Serpent: Resurrection - RPG System

A standalone version of the RPG system plus weapons, items, armour etc. from Serpent: Resurrection. Compatible with any Hexen wad that has no addit...

Serpent: Resurrection - RPG System
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MAP91, MAP92, MAP93, MAP94, MAP95
Updated July 2012 with a 4th player character plus various fixes and improvements.
Title                   : Serpent: Resurrection - RPG System

Filename                : SERP-RPG.WAD

Author                  : Stephen Clark  (The Ultimate DooMer)

Email Address           : <email removed>

Other WAD's by me       : Operation: Lightning (OP-LITE2.WAD) - 11 Doom 2 levels
  Fragport (FRAGPORT.WAD) - 32 innovative Doom 2 levels

  Shadowcaster (SHADOW.WAD) - 9 Heretic levels

  Licence to Spell DooM (007LTSD.WAD) - 9 Ultimate ZDoom levels

  Super Sonic DooM (SONIC.WAD) - 35 Sonic-themed ZDoom levels.

  Serpent: Resurrection (SERPENT.WAD/PK3) - 25 GZHexen levels.

  I have also contributed to the following community wads:

  Community Chest - map 01, 20 & the titlepic/level name graphics.
  Mock 2 - map 39, 40 & the 'you fail it' area in map 41.
  Community Chest 2 - map 15.
  ZDaemon CTF Map Pack - map 23 & 29, plus leading/releasing it.
  ZDaemon CTF B-Sides - map 39.
  ZDaemon 4-way CTF pack  - map 08, 15, 20 (v5) or
    map 10 & 15 (v6) plus leading/releasing it.
  Crazy CTF - map 05 (pack 2) or map 20 (pack 1/2 compilation version).
  ZDaemon 3-way CTF pack - map 17.
  ZDaemon 3-way CTF Madness - map 18.
  Heretic Treasure Chest - E2M5.

Completion Date         : 27th October 2010 (released 15th April 2011 to sync with Serpent update)

Misc. Author Info       : A hardcore Doomer who loves all it's similar
  games and some others but still thinks Doom is best. 
  Has decided to make Hexen levels.

Description             : A standalone version of the RPG system plus weapons, items,
  armour etc. from Serpent: Resurrection. Compatible with
  any Hexen wad that has no additional weapons/items etc. 
  (although it wouldn't really work well with less than 3 hubs)

Additional Credits To:    Randy Heit (for ZDoom).

  Graf Zahl (for GZDoom and the additional coding which made 
     things like new monsters and weapons possible).

  Grubber (for creating the unofficial build that kept us all 
   going with new features while Randy was reworking 
   the main ZDoom code)
  Enjay (the flashlight in BGPA led me to discover dynamic
 lights, which proved revolutionary)
  DRD Team (for the SVN repository and file hosting server)
  The creators of all the editors I used to make this happen.
  The creators of all the resources I used to make this happen.
  (see serp-rpgc.txt for a full list of resources & authors)

  Ian Livingstone (for the fantasy gamebook "Legend of Zagor") 
  Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone (for "Warlock of Firetop Mountain",
  without which the former book wouldn't have existed)
  Joe Dever (for the "Lone Wolf" fantasy gamebooks)
  Mindscape (for the vintage RPG's "Legend" & "Worlds of Legend")
  RambOrc, Firebrand and the rest of the Korax Heritage team 
  (for the Korax Mod)
  Blizzard (for a certain MMORPG)
  Epic Megagames (for Unreal)
  Raven Software (for Heretic & Hexen and their sequels)  

  And of course, id software for the greatest game on earth!

This is a standalone version of the RPG system from Serpent: Resurrection - if you've played this
adventure, the changes are listed below:

Players now start with 100 gold and 5 jump boots as extra items, this is to account for the lower
jump height that the player has with less than 21 dexterity. (as some of the required jumps might
not be doable without boots)

Weapons and mana spawn in pairs, but give half the amount they used to. Kraters of might have a 
fair chance of being replaced by a mana battery of each type. Weapon 7 now requires 3 pieces 
instead of 2, to match it with weapon 4. The seeker wand is not present.

The new armour types share spawns with the existing ones, using a random spawner type setup with
an equal chance of appearing. Each group contains the highest armour types a given class can wear.
The dragonskin bracers have been replaced with a spawner that can give any type.

Many items now share spawns, using a random spawner type setup with an equal chance of appearing.
These all replace existing items in Hexen, and the item set is the same as Serpent (minus the
potions of water breathing and fire protection, which aren't needed). The potion of life, timebomb 
and poison vial only have a chance of spawning due to the differences in abundance and item 
capacity (and power for the damage-dealing items) between Serpent and the original Hexen.

