This wad is designed for SINGLE PLAY--and it's BIG! Lots of room to run--lots of intricate scenery. And, of course, lots of monsters. It includes m...

Road Kill
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File:                   Roadkill.WAD
Title:                  Road Kill
Author:                 Kurt Schulenburg
Email Address:          76360,3125

Misc. Author Info:      Author of several dozen wads, specializing in
Deathmatch for Two. Complex buildings and careful
attention to detail are part of every wad!

Description :           This wad is designed for SINGLE PLAY--and it's
BIG! Lots of room to run--lots of intricate
scenery. And, of course, lots of monsters. It
includes many buildings--including my entire
file, "Building" [Dmbld.wad] (modified of course).
A long and winding road runs through this
urban scenario, shops and factories on all
sides.  It's a human city--sickened with
alien invaders.
Additional Credits to:  My wife, Carolyn, for patience and some good
ideas. Also, I stole and modified some Trinity
textures (from the famous Trinity.Wad) and I
grabbed the sky and a few walls from the new
ID game, "Hexen". And a last minute addition,
the pistol sound, from Jason Bilka and his
Head-to-head Deathmatches. (CompuServe 
DM2H-H1.ZIP--contains three good DeathMatch
Wads--Get it!) Thanks to Carolyn, Mega Death
Marty Magnini and Ray Cook for their play-
testing and comments!  Thanks to all. 

* Play Information *

Episode and Level # :   DOOM 2, Map 01
Single Player:          Yes, that was the main idea with this one.
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Could be...the starts are there...
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:  Hmmm, maybe for network play--it's kinda big...
Difficulty Settings:    Yes, the lazy way. Monsters are lessened for the
easier settings.
New Sounds:             Yes, the BFG and the pistol.  I could have used 
some more, but this wad's big enough already.
New Music:              Yes, another original by me.
New Graphics:           Yes, mostly mine--see the note above.
Demos Replaced:         None

* Construction *

Base:                   New work, old work, all original

Build Time:             Coupla' weeks.  The original was a wad I had laying
around for over a year and I finally got around to
finishing it up.

Editor(s) used:         DEEP! WinTex! Paint Shop Pro! CakeWalk Pro!

Known Bugs:             None known (write if you find any!) This wad had
a few visplane errors, but I think they're gone.
The single line bitmap error from the
Doom engine appears now and again--right near the
Player One Start. It's harmless...

Graffiti:The grafitti message in the alley was at one time
perceived to be something it was not--for the record
it says (and, I hope clearly) "MEGA"--as noted
above, this is Mega-Death Marty and, since he spends
so much time splattered on the walls of my wads,
I figured he might as well get credit.  The symbol
in green is one of my own devising and means...
nothing--I thought the contrast of color looked
good.  Any other interpretation of these messages
was and is in error and I apologize for any offense
or inconvience this may have caused.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels. Just give me credit, a cut of the take, some token of your
esteem...SEND ME YOUR FINISHED WORK!  Also, give credit for any
pictures or sounds--either to me or the original authors.  

You MAY distribute this WAD.  Please include this text file. Anybody
out there wanting to include this on a collection CD had better give
ID Games their cut or I'll be glad to be part of a class action suit.
Written permission is required for all use if you're going to turn a
profit...and you won't get it unless ID is right in there!

* Where to get this WAD *



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