School Dethtag!! Elementary school has never been soo exciting! This wad can only be used as described in the RULES.TXT. I have tried to put many f...

SCHOOL.WAD v 1.0 <finnaly can press switch, i hope>
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02
=========================================== ======= ==== =  =    =
Title                   : SCHOOL.WAD   v 1.0  <finnaly can press switch, i hope>
Author                  : VerminatoR / tDD 95
Email Address           : none  (tdd web site coming soon!)
                           Anybody want to write me, look for me on
                           the bbses listed at the end of this TXT.
Additional notes        : NEW YORK, BABY!! 88%!!  STRAIGHT FROM
                                      N E W   Y O R K

Other PWADS by Author   : VTOWERS.WAD

Description             : School Dethtag!!  Elementary school has never
                          been soo exciting!  This wad can only be
                          used as described in the RULES.TXT.  I have
                          tried to put many features in the wad to give
                          you the feel of being a young elementary kid
                          again, like the heights of things, and even
                          the cheap tile textured walls provide
                          youthfulness. You'll even like the music..hehe
                          step into the class room and watch your teacher
                          dangle above her desk before your very eyes..
                          oh man, this is torcher just writing this..
                          I WANT TO DETHTAG NOW!!!

Additional Credits to   : Aikman & Talon, for coming up with the
                          Dethtag concept.  REAL NICE, Yo.
                          KiDPoWeR for Playtesting and
                          writing up the rules for me.
                            (im sooo lazy to write)
                          id for (ofcourse) creating DooM.
                               D         U          H

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01-MAP02 (BOTH ARE THE SAME, just diff music!)
Single Player           : no  -?  \
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : no  -?   -- Wait till the next version ..maybe.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : no  -?  /
Deathtag 2 Player       : no  -?
Deathtag 4 Player       : Yes (Boy o'boy, i can't wait)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes skill 1-3 = -bfg
                              skill 4-5 = +bfg
New Sounds              : Yes (sounds from my upcoming, CyberHell)
New Music               : Title song   = BABYBUMB.MID by ?
                          Intermission = BROADWAY.MID by ?
                          MAP01        = WAPIKO.MID by ? (SCHOOL!!)
                          MAP02        = Metal3.mid by Meta\\i<a
                                                tracked by me
New Graphics            : Yes
Dehacked patch          : no  <too tired, and wanted full compatability>
Demos Replaced          : no  <if only i knew more people>
                               Dwango people don't like me.. sniff..
                               Maybe if i were RICH LIKE THEM.., but alas,
                               I cannot afford such prices.. sniff..
* Construction *

Base                    : 12% of DETHTAG.WAD by Aikman & Talon..
                              <just the begining.. i was too anctious to
Build Time              : Artwork      = 2.50 hours
                          Music        = 3.25 hours
                          Building     = 12  hours
                          Dethtag or
                          related work = 6 hours (my first time!)
                          aligning     = 30   min
                          bug fixing   = 55   min

Editor(s) used          : DCK2.2, QEDIT Text editor
Tool(s) used            : New Wad Tools1.3(NWT), TRAX, Recording Session,
                          Midi2mus, Animator Pro, Digiplayer, Fast tracker 2
                          Scream tracker 3, and TBSP 2.2 (FAST!)

Known Bugs              : Some walls may be sticky, i really don't know
                          as to what causes this problem, so if anybody
                          knows, can you please let me in on it?  Also,
                          the light around the score grid in the sand
                          house seems to be cut off by the skull blocks.
                          WHY? I have no idea.. maybe its the nodes builder.

History                  : In ver 0.9 the switch to score was too hard to
                           get to.. im hoping, hopefully it's reachable
                           now..  I don't know till one of you tells me.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use these levels as a base to build additional
all i ask is that if you do use my wad, give me credit.

You may distribute these files in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette,
CD, etc) in fact, i think this should go in a Dethtag only CD! that would
be da bombs, or maybe a pwad like dwango6!!!!

* Where to get this WAD *

Metrodoom BBS       1-404-426-8368   -> Metroman
GREEK ISLES         1-718-699-0832   -> Tony Kolokithias
DAve's DWANGO bbs   1-708-799-4885   -> Dave
The WAll BBS        1-214-286-8291   -> Aikman
The Playing Fields  1-305-819-9925   -> Robert Wong

or call DWANGO -New York- to get it directly from someone
====================================================-=====-===-= = =  =    =

 boy, i really got to enhance this doom text format. (too messy)


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DM Spawns
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