The summoned chaos serpent will no longer travel into other maps with you.

Shopping is now handled by a Hearthstone item - this is given to you at the start and never runs
out, although it can only be used once every 30 minutes. It teleports you to the shopping map,
which also has a holy temple. Exiting the map will return you to the map you were previously on.

The chaos serpent's attacks now match those of the summoned serpent and scale with your level,
but the melee attack is retained.

The player bosses' attacks have been changed from weapon 2/3/5/6 to weapon 4/7.

The heresiarch has retained his 4 additional projectile attacks, but no mini-games like Serpent.
He also has slightly less health, while Korax has twice as much as in Serpent.

*Playing Instructions*

This zip should contain the following files:

  SERP-RPG.WAD - The maps.
  SERP-RPG.PK3 - The resources.
  SERP-RPG.BAT - Batch file for playing with Hexen.
  SERP-RPG-DK.BAT - Batch file for playing with Deathkings.
  SERP-RPGC.TXT - The credits file.
  SERP-RPGH.TXT - The hints/tips file.
  SERP-RPG.TXT - This file.

To play :  Click on either .bat file. Once loaded for the first time you need to define keys
   for weapons, role-playing functions and any item/mana/magic hotkeys you want.

   If you don't wish to define new keys for role-playing functions, an alternative way to
   use the menu is to use the secondary fire key instead.

   If you're playing on a very high resolution and can't read the HUD very well due to the
   numbers being too small, type 'puke 809' at the console to activate the old scripted
   version. This won't affect the icon displaying the currently selected inventory item.

* Play Information *

Game Version Required  : Hexen (v1.1) running with GZDoom 1.6.00 (r1418) or higher.
 Both OpenGL rendering and dynamic lights must be enabled in order for 
 everything to work properly, along with freelook, jumping and crouching.

 It will probably run fine with ZDoom 2.6.0 (r3730) or higher, but some
 items/weapons won't look right and the torch won't work at all. (due to 
 missing dynamic lights. But you can type "give artitorch" in the console 
 whenever you find/buy one to work around it, as this will give you the 
 regular Hexen torch)

Episode and Level #    : None, although there is one new map for the shops.

Single Player          : Yes - Built for it.

Cooperative       : No - scripting is too complex.

Deathmatch             : No - ditto.

Difficulty Settings    : Yes - they will work differently though due to the RPG system. Instead
       of the number of monsters changing between skill levels, the
       following happens:

      | Skill| Monster    | Aggression | Perceived | Ammo per | Damage |
      | Setting| Speed     |    | Attack    | Pickup   | Taken  |
      ||      |            | Distance  | (sm/lg)  |  |
      | Tourist | Slow     | Low       |  1x       | 16/90    | 25%    |
      | Easy| Normal     | Low       |  2x       | 13/75    | 50%    |
      | Normal | Normal     | Medium    |  8x       | 10/60    | 75%    |
      | Hard| Normal     | High      | 16x       | 15/45    | 100%   |
      | Heroic| Fast     | High      | 16x       | 15/45    | 100%   |

Monster speed covers movement and attack speed (ranged & melee)
but not projectile speed. (those don't change)
NOTE: The "fast monsters" setting is not used on Heroic (meaning no 
constant projectile streams), and the speed changes are nowhere near
as high as Doom's demons. It should turn out more balanced this way.

Aggression covers missile attack chance. (roughly 30/40/50% but
ZDoom's current implementation renders it very unpredictable)

        Perceived attack distance is the factor that a monster's perceived 
distance when deciding whether or not to shoot is reduced by. The 
closer it thinks it is to you, the more likely it'll attack (allegedly).

Ammo per pickup is self-explanatory, sm/lg refers to mana crystals 
and mana batteries respectively.

Damage taken covers all damage from all sources, and is applied
after any other damage taken modifiers.

New Sounds             : Yes

New Sprites       : Yes

New Graphics           : Yes

New Monsters       : No - although the default Hexen monsters have retained their behaviour
      changes from Serpent. The only exception is the chaos serpents,
      who both behave like the summoned one in terms of attack choices.

New Weapons       : Yes - 3 new weapons for each character, utilising 2 new mana types.
       There is also one replacement for an existing weapon, plus two
       others have slightly different behaviour.

