RamTag : Stairway To Freedom (Take 2)
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Title             : RamTag : Stairway To Freedom (Take 2)
Wad               : RAMTAG2.WAD
Date              : 12/9/95
Author            : Rambutt
Email Address     : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info : It's, like, I'm addicted to this game, you know.....

Discription       : RamTag : Stairway To Freedom is a brand new Dethtag
                    wad based on the original Dethtag series by Aikman and
                    Talon. Like Talon's Warzone, this features 3 different
                    modes of play ; 4 player Dethtag, 2 player Dethtag, and,
                    of course, good ole Dethmatch ! The way you play is
                    determined from within the starting area. Plus, there's
                    even a digital scoreboard (used by permission of Talon !)

                    I've included rules on how to play Dethtag in general,
                    as well as a few rules on this wad, so check out the
                    notes at the bottom.

Additional Credits: id, the creators of DEU2, BSP, and NWT
                    And to Aikman and Talon, for creating a totally new way
                    to play Doom !
                    Extra kudos to Aikman for discovering a way to cheat by
                    standing under the door that closed off the scoring
                    switch and hitting it 5 times at once ! Find another
                    bug and I'll have to frag you point blank with a BFG !
                    Thanks !

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Map01
Single Player           : No, but a start is there
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Are you crazy ? Coop Dethtag ? I think not.
DEATHTAG (2 Player)     : YES ! Now you're talking....
DEATHTAG (4 Player)     : YES ! Even better....
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES! Ye Olde Standbye
Difficulty Settings     : Yes 
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes (borrowed from Talon's Warzone for the digital
                          scoreboard and Aikman's Dwango6 for the sky)
New Music               : Yes ("Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin from the

* Construction *

Base                    : Brand new level, based upon an idea by Aikman and
Build Time              : about 20 hours
Editor(s) used          : DEU2, BSP, and NWT
Known Bugs              : If you find any....squash'em ! Then let me know !

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional
levels, nor alter this level in any way. But you can use the ideas used here
in your own orignal levels.

You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format, but you must contact me first.

* Where to get this WAD *

My web page at
or The Wall bbs in Dallas


RAMTAG : STAIRWAY TO FREEDOM for Doom ][ allows gameplay in one of 3 modes,
and allows you to choose which mode you want to play in from within the game.
The modes of play are:

        -  4 player (team) Deathtag (This is the default mode)
        -  2 player Deathtag
        -  Deathmatch

Deathtag is a great new way to play Doom][ created by Aikman and Talon in the
original Dethtag.wad. The goal of Deathtag with 4 players is to team up with a
partner, and, with his help, score 5 points to win the match. Frags are
incidental (they dont count towards your winning), but nothing says lovin'
than fraggin' someone in the back !

Basically, Ramtag in 4- player Dethtag goes like this ;

        You all start in the starting area; a big room with 4 teleports
        (2 red, 2 blue) and 2 switches (labelled Deathmatch and 2player
        Deathtag respectively). DON'T TOUCH'EM !
        It doesn't really matter who teams up, so grab a pardner and hop into
        the teleporters !

        To score, one partner hits a switch (blue or red skull switch) after
        riding up the lift to get to it (Follow the sign and the torches for
        the way to team's switch). Both the red and blue doors are south of
        the switches, but can't be reached by one player in 4-player mode.
        Hopefully, the switch hitter's partner is near the door and ready to
        enter when the switch is thrown. When the door opens, the partner by
        the door runs inside grabs the rad suit and is then teleported next
        to the switch.
        Now both partners can make their way to "The Stairway To Freedom" for
        their team. Remember, only the player who has the rad suit will live
        to get to the scoring area ! The other partner can protect his buddy
        from the other team who are lurking around somewhere.
        The partner who is doing the scoring runs up the stairs and flips the
        switch on the south wall. This lowers the wall and reveals a red and
        blue door. Your teams door will already be open ! Run inside, flip
        the switch, and your team has scored a point !

        The first team to 5 points wins the match. No further scoring will
        be possible, and you'll now be able to access the exit area on the
        east side of the map. Reset the level (to play again) or Exit to
        quit or goto the next map.

Ramtag in 2-player Dethtag goes like this ;

        To play Ramtag in 2-player Dethtag mode, you must hit the switch
        marked "2 PLAYER DEATHTAG" in the starting room. When you do this,
        a shortcut opens up for both players between both switches and doors.
        Other than that, it's just like 4-player mode !

Ramtag in Dethmatch mode goes like this ;

        To play Ramtag as a Dethmatch level, hit the switch marked
        "DEATHMATCH" in the starting area (You can also hit the 2 player
        switch if you want to use the shortcuts). If the 2-player switch is
        hit before the deathmatch switch is, too bad.
Areas Available In Each Mode

4-player Dethtag - basically the entire south end of the map with the blue
                   and red doors in the east and west, and the switch areas
                   in the north.

2-player Dethtag - same as 4-player, but adds shortcuts between the doors and

Deathmatch       - This mode closes off the scoreboard, doors on the bloody
                   stairway, scoring switches, the blue and red doors, the
                   switches that open both doors, and the reset and Dethtag
                   exit switches.
                   It opens up new areas not reachable in the other 2 modes
                   of play for an entirely different level ! There's also
                   more weapons and other stuph, too !

NOTE : If you hit the Deathmatch switch, the 2-player switch is cut off and
vice versa.


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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