If these levels don't seem like a cohesive set of levels, it's because they're not! This is a collection of my best levels...11 single player, 5 de...

Rambutt & Ruffian's Greatest Hits :
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Title                   : Rambutt & Ruffian's Greatest Hits :
                          Feb 1995 - May 1997
Date                    : 7/22/1997
Filename                : RAMHITS2.WAD
Author                  : Ruffian
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Just another wanderer in the field of poppies....

Description             : If these levels don't seem like a cohesive set of
                          levels, it's because they're not! This is a
                          collection of my best levels...11 single player,
                          5 deathmatch, and 1 dethtag.

Additional Credits to   : The Almighty id
                          My dad for buying me my first computer in 1983,
                          thus introducing me to something called "video
                          My brother and Lord Dread, for putting up with
                          my madness
                          Domino's and Coke for supplying the nurishment
                          And all the little people
Notice                  : Levels 1-6, 12-17 were previously collected
                          together in RamHits.wad (12/??/95), the first
                          Greatest Hits wad by me. The single player levels
                          have been rearranged by order of completion.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Doom 2 levels 1-17
Single Player           : Sure...only on 1-11
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yeah, I guess...
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES ! 
DethTag 2,3,4,Team      : Only on level 17
Difficulty Settings     : Yepper
New Sounds              : Yes, sounds from my RamDeth.wad
New Graphics            : The sky from Hexen (Dwango6 by Aikman) and some
                          special textures for map 17 that I "stole" from
New Music               : Yes (all 17 levels have their original music that I
                          choose for them when I first released them, plus the
                          music for the intro, intermission, and instruction
                          screens was taken from Descent using DTX.)
Demos Replaced          : 3 brand MIGHTMARish short films !

* Construction *

Base                    : All original levels by me and only me !
Editor(s) used          : DEU2, BSP, NWT, DTX, and Paint Shop Pro
Known Bugs              : what mean bug ?

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels.  

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. You must also obtain permission from me before doing so.

* Where to get this WAD *

Wherever you got it from or maybe your computer !

And now for the individual level descriptions ! (Yeah !)


Level 1 - Operation : Telefrag

Designed       : March 1995
First Released : Rambutt5.wad (level 13, 4/29/95)

This was inspired by "Io Training Camp" by Cris Klie in The Lost Episode of
Doom. It had a huge room, in the south, where you could telefrag a group of
sargeants, which I thought was cool !
For my second original level, I decided to an entire level based on that one
room ! There's also some multi-player only areas that can't be accessed in
single player (as long as you don't cheat). The only way to get to these areas
is with the yellow key. The only problem is, the key is behind the yellow
doors ! If you find the way to the key in single player, you might not like
want happens !

Level 2 - Run For Your Life

Designed       : April 1995
First Released : RamDoom.wad (level 17, 8/17/95 version)

Designed to replace "Mushfest '95"'s original level 17, this one is my version
of Doom with a Descent style ending ! I always wanted to do something huge
with the barrels and this is want I came up with ! You don't have to play the
entire level (you could just go the exit), but then you'd missed all the fun !
Once the barrels are blown, you have 30 seconds before the you explode !!

Level 3 - Peace, Love, And Happiness

Designed       : July 1995
First Released : RamDoom.wad (level 25, 8/17/95 version)

I finally figured out how to design buildings that are taller than the walls
along the edge of the level ! While you're playing this one, you'll see what
can happen when I don't know when to stop.

Level 4 - The Fields Of Paranoia

Designed       : August 1995
First Released : RamDoom.wad (level 5, 8/17/95 version)

After I converted my first episode to Doom 2 , "Helter Skelter", I felt that
2 of the original 9 levels didn't work, so I designed brand new levels to take
their place !
This one might seem kind of lonely at first, but wait until you make a sound,
that's when the party begins ! Due to the way this level is designed, you
might not get 100% kills every time.

Level 5 - The Zoo

Designed       : August 1995
First Released : RamDoom.wad (level 27, 8/17/95 version)

In March, I tried to do a zoo-style level, but it failed. 3 months later, I
tried again and succeeded ! This is the largest level I ever did for Doom 2,
with large outside areas and tight buildings that hold their own surprises in
store for you. I've beat it on Ultra-Violence without cheating a few times,
so I know it can be done !

Level 6 - The Runaround

Designed       : August 1995
First Released : RamDoom.wad (level 28, 8/17/95 version)

The final level done for "Rambutt's Doom", I did this in a frenzy - less then
2 days (it took me one week to do Operation : Telefrag !). After finishing
"The Zoo", I wanted to design a much smaller, compact level that was still a
challenge and here it is !

Level 7 - As The Silence Grows...

Design Started   : February 19, 1996
Design Completed : March 4, 1996
First Released   : Ram14 (3/4/96)

Now the real fun begins...it doesn't take long for this level to come alive.
If you look hard enough, you may notice a smile from the ground to the sky.
This was the first release under WTF Productions for Rambutt.

Level 8 - On Your Knees, Human!

Design Started   : March 9, 1996
Design Completed : March 19, 1996 (texture alignment fixed May 5, 1997)
First Released   : Ram15 (3/19/96)

Break out of your cell and make your way into the Arena...only to face off
with the Spider Mastermind, all for the Arch-Vile's entertainment.
Rambutt's 2nd release for WTF Productions...And the last.