New Music              : No

Demos Replaced         : None

* Construction *

Base                   : My creative mind (And lots of inspiration from a wide variety of sources)

Editor(s) used         : WadAuthor, WinTex, DeHackEd, DeePsea, XWE, ZDBSP, 
 Paint, PSP5, AudioRack, Audio Recorder, GoldWave, 
 Doom Builder, SLumpEd, SpriteMaker, Ableton Live 8

Build Time       : 1 month (to extract it from Serpent and rework it to fit any wad etc.)

Known Bugs             : None.

Will Not Run With      : Any source port other than ZDoom/GZDoom.

Special Features

This adventure is totally unique to any other Hexen adventure, in the fact that it has a full 
RPG-system like those seen in table-top or computer-based fantasy role-playing games.  
This, along with other features is explained below.


The 4 characters in the game are a lot more different here than they are in normal Hexen, thanks 
to the RPG system.  So choose carefully before you begin, a profile of each character is below:

Baratus - Trained in the fighting arts, you are immensly tough and strong. You can use any type
  of weapon without mana and wear any type of armour, and can push your body to great 
  speeds and heights. You know very little in the ways of magic though, and your weapons 
  will burn mana very quickly. But in truth you don't care about it - magic is the affair 
  of book-reading milksops! You prefer a good clean fight and fear nothing and no-one.

Parias - Deeply religious, your training has developed a close alliance with your god and you are
 able to harness that power to great ends. You can get special features out of weapons, 
 as well as a reasonable ability to use magic. While not as fast or as strong as a 
 trained fighter, you are still a match for many and can wear most types of armour.  
 You're also perhaps the most versatile of any type of adventurer.

Nerina - Skilled in the shadowy side of combat, you are not afraid to get dirty and do whatever
 is required for the hit. Speed, poisons, ranged weapons, all these you can use to kill
 without reply. Straight fighting is not your style, though your nimbleness can still be 
 useful in such a scenario. Your knowledge of magic is limited, but you still use it as
 part of your toolbox when required. You can't wear heavy armour, but you prefer to be 
 fast and avoid hits instead. Either way, you're one tough gal that's hard to beat.
Daedolon - No bard will ever sing epic tales of your prowess with weapons, but what does that 
   matter? You are a master of magic - you can command spells to avoid, confuse, weaken 
   or defeat enemies, and can use magical weapons like no fighter ever could. However, 
   as your training comprised mostly of poring over dusty tomes and experimenting, you 
   are physically weak, slow on your feet and can wear little armour due to your slender 
   form. But you have many tricks up your sleeve to ensure you won't die easily.


When you start the game, press jump to roll your attributes.  If you don't like them, you can 
re-roll by pressing jump again, and press crouch to finish and start the game.  But be warned: 
you can only re-roll up to 4 times, and the numbers are all tied together, so don't bother 
trying to roll a superhero - after all the game would be too easy then wouldn't it?

The attributes are:

Health -       This determines how much health you have.
Strength -     This determines the power of your melee weapon (and fighter weapons without mana).
Dexterity -    This determines how fast you can move, and how high you can jump.
Constitution - This determines your resilience to damage. Each point reduces the damage you take.
Wisdom -       This determines how much mana you can hold of each type.
Sorcery -      This determines how good you are at spellcasting. It's the number of magic points 
       you start the game with, and if you are Daedolon (the mage) it also affects the 
       rate at which your magic points regenerate over time.

These attributes will have an upper limit, which varies depending on character.

Attributes can be improved every time you gain a level (see below) except health, which 
improves automatically with level.

The Attribute Menu

This is an interactive menu that displays your current level, XP's, the amount needed to gain 
another level and your attributes. You can access this at any time during the game, but it is 
recommended that you find a safe spot first (even though it won't impair vision too much).

To operate the menu, you will need to define 3-4 extra keys (go to the key config in options 
and the extra keys will be there). One is needed to toggle the menu on and off, one or two 
to move the cursor (only one is needed though) and one to increase each attribute when you 
gain a level. The weapon keys also need to be defined, along with any hotkeys you want.

If you don't wish to define new keys for the menu, an alternative way to activate it is to press
the secondary fire key. This will allow you to operate the menu using movement/fire keys instead 
of defining new ones, but will prevent all player movement and other actions while it's active.

Once you've gained a level, you will see a number of "skill points" at the bottom of the menu.  
These are what you use to increase your attributes. Move the cursor to the relevant attribute 
and press the raise key, and one of these points will be transferred. Be warned that this process 
can't be undone (except with a savegame), so make sure you have the cursor on the right attribute!


