STRIFE DOOM (Version 1)

StrifeDoom is set in the days before the well known "strife" occurred in the small township of Tarnhill between "The Order, a well-equipped religio...

STRIFE DOOM (Version 1)
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Title                   : STRIFE DOOM (Version 1)
Filename                :  (StrifeD1.deh  StrifeD1.wad)
Author                  : Sparky of KISS Software
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Electronics Engineer

Description             : StrifeDoom is set in the days before the well
                          known "strife" occurred in the small township
                          of Tarnhill between
                            "The Order, a well-equipped religious
                             dictatorship, and The Front, the rag tag
                             resistance movement".

                          Tarnhill has been overrun by the hell-spawn
                          of Doom and most of the citizens have either
                          been killed or are hiding in caves in the
                          surrounding hills.  Some of the peasants have
                          been labotomized and these "former humans"
                          do the menial work of merchants in taverns,
                          gun shops, etc.

                          The UAC has been called in to clean up
                          Tarnhill before the citizens take matters
                          into their own hands and form a resistance
                          movement themselves.  You and up to 4 of your
                          marine buddies have been transported to The
                          Tarnhill Commons in the center of the town.

                          When you originally joined the UAC nearly 7
                          years ago you left behind your true love,
                          Blackbird. Last you heard, she'd moved to
                          Tarnhill and was living a peaceful life in
                          this quiet little town. Is she still alive?
                          Will she be pleased to see you after all this
                          time?  Save the town and find out...

Additional Credits to   : Velocity Inc. and Rogue Entertainment
                            for Strife (especially level designers
                            Jim Molinets and Tim Willits, and artists
                            Rich Fleider and Steven Maines).
                          id Software for Doom2 and the Doom engine
                            which made Strife possible.
                          Paul Steed of id Software for the "Quake III
                            Arena Doom Guy" I used on the titlepic.
                          All the people still making Doom levels,
                            source ports, editors and utilities nearly
                            7 years down the track.
                          André Majorel & Olivier Montanuy for DeuTex.
                          Antony J. Burden and Simon Oke for DETH.
                          My wife for putting up with my Doom obsession

Flames to               : Putz (Jason Shearer) of Doom Epidemic
                          (formerly Doomed Milennium) for being such an
                          arsehole - next time I'm in the USA a dare
                          you to call my wife a bitch to my face!


Strife was more of a RPG (Role-Playing Game) adventure than a FPS
(First Person Shooter).  Hence, many of the elements which made Strife
such a great game have not been implemented in StrifeDoom - a complex
and evolving storyline, interaction with other characters, shops to buy
weapons and ammo, an inventory of items to collect and use, increasing
endurance/skill as you play the game, etc.

Strife was a hub-based game in which you could wander randomly between
the levels, so the Strife world was huge. StrifeDoom however is level
based like Doom - find keys, open doors, kill everything, exit the map,
play the next map, etc.  The level supplied with StrifeDoom (The
Tarnhill Commons) is the central hub area from Strife, hence it
contains many "dead ends" which previously lead to other areas in the
Strife world.  These "dead ends" now just contain switches, powerups,
and posters to "Buy Strife" to remind you what you're missing with the
real game.  If you love Doom (which is a safe bet if you're still
playing it after all these years) then you'll love Strife! Hunt it down
at second-hand shops, or annoy Rogue (publisher) and Electronic Arts
(distributor) enough and they may even tell you where you can buy it.

That reminds me, if anyone from Rogue Entertainment is reading this -
please spend 5 minutes of your time to phone the ex-owners of Velocity
Inc. for permission to release the source code. After all, if Strife
was "a co-development partnership" then surely you have some copyright
rights ????  Perhaps you could release it under the GPL like Doom and
Quake and still retain the rights.  Strife in high resolution or OpenGL
.... I'd like to see that !!!