Level 9 - Cave Of Deth

Design Started   : January 1996
Design Completed : August 5, 1996
First Released   : RamDm96 (8/14/96 version)

You find yourself in the Arch-Vile's underground cave, filled with lots of
playmates and even the Arch-Vile's Throne. Don't forget to bring some

Level 10 - No Sense Of Direction

Design Started   : January 1996
Design Completed : August 13, 1996
First Released   : RamDm96 (8/14/96 version)

Another large level (226k) that seems to have been designed without any sense
of direction, until you've beat it and found all the little secrets. Then
and only then, will you be able to understand.

Level 11 - Trigger Happy

Design Started   : February 1996
Design Completed : May 22 1997
First Released   : RamDm96 (5/22/97 version)

Wide open level on which you will learn to love switches and the surprises
they hold !


Level 12 - Nazi Deth Kamp

Designed       : August 1995
First Released : RamDeth.wad (level 2, 8/17/95)

During a break I took from "Rambutt's Doom", I designed 3 deathmatch-only
levels in 2 days that later became "Rambutt's Deathmatch". The second level
is my tribute to Wolfenstein 3D, the first id game I ever played !
I had wanting to design a level that used only the Wolf3D textures in Doom 2,
so I did this. Check out the map to see what the level forms !
When I first released RamDeth.wad, I changed this level's name to "The
Reconstruction" to match the much larger version I did in "Rambutt's Doom"
(level 6) of this so I wouldn't get confused. "Nazi Deth Kamp" is the original
title for this level and appears here for the first time.

Levels 13-16 are part of my 11 part series of DethMatch levels titled "Frag
Fever". After I had finished RamDoom in August, I decided that that was it, no
more designing Doom levels for me. Well, after I got my new computer in
November, I fired up DEU2 to see if I could design a level. The first one was
released as Ram7 on 11/12, and was followed by Ram8, Ram9, Ram10, Ram11, and
Ram12, each an individual level.
Then I combined Ram7-Ram12 and added the last 5 parts of "Frag Fever" and
released it as Ram13.

Level 13 - The Cancer Spreads

Designed       : November 13, 1995
First Released : Ram8.wad (11/13/95)

Level 14 - Diarrhea

Designed       : November 15, 1995
First Released : Ram10.wad (11/15/95)

Level 15 - Rigor Mortis

Designed       : November 19, 1995
First Released : Ram13.wad (level 8, 11/20/95)

Level 16 - Farewell

Designed       : November 20, 1995
First Released : Ram13.wad (level 11, 11/20/95)


Level 17 - Deadly Xposure

Designed       : December 11-18, 1995
First Released : RamTag3.wad (12/18/95)

Inspired by DethTag.wad by Aikman and Talon, "Deadly Xposure" is perhaps my
greatest piece of work, as well as my last Doom level. The second largest
level I've done, this is my favorite way to play Doom.
I really went nuts with this one !


RAMTAG 3 : DEADLY XPOSURE for Doom ][ allows gameplay in one of 4 ways, and
allows you to choose which mode you want to play in from within the game.
The modes of play are:

        -  Team Dethtag (This is the default mode)
        -  2 player Dethtag
        -  3 player Dethtag
        -  4 player Dethtag

Deathtag is a great new way to play Doom][ created by Aikman and Talon in the
original Dethtag.wad. The goal of Team Dethtag with 4 players is to team up
with a partner, and, with his help, score 5 points to win the match. Frags are
incidental (they dont count towards your winning), but nothing says lovin'
than fraggin' someone in the back !

Basically, RamTag 3 in 2/3/4 player Dethtag goes like this ;

        You all start in the starting area; a big room with 4 teleports
        and 3 switches (labelled 2, 3, and 4). Hit the "2" switch for 2
        players, the "3" switch...you get the idea. After the switch has been
        flipped, the level will be arranged to fit the style of play you have
        chosen. Now, hop into a teleporter and get ready to rock !

        Once in the outside area, you'll find a scoring area that matches
        your color (green, indy, whatever), along with a scorebored labelled
        with your color too.

        THIS IS IMPORTANT : The switch to open the green player's door is
        behind the red player's scoring area (all switches that open the doors
        are lion switches). The switch for the brown player's door is behind
        the indigo players' area and vice versa. The switches in the middle
        of the small puddle of water close the door that is directly in front
        of you when you are facing that switch. (ex. The switch on the eastern
        side of the pole closes the green player's door)

        Once you have the switches figured out, climb the steps up to your
        scoring area. The last step is a lift ! When you're inside, flip the
        switch and you score a point. You'll notice that the switches for
        your 4th and 5th points are actually outside ! Be careful, someone
        might be waiting for you ! After you have scored your 5th point, a
        wall raises up and blocks off your door. There's also a door that
        opens up in the exit building in the north just for you !

RamTag 3 in Team Dethtag goes like this ;

        If you want to play Team Dethtag, then don't do anything in the
        starting area except jump in a teleporter ! This is the default
        mode when you first begin RamTag 3.
        OK, let's say you're on the Blue team and you're the one who is
        hitting the switch to open the door. Once your partner has made it
        to the top of the hill up to the blue building, hit the blue switch
        which opens the door for 6 seconds. Your buddy will run inside, hit
        a switch to score a point, and be teleported back to the area outside
        of the starting room. Repeat this four times and you've won !!

        Once either the red or blue team has scored 5 points a door opens up
        in the exit building allowing you to leave.


Have fun !

Copyright 1995,1996,1997 by OverBored Publishers, a division of Lawsuit, Ink.
All rights reserved.


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