wad.  This version is
      designed to operate with a Source Port which can import DeHackEd
      patches and pwads containing sprite data - such as Boom, PRboom,
      MBF, SMMU, ZDoom, Legacy, glLegacy, ZDoomGL, etc. 


1. RIP-OFF2 is a 'LEGALIZED' version of RIP-OFF - originally contained
   in 4 zip files (rip-off1.zip  rip-off2.zip  rip-off3.zip  and

   The original version illegaly contained about 2MB of sprite graphics
   from doom.wad - copyrighted by id Software.

2. The original zip files had a combined size of 2.9MB.
   This version is only 1.6MB zipped.

3. The original version was spread over 4 zip files and required a
   patch program to join the three archival files.


Original author    : Mordak                   <email removed>
Version 2 update by: Sparky of KISS Software  <email removed>

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- the original 4 zip files contained 15 files and required a patch
  program to join three archival files.  This version contains a total
  of only 5 files:  rip-off2.deh  rip-off2.wad  rip-off2.txt
  and the two 'extra' files barney.txt and rip-off2.gif.
  Deleting the illegal sprites reduced the wad from 4.4MB to 2.6MB.  
- the original version required further patching of the doom.exe file
  using DeHacked.  This version is designed to operate with the Source
  Ports mentioned above, hence patching is not required.
- deleted the 3 internal demos as they were a VERY old lmp version;
  they went for 16 minutes, and took up 123kB of space in the wad.
- cleaned the wad of wasted space
- updated the DeHackEd file to Patch Format 6 for combatibility with
  Doom v1.9 and Ultimate Doom v1.9

As stated above, Rip-Off2 does not require patching and can be used
directly with many Source Ports.  The following command line can be
used with most of the Source Ports (where xxxx is the .exe file):
      xxxx -deh rip-off2 -file rip-off2

PRboom cannot remember your preferred video resolution so use:
      prboom -width 800 -height 600 -deh rip-off2 -file rip-off2

Legacy v1.28 requires that you enter the dot extensions:
      DOS     doom3 -deh rip-off2.deh -file rip-off2.wad
      Win32   legacy -deh rip-off2.deh -file rip-off2.wad

OpenGL Source Ports like glLegacy and ZDoomGL require additional
commands - see your documentation.

The original text file follows:

Title                   : RIP-OFF .99(although the level is called Dimension 42)
                        -affectionately known as rip-off deu to the quantity
                         of things stolen from other pwads-
Author                  : Mordak
Email Address           : <email removed> (during the school year)
Misc. Author Info       : A lazy guy that knows how to do a job RIGHT!
                          KICKIT.DEH DEHACKED.EXE DEHACKED.TXT

Instructions for Losers : read the barney story, look at the gif, to install
                          edited Suprwepn patch (added automatic BFG -caution=
                          don't fire the BFG 9000 in the war room on ID) type:
                          dehacked -load kickit.deh
                          Save your doom.exe FIRST.  Then run doom with the
                          -file extension.  If you want the grafix with another
                          patch, use the -file rip-off.wad ??????.wad extension
                          with the "new" level AFTER my patch (so it overwrites
                          my level but not the sprites).

Description             : Well, it's a little bit of everything (as you can/
                          will see).  As far as I know it's the biggest pwad 
                          I've ever seen (if you find something bigger please 
                          tell me, and I'll add something to mine to keep it 
                          number one :).  I've been running it on my 486DX33 
                          and UV has a pretty good speed, but ID (hehehe -see 
                          for yourself) slows down if you leave any monsters 
                          behind (486DX50 recommended for ID).  Reject screws 
                          it up a little... its kinda like every monster has 
                          the "deaf/ambush" bit set, but you get more speed.  
                          With this PWAD you can exterminate the Energizer 
                          Bunny, blast Beavis, blow up Butt-Head, bezerker 
                          punch Barney, cook the charging Cacodemon, and 
                          phscorch the Phsykick (KICK IT! KICK IT! KICK IT!) 
                          Phskull!  That's right, it has sprites (and sounds,
                          and grafx, and a cool level).  You can also kill a
                          Spider Demon with a chainsaw -no worries.  And
                          because the BFG 9000 is so hard to get, I recommend
                          you use the dehacked patch to make ID quasi-fair
                          (or those Cyber Demons might getcha).  Whatever 
                          else would you expect from Dimension 42, the answer 
                          to the universe?  In the final confrontation you 
                          must enter the Barney (read barney.txt) House and 
                          kill Barney and all his clones.  -Good Luck-  That's 
                          the only theme in this PWAD, all else is just chaos.  
                          I hope you like it.
                          I might expand later to make a whole episode, tell
                          me how you like this level.

