SMK Heretic Deathmatch v1.1

This is a small Heretic DM map modeled after the second battle arena in the SNES game Super Mario Kart. I've included the music from that map, as w...

SMK Heretic Deathmatch v1.1
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Title                   : SMK Heretic Deathmatch v1.1
Author                  : J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Original Release        : December 6th, 1999

E-Mail                  : <email removed>
                          <email removed>

Web                     :

Included Files          : SMKHDM  .WAD
                          SMKHDM  .TXT

Description             : This is a small Heretic DM map modeled after the
                          second battle arena in the SNES game Super Mario Kart.
                          I've included the music from that map, as well as the
                          same layout. The design leads to lots of fast-paced
                          battles as you can always see the other players!

                          I have made some small changes since the last version
                          to accomodate more players' tastes and to balance
                          things a bit more. The Morph Ovums proved to be
                          devastating in such a wide open area, so I removed
                          them. I also took out the Tome of Power because it
                          was very easy to exceed the maximum visible sprite
                          limit with it. The exit is now in the middle, since
                          not everyone wants to have a timer to leave a map.

                          In addition, there are now enemies on skills above
                          Easy. On Medium difficulty, a few Gargoyle Leaders
                          appear over the water and attack. On Hard, there
                          is now a Maulotaur in the arena! While he can't get
                          close enough to dash or use some of his other moves,
                          the flames he CAN use prove to be a major pain.
                          Only recommended for DM players who seek a challenge..
                          of course you can always turn off monsters or play
                          on a lower skill level if these creatures bother you.

                          Note that since this level is E6M1, you'll need to
                          use the warp code (engage), or the '-warp' command
                          line parameter.

Revision History        : v1.1  - Added the pillars with torches outside in
                                  the water, added steps to allow access to
                                  higher ground, added Gargoyles and Maulotaur,
                                  added more Firemaces and ammo, changed the
                                  Tome of Power to a Mystic Urn, added the exit
                                  switches in the middle area, changed the
                                  height of the sectors from 256 to 512, added
                                  a small 'beach' area outside fenced area,
                                  changed a few small LINEDEFS here and there,
                                  altered the water texture and type
                                  (for some reason it was set to 'lava' before),
                                  and removed the Morph Ovums.

                          v1.0  - First release.

Game/Map #              : Heretic, E6M1
Demos Replaced          : N/A

Supported Modes         : Deathmatch (8 starts)
Difficulty Settings     : Full implementation

Base                    : A UAC facility on Phobos. Oh, I mean, all new level
                          from scratch!

Build Time              : Just under 4 hours.

Editor(s) used          : DETH v4.42
                          BSP 3.0
                          NWT v1.3

Level Statistics        : THINGS   - 122
                          VERTICES - 208
                          LINEDEFS - 224
                          SIDEDEFS - 444
                          SECTORS  - 57

Known Bugs              : If there were any bugs that I knew of and I still
                          released this, I would go to hell.

 Authors are NOT permitted to use this compilation as a base for their own.

 You MAY distribute this compilation, provided it is the original ZIP file.

 id Software provides no support for any user add-ons, including this one.
 All mentioned trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

 This map copyright (C) J.C. Bengtson


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