You start off in a dimly lit stairway... Lots of fun things--stairs that go up AND down, hidden weapons, switches that must be pushed twice, a few ...

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Title: RISE.WAD   
Author: Kurt and Carolyn Schulenburg
CompuServe Address:76360,3125
Misc. Author Info: The husband/wife wad making team collaborates
on a large single player level for Doom2. This
features the best of both of us--new textures,
new sounds and music and a killer layout.
Description : You start off in a dimly lit stairway...
Lots of fun things--stairs that go up AND
down, hidden weapons, switches that must
be pushed twice, a few puzzles. Plenty of
monsters, but all difficulty levels are
supported. If you get stuck, check the map,
push the switches again, and look and listen.
There should be no texture misalignments that
are not deliberate! (Or impossible to correct!)
Additional Credits to:Marty Magnini and Bob Evans for playtesting
and comments. If you haven't played Bob's
wads, you haven't played Doom! Look for the
Odessa and Castrum series or just search
the Action Games Forum of CompuServe with
his address:103011,623  Also, thanks to Jim
Flynn for his support and some good ideas.
The descending stairs were used by him in
one of his great wads (at least).  Check out
his work in the Action Games Forum and his
Master Level on the Doom Master Levels CD!
Search on 72713,3334 for Jim's Wads. They are
the best!

Check out our other wads in the Action Games Forum of CompuServe--search
using our address.  We have many modem DeathMatches and several good
single player wads--let us know what you think!!!

* Play Information *

Episode and Level # : DOOM 2, Map 01
Single Player: That's the point of this one!
Cooperative 2-4 Player:I guess. The starts are there,
but we had enough trouble cooperating
while designing the wad...
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:Yes, probably too big.
Difficulty Settings: Yes, don't be afraid to try an easier
setting--this one doesn't really have
a wimpy setting!
New Sounds: Yes, all created by or reworked by
Kurt Schulenburg 
New Music:Yes, an original by Kurt Schulenburg.
And, it kinda sucks if not played back
on a sound card with a wavetable synth.
The OPL3FM chips make it sound like Pong.
Copyright 1996 by KS Music Productions
New Graphics: Yes, original art by Carolyn and Kurt
plus a few extras (see Other Credits)
Demos Replaced: None, this file is big enough!

* Construction *

Base: New level from scratch
Build Time: Oh, not more than weeks and weeks.
Editor(s) used: Deep, WinTex, PaintShop Pro, Cakewalk Pro Audio
CoolEdit, Goldwave, Corel Draw
Known Bugs: None known...Yeah, the Baron won't fit out the
door, but it's sort of fun to take him down. Also,
it's BIG. Some slower machines may freeze or slow
down--our Pentium 90 paused once but picked right
up again. Save games work fine. It was unplayable
on our 486-33--at least for me.  Changing to low
detail helped, but it's not as pretty.   
Other Credits:We ran into this again and again--some great art
on a CD collection of wads and the Text File is 
NOT included with the wad!! Please, please include 
text files all the time (This goes for you, too, 
ID Games,--several of OUR wads appeared without 
text files on YOUR CD!)  The original textures were 
completely original or redrawn from wads without 
credit. It would be nice to credit the source of
our inspiration...If you do recognize a texture you
drew for a level, let us know so we can credit you!
The waterfall is from Heretic by ID Games.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels. Just give me credit, a cut of the take, some token of your
esteem...Especially if you use the music!!! And send us a copy of 
your finished wad--we'd get a kick out of it! 

You MAY distribute this WAD IF you include this text file.

* Where to get this WAD *



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