Every time you kill a monster, you will gain experience points (XP's). When you reach a certain
amount of XP's, you will gain a level of skill/experience. This will enable you to increase your
attributes and do better things.

The Monetary System

Money comes in the form of Gold Pieces. These can be found anywhere on the island, and can also 
be found on the bodies of slain enemies (depending on type). 

To reach the Trader's Valley, use your Hearthstone item - but remember that you can only use it
once every 30 minutes. There are various types of shop in the valley, each dealing in a different 
commodity: armour, artefacts and magic-related items.
Each can buy and sell various things, press the relevant switches to do so.

There is also a Holy Temple, which can restore health and magic points through monetary donations.

When you're done shopping, the portal will take you back to the start of the map you came from.
The Magic System

In addition to the new weapons and artefacts (see below), there are also a number of spells that 
can be used to aid your quest. These come in the form of scrolls, which allow the user to cast a 
given spell once. Each spell will use up a number of Magic points, and once it has been cast, 
the user won't be able to cast that spell again for a minute. Spells that have a duration will 
work across maps. Magic points can be restored by using Magic Rings or visiting a Holy Temple.
They also regenerate over time if you are Daedolon, the rate depends on your Sorcery attribute.

Note that everyone except Daedolon (the mage) won't be able to cast every spell, due to upper 
limits on their Sorcery attributes. Daedolon knows the first 2 spells off by heart, therefore 
does not need a scroll to cast them.  He can still pick up scrolls for those spells, 
but he can't use them (likewise with the other characters and scrolls they can't use).
If you are playing as Daedolon, the first 2 spells will appear in your inventory as the 
corresponding scroll with an infinity symbol on it. There's also no need to bind an
additional key to use it, the same key will work for both normal and infinite versions.

The spells (together with costs and scroll colours) are listed below:

Power: This will improve the effect of your melee weapon(s) for 20 seconds.
(cost: 2)  Baratus' weapons (mana-free versions only plus the axe) will strike faster.
(blue)  Pariah's mace will fire 3 limited-range spiked balls, hit with a longer range 
  and can also hit ghostly enemies.
  Nerina's dagger will produce magical slash attacks with a limited range that
  can hit ghostly enemies, plus an optional strong melee hit that does the same.
  Daedolon's staff will hit harder with a longer range, and can hit ghostly 
  enemies. It will also knock enemies back and fire a blue magical bolt.

Protection: This will render you invincible for 20 seconds. 'Nuff said.
(cost: 5)
(light brown)

Fear: This will cause enemies to run away in fear for 20 seconds. They will still
(cost: 6)  attack if possible, but are less likely to do so during this time.
(black)  However, if you get too close to them they will become paralysed with fear and
  will be unable to move or attack for 10 seconds, this can only affect them once
  during the spell. Does not affect bosses.

Shrapnel: This defensive spell will create a continuous ring of short-range crystalline
(cost: 8)  shards around you for 20 seconds, guaranteed to inflict continuous pain as well
(dark red)  as damage to any monsters that come close to you during this time.

Summon: This will summon a ghostly chaos serpent in front of you, who will fight on your 
(cost: 10)  side until it dies. Like other monsters, it's health increases as you level up
(grey)  but it also gains new abilities. It's always stronger than normal serpents, and
  it's ghostly nature also means it's immune to melee attacks and some projectiles.

  NOTE: if you're facing too close to a wall or solid object when casting, the 
  serpent will not appear at all. Plus there can only be one serpent active at 
  any one time - if you try to cast another, the existing one will die first.

Inferno: This offensive spell will send out a ring of short-range fireballs from your 
(cost: 12)  location, incinerating anything in their path. Anything that lives through it 
(bright red)  will be thrown backwards into the air too.

Penetrate: This launches a magical ray once per second for 20 seconds. They are powerful  
(cost: 15)  enough to kill many normal monsters and seriously damage anything tougher. 
(purple)  Not only that, they will rip through any number of monsters in their path.

TimeStop: This advanced spell will stop the flow of time, freezing everything but you  
(cost: 16)  to the spot - including any shots fired during the spell. It lasts for 
(dark brown)  20 seconds but a lot can be done in that time. Does not affect bosses.

Hellstorm: This will call a storm of magical rain from above, showering a wide area
(cost: 18)  continuously for 20 seconds. (regardless of any walls or objects in the way)

Annhilation: This deadly spell will unleash a blast of energy powerful enough to light 
(cost: 20)  up the sky and annhilate everything in sight. It does become ineffective
(green)  at a certain range though.


