After that big frag fest (referring to DOOM II: Hell

Release the hounds!
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Author: Call me Reviver.

E-mail: <email removed>

Title: Release the hounds! (Version 1.1) (Added teleport cubes-
see how many places just one cube can take you!)

Misc. Author Info: First attempt at a solo and deathmatch wad from
scratch. There is a not-too-hidden secret area that might
explain where all of that blood is coming from. New additions
to secret area since version 1.0. I dub the changes teleport cubes.
You cross the line at a different angle to go to a different 
location. This may not sound majorly helplful, but if you've
got a couple of rockets and plasma coming your way in a Deathmatch,
those cubes could possibly be your escape.

Description: After that big frag fest (referring to DOOM II: Hell
on Earth), the Earth was messed up, but finally free of those
monsters. Or so they thought. 

The United AeroSpace Coporation (UAC) is having to deal
with some left over problems from your last fight. These
creatures attacked a small UAC armory and stole at least
one of each of the most powerful weapons manufactured.
Needless to say, the big coporate guys aren't happy.
Instead of sending a huge army to get obliderated, they
send you. After all, you single-handedly saved Earth from

You are teleported to a room in the underground stronghold of the
remaining hellspawn. Since you were issued only a pistol (again)
, more powerful weapons need to be found. It is your duty
to kill every living thing you see and take back any artillery
you come across. Even if you wanted to turn back, the key you
need to escape was scattered somewhere deep within the enemy

You are in a small dungeon constructed by the demons.
It's dark and a pool of blood runs over the floors. All of the
walls look too familiar, with with decorations consisisting
of heads that spit a crimson tide. You were sent to this
place of evil to clean it and take back all of the weapons lost
to the hellspawn. After you're done, be sure to flick a switch and
teleport out of there!

Additional credit: Mr. Doom, for encouraging me to do something 

Files in this zip file: Suprise1.wad, Suprise1.txt.

Play information:

map#: map01 -Doom2 only

Single player: Yes.

Co-op 2-4 player: You could if you want to, but this isn't
really a palace sized level.

Deathmatch: Yes. All numbers should be covered from 1-4.

Difficulty settings: No.

New Graphics: No.

New music: Yes.

Demos replaced: No.

Editors used: Doomed 4.2, Wintex 4.3 and Edmap

Contruction time: I'd say about three weeks, plus some more
recent touch ups.

Contruction base: None, this is from scratch.

Known bugs: Please don't cheat by using IDCLIP, especially near
the secret area. If you do, doors will get distorted. As long you 
open the area normally, you shouldn't experience any problems.

Copyrights/Permissions: Do what you want with this wad.


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