                          Thank you very much, 49 inch nails.  Goodnight.

                          BTW, if you are playing a coop. game there is a
                          way to kill all players in the game (if they don't
                          have an invuln of course).  Hint:  Close the eye....

Additional Credits to   : Rob `Cisco' Sarsorito (<email removed>) 1_ON_1
                          Aaron Blackwell (<email removed>)
                            Barney 3D ver 2.0
                          Josh Saavedra (<email removed>)
                            Beavis and Butthead DOOM
                          Colin Reed (<email removed>) BSP ver 1.1x
                          David Lobser (<email removed>) Energizer Bunny 3D
                          Raphael Quinet (<email removed>)
                            Deu 5.1  Deu5.2
                          Brendon J Wyber (<email removed>)
                            Deu 5.1  Deu 5.2
                          Bill Neisius (<email removed>) DMAUD ver 1.1
                          Bill Neisius (<email removed>) DMGRAPH ver 1.1
                          Subsector  Evil Dead Sound WAD
                          Aaron Tiensivu "A-BOMB"  HELLNET Sounds WAD
                          L. M. Witek (<email removed>) REJECT ver 1.0
                          Chris `Lithium' Hopkins (<email removed>)
                            Star Wars Music and SFX ver 2
                          Leo Martin Lim (<email removed>) UAC_DEAD
                          SPACKLE LTD. (<email removed>)
                            Yak World (DUH!)
I recomend (in my own sort of twisted way) all of the wads above.  
They are worth the download.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1
Single Player           : Yes (of course...)
Cooperative 2-3 Player  : Yes (if you really want to)
Difficulty Settings     : -*Warning*- ID should be played with god mode
New Sounds              : AaaHAHAHAHahahahahaa!
New Music               : If you recognize the jingle please tell me what it is!
New Graphics            : WO!  It's Letterman!
New Sprites             : AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! IT'S BARNEY!!!!!
New Skill Levels        : You better WATCH OUT!
New Deadly Situations   : Damn Straight!
Various Spider and Cyber Demons: re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!re!
Demos Replaced          : For wussies only

* Construction *

Base                    : An idea Insane in the Membrane
Build Time              : 4 weeks + ...  Iiieeeeee!  That IS a long time.
Editors used            : DEU 5.1, DEU 5.2 (and those in additional credits)
Known Bugs              : Will not not work on a 386, wait that's not a bug-
                          that's a feature -buy a real machine!
                          You cannot save <PERIOD>
                          Sometimes, when you stand right between to sectors,
                          in the center of a linedef, you get this endless
                          texture of ceiling... ETC (or floor ... ETF)
                          Major HOM behind teleporter in Pyramid room (like
                          you'll ever find it anyway)
                          If you're not using 1.2 some funky stuff may happen,
                          I'll release version 1.0 for 1.5/1.6/1.7 -whatever-
                          (be about 1 meg smaller)

* Hints/Other *

* Look before you leap, but have faith.
* PLAY THIS GAME DEATHMATCH!!!  There are special sectors where you can only
  get to in Deathmatch.
* Be very careful with the spiral "staircase", you might get STUCK!
* The beginning is opposite THE END.
* At the top of the pyramid lies Heaven (or was that Hell?)
* Watch out for the fire shooting columns.
* In the Barney room "use" the north side of the column to bring it down.
* Don't turn around or you'll see the sign and that's all that she wants
  because you're living in danger playing wheel of fortune.
* ABOVE ALL - DO NOT CLOSE AN EYE!!!!   (They kill - whether that's lights
  or lives you'll have to find out >evil grin<)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this LEVEL as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no 
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format
(BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

-=>* IMPORTANT *<=-
If you decide to rip something off from me (like the "unknown death/voodoo"
thing), be SURE to PRAISE me (In your text file) and the ORIGINAL DOOM 
RIP-OFF pwad. -If you're not that religious (HAHA!! You play DOOM right?)
then you can just tell people where you got it from and tell them to play

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: infant2.sphs.indiana.edu

BBS numbers: Computech 1-719-260-6279

                             Special Thanks To
               Lightning and Shadow - Supreme Beta Testers


              Designer Imposters Body Sprays - Oooohhh, Aaahhhhh
                  The Flying Skull - That Flying Skull Rules!
           Ross Perot - "When a problem comes along, you must whip it!"
  Spackle Limited - If you haven't played Yak World, go get it and play it NOW!
                  Army of Darkness (~evilsnd.wad) - "Grooovy"


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