There are many artefacts, these are described below:

Health: This comes in two forms, the Crystal Vial (10) and the Potion of Life (25),
  the latter of which is a purple potion that can be carried until needed.

Armour: There are eight types, some of which cannot be worn by certain classes.
  Hexen's weird armour system has also been replaced with a more Doom-like one.
  (but will have a traditional RPG-like display similar to Hexen)

Mana: This comes in four colours and two sizes - mana crystals and mana batteries
  (amount given depends on skill level), the latter of which is a light brown
  cube that can be carried until needed.

Krater of Might: This rare and powerful item restores all of your mana to maximum levels.

Magic Scrolls: These will allow you to cast one spell, one time and will use up a number of 
  Magic points. Comes in 10 different varieties, see the above section.

Magic Ring: These will restore a Magic point. (Daedolon gets an extra point)

Potion of Fire 
Protection: This is a red potion will enable you to walk through lava for 30 seconds.

Potion of 
Excellence: This is a golden potion that will bestow you with excellence, granting you
  a skill point. Naturally these are hard to come by, and can't be traded.

Speed Boots: These will allow you to run at great speeds for 20 seconds.

Jump Boots: These will allow you to jump to great heights for 20 seconds.

Torch: This illuminates your immediate surroundings for 60 seconds.

Disc of
Repulsion: This will reflect incoming projectiles if used at the right time, 
  and can also be used to thrust nearby enemies away from you.

Poison Vial: This version of the flechette is now available for all classes. Drop it and
  it releases a nastier-than-before poison cloud for about 20 seconds.
  Nerina also uses these to poison her dagger, although they are used up very
  slowly in this manner.

Timebomb of
the Ancients: This old favourite returns, and is even more powerful. Drop it on the ground
  and run away before it detonates.

Porkalator: This fires 5 projectiles in a spread pattern, any monster hit will turn into
  a pig for about 45 seconds. Does not work on bosses.

Force Stone: This will create a solid pillar of force in front of you for 60 seconds. The 
  force pillar will block all enemies and most attacks just like a real pillar.

Siren Orb: This will emit a red light over a small area for 30 seconds. All enemies who
  step in this light will be forced to attack the orb. Does not work on bosses.

There are also some artefacts that are not present in this RPG mod: they are the Icon of the 
Defender, Mystic Urn, Banishment Device, Chaos Device, Dragonskin Bracers and Dark Servant.
The other two versions of the flechette no longer exist, and all items with a duration will 
work across maps.

The player can only carry up to 5 of each item, with the exception of the the Magic Ring (15), 
Potion of Life (15) and the Disc of Repulsion (15).

All of the items have a fixed position in the inventory and will remain even if you have none of
that item (the exceptions to this are puzzle items and golden potions, plus scrolls for infinite
spells if you are Sallazar). This is to make keeping track of items a lot simpler.

Each character starts with some items too - Baratus starts with some armour, Parias starts with 
some health potions, Nerina starts with some poison vials and Daedolon starts with some magic rings. 
In addition, everyone starts with some gold, jump boots (which you're advised to keep due to the 
reduced jump height based on dexterity) and a Hearthstone (which never runs out).

New Weapons

There are 3 new weapons for each character, utilising 2 new mana types (red and yellow). 
The 5th weapon will use yellow mana, the 6th weapon will use red mana, and the 7th weapon uses 
both red and yellow mana. This last weapon is in 3 separate pieces, find all to use it.

There is also one replacement - the mage's sapphire wand has been replaced with a strong wooden 
staff. This is to bring him into line with the other characters by having a melee weapon, which 
the RPG system requires. The fighter's fist behaves a little differently and the hammer always 
fires a shot, even when too close to something. To use the melee version of the fighter weapons,
(except the fist) toggle the appropriate weapon slot.


* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use the maps as a base for modification or re-use.

Authors MAY use the resources in your own wads as long as you give the relevant author(s) credit
in your text file. (see serp-rpgc.txt for a full list of who made what)

You may distribute the project as long as you include this text file and the other files intact.


* Where to get this WAD * (and mirrors, better to use those)

My Doom 2 wads are at:  /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/
  and:    "     "      "      "  /megawads/
My Heretic wad is at:     "     "      "   /heretic/s-u/
and Quake 2 skys at:      "     "   /graphics/ and

Licence to Spell Doom is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/0-9/

Super Sonic Doom is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/

Serpent: Resurrection is at: /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/

The standalone Serpent weapons mod is at: /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/

GZDoom is at
Latest version at

Remember, remember that Doom lives FOREVER!


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