This set of 8 levels has been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! We have tried to find a good mixture of action, arch...

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Title                   : SERENITY II aka ETERNITY (v1.0)
                          A full replacement for the second episode of
                          Doom (which means there are 8 levels - sorry,
                          no bonus level in this one, but you won't miss
                          In the months after the release of SERENITY, we
                          have been working hard to come up with a
                          worthy successor for it. ETERNITY has the same
                          look & feel as SERENITY has. In ETERNITY you
                          won't have to puzzle as much, but for that
                          more time has been put in the design of the
                          levels.  We also think that ETERNITY is slighty
                          harder to play than SERENITY, but it is still
                          doable to play it at "Hurt me plenty" without
IMPORTANT               : Do NOT move this level to another episode,
                          since you can't finish the last level (8) if it
                          isn't played as E2M8!

Filename                : ETERNITY.WAD
Authors                 : Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath. Holger did
                          ALL of the design work this time.
Email Address Hermans   : <email removed>, or
                          <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Two guys with too much spare time...

Description             : This set of 8 levels has been made with the
                          word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not
                          Muscles! We have tried to find a good mixture
                          of action, architecture and adrenaline.
                          Some of the levels may be a breeze, others may
                          be a real pain in the *ss. But remember one
                          thing: YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THE CHEATS!!!
                          There are a few very though places, but they
                          can be done. When it seems you can't get
                          around them without using the cheats, you may
                          be doing it the wrong way and/or you may have
                          missed one or more (valuable!) hidden rooms
                          (which contain power-ups, weapons and/or ammo).
                          Hidden rooms, as said before, can always be
                          recognized in some way (different texture,
                          different light-level, etc.).

Additional Credits to   : DEU (5.2GCC and 5.21), BSP (1.2x) and their
                          many contributors; Id (no comment); all those
                          people who have been so kind to send us
                          remarks and feed-back about our previous
                          wad-files (NATHRATH and SERENITY); every
                          WADmaker whose WAD has been a source of
                          inspiration for the rooms in ETERNITY;

                          And all those many others we have forgotten.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E2M1 through E2M8, see below for descriptions
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (although untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (although untested)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, there are three.
New Sounds              : No (See "Other Releases")
New Graphics            : Yes, although most Wad-managers won't spot
                          All patches work just fine in both 1.2 and 1.666.
New Music               : Yes (a different song for each level)
Demos Replaced          : None

* Descriptions *

Level 1 Description     : "From Here Till Eternity"
                          Enter Eternity. Enter the unholy church.
                          And may your faith be your guide.

Level 2 Description     : "The Fat Imp Sings Your Blues"
                          Feel the heat in this level! Solve the maze.
                          Face the bridge. Meet your Doom.

Level 3 Description     : "Totally Crossed Out"
                          A very large level with awesome use of marble
                          textures. Try to get past the Crossed Puzzle.

Level 4 Description     : "Clear & Unpleasant Danger"
                          Would Harrison survive this one?

Level 5 Description     : "Through The Eye Of The Needle"
                          A Big & Blue level. Revisit the Seventh Guest.
                          Get outside. Get the bonusses!

Level 6 Description     : "The Underground"
                          This must be the sewers of Hell itself. And
                          the people who 'work' here do not seem to be
                          paying much attention to their job. They'll
                          pay that to you!

Level 7 Description     : "Escape While You Can"
                          The name says it all! A level with lots of
                          sneaky surprises...

Level 8 Description     : "Serenity Forever"
                          This level is a farewell to Eternity, but also
                          a hello to Serenity. But first some work has
                          to be done...

* Construction *

Base                    : 8 new levels from scratch.
Construction Time       : One month.

Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.21 and 5.22GCC, plus BSP 1.2x and IDBSP.

Known Bugs              : There are a few small HOMs at the beginning of
                          level 1 if you play it with Doom 1.2 or 1.1.
                          The HOMs won't handicap you very much as they
                          never appear in places very close to you.

                          There is a sort of elevator/bridge combo in
                          level 2 of which we aren't a 100% sure that it
                          works error-free. That is: there is a very
                          small chance that you will encounter something
                          strange there if you go back (which you don't
                          have to...).

* Philosophy *

Appearance/Design       : A lot of effort was put into making things look
                          good. We are especially pleased with the
                          several light effects, and the continuity of
                          the used textures.
                          Not everything in this episode has a purpose.
                          Some things are just there for artistic or
                          architectural purposes. We think that is one of
                          the aspects that made the original DOOM levels
                          so good.

Traps                   : All levels have been designed in a way that
                          they do not contain places where you can get
                          trapped (at least not without providing you
                          with some kind of 'emergency exit').
                          Yet, should there be a place where you do get
                          stuck, and cannot get out except by using
                          'IDSPISPOPD', then let us know!

Secret Areas            : You do not have to get into the secret areas
                          to complete a level. Keys or switches to open
                          doors or areas are never located in secret areas.

                          All secret areas/doors are marked in some way
                          (for instance by giving it another light
                          level, or a slightly different texture).

Monsters                : We prefer quality over quantity, but on the
                          other hand we also want a WAD that offers lots
                          of action. We have tried to find a good balance
                          between quality and quantity.
                          We did make an exception though for
                          "Ultraviolence". Here there are an awfully lot
                          of monsters, and it should give those who like a
                          lot of fragging & fighting the challenge and
                          action you want (so we hope...).

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this level as a source of inspiration to build
new levels. Please don't copy parts of this WAD, and leave us
unmentioned in your description file...

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD-ROM, etc) as long as you include this file
intact (free copies of a CD-ROM that contains this WAD are warmly
welcomed by the authors 8-)

* Where to get this WAD *

This WAD will be uploaded to infant2, so you will find it there, and on
the mirror-sites of infant2.
We will also upload it to wuarchive and a few other sites as soon as

* Other Releases *

Besides this WAD, we have another complete episode to play. It is, as
you might have guessed, SERENITY (I). It is a full replacement of Doom's
third episode. If you like SERENITY II, you will most definitely like
We have also release a sound-WAD with the complete collection of our
favourite Doom sounds. You should be able to get SERSOUND.WAD at the
same place/site as where you got this file (the same goes for SERENITY).



Bjorn Hermans & Holger Nathrath.


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