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10:14   As you flip the last switch in your path, you feel the ground below 
you shake and crumble away.  In panic, you take grasp of the switch and try 
to hold on for as long as you can.  You take a look below to see what lies 
ahead.  "Strange thing, I've gotta go down to go foward."  Anyway, the only
thing you see below ground level is darkness... and perhaps pain...  You try
to hold on for as long as you can, but you're beginning to feel your sweaty
hands slide down the metal contraption...  

10:16   Knowing that you're going to fall anyway, you decide to take a chance.  
You're thinking that you can reach the opened door, take hold and pull 
yourself up and out of there.  You take action.  Using your left hand and 
your feet, you jump across the pit.  Holding on to the remains of the floor, 
you look down once again only to see your feet hanging in the dark.  Suddenly, 
you hear a rusty noise.  "Holy shit!!"  Seeing the door close the only exit 
out of here, you pull with all your aching muscles to get out of here.  But 
the scars of battle are remembered, and your bruised body isn't strong enough 
to pull you out.  Letting go of the ledge at the last second before your hands 
are chopped of, you fall for a few instants then nothing.........

14:37   "Wake up soldier!!!  There's no time to sleep on the job!"
-Wake up you wimp!!
-Wha?? humppfff... aaaoooowww.... What the.......
-Can you hear me?
-Wh.. Who's talking??
-It's Gen. Presco.  Your Superior...
-Good thing, I've got a few things to tell you guys..........
-Yeah, I'd bet but there's no time.  Where are you??
-How in Hell am I supposed to know?!!?!??!
-Never mind.
-You, where are you?  I can't see a damn thing!
-Take off your helmet and look inside...
-Jesus Christ!!  You were spying on me all the time?!?!
-No, this is the first time we made contact with you.
-Where am I?
-That's not the right question to ask son...
-How come?
-Well, you were transported back in time for no reason.
-Well, what YEAR is it then?
-Ok, here's the updated news : You were sent back in time by an unknown
-Whoa!!  Wait a sec here... I saw the guy who brought me here!
-Who was it?!?
You search the back stretches of your mind to find only a few words...
-I don't remember, but I DO remember some story about a G17a that blew the
Earth of orbit.
-Humpff... You were had kid.
-But ...
-Sorry, that never happened to the Earthlings.
-So I was screwed to the bone, what's next?
-Keep your calm and forget about that...
Deep down inside, you knew that you'll NEVER forget...
-Ok, but tell me more about the present situation.
-The unknown lifeform sent you back in time, in 2047, for unprecise reasons.
-No shit!
-In any case... we have to bring you back.
-Can you do it??
-Sure thing, but we need more time to make sure nothing goes wrong in the
-I can live with that.
-But before we do that, I want you to take a look around you so we can get a
 vague idea of your location.
-Sure, just let me get out of here.
You get up in pain and walk towards the dim light in front of you.
-Looks deserted...
-What's that?? Do you see that??
-Hummmm... four switches...
-I'm beginning to really hate switches....
-Ok, make SURE that you flip them all before you cont....
Without reason, the transmission breaks off...
-What the hell?!?!
-Puny fool, you thought I would just dissapear like a cloud of dust?
-You!!!!!!!!! You're the son of a bitch that brought me here!!!!!!!
-That's right!  And do you know why??  Because I wanted you to see how you
 would react in a strange world while battling my army. 
-Well, I've got news for you, Fucker!!!!!!!
-Ooohhhhh, are we trying to be strong?  Well, you made it to my mutations lab,
 but your trip will surely end soon...
-Wait till I get my hands on you, Asswipe!
-Tough luck.  In about thirty minutes, I'll be Supreme Ruler of your puny
 planets... and you will be trapped in a dungeon somewhere in the forgotten
-And I'll see you in Hell, Punk!
-Little do you know... you're almost there...
You see his face fizzle and dissapear completely on the screen...

14:44   You look inside your helmet for 10 minutes, hoping that Gen. Presco
would reach you again...  You finally secure it on your head trying to forget
the spine-chilling horror story that you heard.  You get back on your feet
and you reload your weapons one by one...  Grasping your shotgun, you say out
loud : "I'll rip your brains out and show them to your face before you die,
you ugly mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You just wait until I'm trough
with this Hell Ride..."


Thanks for reading this text file and, well, for downloading this package...

This is the sequel to my series of incredible Wads offered to the public.
You can also find all of my great works of art using the phone number below!!
Make sure you play my first Wad before you play this one.  This gives you
more weapons and ammo to start with...

A lot of time went into making this stage, that I don't mind...  But I would
appreciate if you would restrain yourself from using the cheat codes.  I know
it's hard, but if you think your tough enough, you should try it without
those damn codes.  And another thing, you should look carefully at the
textures, lighting effects and special attributes I gave to my walls and
sectors.  They just might give you an idea when making your own Wads...
Now I'll just shut myself up and let you decide what you think.  And please,
don't spare me the comments, I will personnaly reply to every e-mail I get.

I would also like to say that I'm 16 years old.  I'm telling you this because
MATTHEW AYRES, the incredible programmer that made this Wad possible, told his
age in his documentation for WADED.  I find his idea of doing so, well, nice!

Waded v1.42 was the ONLY editor used to create this WAD...
You can contact me on Red Oxyde BBS Node 3 (I'm the SysOp, so just page me)

The number of additionnal Wads I create is based on the reactions of YOU, the
lucky player.  If I don't get any "encouragement", I won't be interested in
making more of this great stuff...  It's up to you...                -Snyper

                              Red Oxyde Node 3


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