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II

Source Port             : Will NOT work with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II.
                          Tested okay with the following Source Ports:
                            Boom v2.02
                            PRboom v2.02
                            Legacy (DOS) v1.28
                            Legacy (Win32) v1.28
                            ZDoom (DOS) v1.17c
                            ZDoom (Win32) v1.22
                            Marine's Best Friend (MBF) v2.03
                            Smack My Marine Up (SMMU) v3.21

                          I've added menu graphics in Strife-style text
                          and some other port-specific graphics, but
                          the level itself DOES NOT contain ANY port-
                          specific features (new line defs, etc.) so
                          the gameplay is IDENTICAL with ALL the above
                          mentioned Source Ports (except minor monster
                          AI behaviour with some Ports).

                          The 'mouse-look' feature of Legacy, ZDoom and
                          SMMU is HIGHLY recommended but not necessary.
                          The 'jumping' feature of several Ports makes
                          no difference to StrifeDoom's gameplay and
                          does NOT need to be disabled.

                          The following command-line can be used to
                          run StrifeDoom with most of the Source Ports:
                            XXXX.exe -deh strifed1 -file strifed1

                          Legacy requires the dot extension:
                            XXXX -deh strifed1.deh -file strifed1.wad
                            XXXX -file strifed1.deh strifed1.wad

                          PRboom can't remember your favourite video
                          resolution:   prboom -width 640 -height 400
                                          -deh strifed1 -file strifed1

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 - "The Tarnhill Commons"
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (but untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No  (it would suck!)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes - 30 from Strife including ambient sounds
New Graphics            : Yes - mostly from Strife but I also made
                          many myself.
New Music               : Yes - from Strife 
Demos Replaced          : None
Will not work with      : 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II due to Visplane
                            Overflow Errors.
                          Vavoom v1.0 - StrifeD1.deh crashes the game.
                          Source Ports which don't support DeHackEd
                            patches - DosDoom v0.653b, MidDoom v0.03,
                            PDoom v0.1, Doom4Windows v1.0, Doom95 v3.0,
                            DoomATB v1.10, DoomPlus v0.6, IASdoom,
                            WDMP v0.9, Win32Doom, WinDoom v0.96a, etc.

* Construction *

Base                    : The central hub (MAP02) from Strife
                          (Velocity Inc. and Rogue Entertainment).
Editor(s) used          : DeHackEd v3.1, Lumpy v1.01, Deth v4.24,
                          BSP v2.3x, DeuTex v4.40, WinTex v4.3,
                          Paint Shop Pro.
Build Time              : about 3 months of steady, part-time work!
                          Hundreds of hours!
Known Bugs              : The ambient sounds permeate through the level
                          with some of the Source Ports (eg. PRboom).
                          Some of the menu options are vertically
                            offset because the Strife text is larger
                            than the Doom text.  I've come up with the
                            best compromise of offsets for all the
                            Source Ports listed above.
                          Legacy v1.28 - the Peasant's dead body is
                            transparent; can only get 80% secrets (4/5)
                          The Peasants' punches are not harmful.
                          The windows in The Tavern are not breakable
                            and can be shot through - beware of
                            Cacodemons shooting at you from outside
                            (Hint: you may want to kill them first
                            before you go into the Tavern).
                          Not actually a bug, but anyone who knows
                            Strife will notice that I've replaced the
                            Merchants with Peasants - I did this
                            because the Merchant in Strife can't be
                            killed so it has no death frames. The
                            Peasant not only has death frames, but it
                            also has the coolest exploding frames!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels
(use the original Strife MAP02 instead).  You are however encouraged to
make your own levels for use with StrifeDoom:
  - email me for a list of the new sprites and object numbers used
    in StrifeDoom.
  - use map01 for your new map
  - load your new map AFTER loading StrifeDoom, for example:
      zdoom -deh strifed1.deh -file strifed1.wad mylevel.wad

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
modifications.  Also, I STRONGLY recommend that if you charge money
for StrifeDoom (Commercial CD, etc.) you contact Rogue Entertainment
first and ask for permission, as they are the copyright holders of
Strife, the original level, and much of the graphics in StrifeDoom
(even though Velocity Inc. went broke and Rogue Entertainment no longer
sell or support Strife).

* Where to get this WAD *

It will be on Walnut Creek (and it's mirrors) probably in the
following location:


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