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Shit for DOOM
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Shit for DOOM
Replaces e1m7

        Hello.  I don't know if you remember, but once upon a time 
there was this game called DOOM.  I used to waste time making DOOM 
levels, of which I have received a large amount of e-mail for.  
Almost every message included a plea for new levels, but I refused.  
However, I did redo my episode Fava Beans (, including a 
previously unreleased update for e1m4.  I never actually got around 
to putting the finishing touches on the over-all episode remake, so 
I just released the new e1m4 as  At the end of the 
Fava Beans text file, I said something lame along the lines of a 
really cool level in the works that would never be finished, but was 
sure to be remotely impressive, and anyone who wanted to see it need 
only to e-mail.  Enough people e-mailed, so here it is.  The last 
"quality" DOOM level you'll ever see.  Unfortunately, I lost interest 
in the game last summer, so this thing is far from done, but the 
design (that which is complete) is, in my opinion, very Romeroish.  
It is quite obvious that I was influenced by his design of the 
original e1m7, but I feel that it is different enough to be considered 
original, etc.

Note:  I never proof read my level text files, so if you see any typos,
       don't bother to skip a breath.

        One other thing:  I've been told that all my levels are nifty;
Big deal, eh?  I appreciate the kind words and, etc., but I personally
won't feel that special unless id lets me design and make an 
*official* Quake episode.  We all know that they have plenty of talent
amongst themselves in the area of game design, so why bother trying to 
get a piece of the cake?  Enough said.

        Off to higher education...  Hello physics, bye-bye free time...

If any of you feel a remote urgency to e-mail me, go ahead:
<email removed>

Thanks again.  Remember, this semi-level is for looks only, it didn't
even take very long.  Note the room design at the lower left; nifty.

A meaningless fact:

Ever heard of a Mercury Zephyr?  A friend of mine has a 1979 Zephyr with
no exhaust system (well, he has's sitting on the back seat), 
a gas tank held together with coat hangers (it also has no gauge), a 
detatchable dashboard, 100lbs of shit in the back (including car parts 
which should be on the car), 1 dead window, 2 dead locks, and the most 
impressive:  Dead shocks!  No joke, the car can bounce!  The engine 
idles so high that you can make the car bounce (by pumping the brakes) 
from rest with a magnitude of about a foot or more (a tire actually 
leaves the ground).  A small bump in the road makes this car seem like 
a fair ride.  The muffler got torn off over one of the larger frost 
heaves around here...anyways...

        You can never say your car is worse than the one above :)

"Zakk Wylde is a guitarist of frightening abilities"  --  loose quote from
                                                          Steffan Chirazi
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