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Scr. -"Zombie": The Cranberries Inter. -"My Wave": Soundgarden Messages -"When I Come Around": Green
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***************************AWESOMUS.WAD for DOOM 2****************************     
                                by Greg Kegel
     I just thought I tell you that this is my very first PWAD for any DOOM      
game.  It is, I'll admit, a very simple, music only addition... but I'm still 
proud of it. This PWAD will replace ALL the music tracks in id software's Doom ][. 
That's right, 35 all new tracks for your playing and listening pleasure. The 
songs range from NIN's "Head Like A Hole," to Led Zepplin's "Kashmir."  And 
they really do mix well with the Doom2 levels.
     I built the wad using Deutex  3.4, a great tool, and Midi2mus.  Some of 
the songs were downloaded from AOL and others were from various sources, to 
whom I give credit later in this file.  Thanx again for trying it out!

In case you're having trouble identifying some of the songs, here's a list:   
   Level     Song 
   -----     ----
   01         -"Come Out and Play (Keep'm Separated)": Offspring
   02         -"Higher Ground": Red Hot Chili Peppers
   03         -"Blitzkreig": Metallica
   04         -"Polly": Nirvana
   05         -"Today": Smashing Pumpkins
   06         -"Plush": Stone Temple Pilots
   07         -"Hurt": Nine Inch Nails
   08         -"Thunderkiss '65": White Zombie
   09         -"Lake of Fire": Nirvana
   10         -"Down In It": Nine Inch Nails
   11         -"Rape Me": Nirvana
   12         -"Sad But True": Metallica
   13         -"Blackhole Sun": Soundgarden
   14         -"Head Like Hole": Nine Inch Nails
   15         -"Heart-Shaped Box": Nirvana
   16         -"About A Girl": Nirvana
   17         -"Dead and Bloated": Stone Temple Pilots
   18         -"The Call of Ktulu": Metallica
   19         -"Backwater": Meat Puppets
   20         -"Dead Souls": Nine Inch Nails 
   21         -"Kashmir": Led Zepplin
   22         -"Lithium": Nirvana
   23         -"Closer": Nine Inch Nails
   24         -"Alive": Pearl Jam
   25         -"Verse Chorus Verse": Nirvana
   26         -"Disarm": Smashing Pumpkins           
   27         -"Man In a Box": Alice In Chains
   28         -"Wish": Nine Inch Nails                             
   29         -"The Unforgiven": Metallica
   30         -"Garden": Pearl Jam
   31         -"Smells Like Teen Spirit": Nirvana
   32         -"Last": Nine Inch Nails
   Title Scr. -"Zombie": The Cranberries
   Inter.     -"My Wave": Soundgarden
   Messages   -"When I Come Around": Greenday

    You may have noticed an abundancy of NIN songs.  There are a couple reasons
for this.  One, the band kicks butt.  And two, it almost seems as if Trent Reznor
wrote the songs especially for Doom--check out "Head Like a Hole." I am planning
on making an all Nine Inch Nails music wad for Doom ][, but I need more songs
if you can get any, and I mean ANY NIN song, send it to me at my AOL address:
<email removed>   Note: any other good songs you come across would be cool too.
(I'm looking for "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie, or any Bush songs.)

    Most of the credit goes to the guys I learned from. This    
includes Dan Kirkpatrick, creator of the D2ROK.WAD v1.0; Ryan Shull, for the 
great Metallica songs; and Warren , one of the best MIDI sequencers out there.    
    Just some technical stuff before I leave you: This wad is NOT asscociated    
with Id software in any way shape or form, you got problems, you come to me;    
this wad is freeware, that means you can do what ever the heck you want 
with it, BUT... this file has to be with it.  If it's not, you will die.

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