You might want to check SHTGUN42.WAD and SHTG42RL.WAD for some background info around this wad. This REVOLUTIONS release is a major improvement fro...

Shotgun for Two REVOLUTIONS
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Archive Maintainer      : 
Update to               : 
Advanced engine needed  : Skulltag
Primary purpose         : Deathmatch
Title                   : Shotgun for Two REVOLUTIONS
Filename                : SHTG42RV.WAD
Release date            : 10/09/2009
Author                  : Daniel Aguilera; Nicolas Foppiani
Email Address           : <email removed>; 
                         <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : SHTGUN42.WAD; SHTG42RL.WAD
Misc. Author Info       : Doom addicts from Argentina

Description            : You might want to check SHTGUN42.WAD and 
                         SHTG42RL.WAD for some background info around this
                         wad. This REVOLUTIONS release is a major 
                         improvement from the previous versions. It 
                         leverages all the power of Skulltag and adds 
                         several cool features and concepts around what we
                         believe it's the right way to play this awesome 
                         game. So let's see:
                         * Two players only: It makes absolutely no sense 
                         to allow more than two sides on a battle. Mostly,
                         what happens is that coward expectators benefit 
                         from the situation. Besides, this wad is not 
                         sized or planned for team playing, so no more 
                         than two players please.
                         * Startup shelter & basic ammo: One needs to be 
                         born in shelter. And one needs a shotgun with 
                         shells. Not only that: one also needs to choose 
                         *where* is the best place to get born. Yes, if 
                         you're not happy with the place where you showed
                         up, you have a teleporter behind you that will 
                         take you to a more convenient starting point.
                         * Health recovery rooms: Justice is of essence.
                         Nobody likes to be chased by fresh players after 
                         spending 90% of the energy killing the bastard.
                         So one frag at a time, both players 100% healthy.
                         You have to run, though. Health rooms' doors 
                         close rather quickly.
                         * No plasma, BFG, invulnerability, invisibility, 
                         etc., of any kind: No need to explain here. We 
                         are old school.
                         * Smart and balanced distribution of guns, armor 
                         and ammo: In other words, no comfort zones. 
                         You'll have make your way around the wad in order
                         to get what you need. No hiding rats allowed.
                         * Cool stuff: We definitely needed to add one of 
                         those cool bridges. So we added not one but two 
                         bridges and stairs. In the center of the map, 
                         you get three different height levels to walk 
                         over. Regarding weapons, added a Railgun and a 
                         grenade launcher, which are 100% compatible with
                         an old-school wad.
                         * Impeccable texture selection and alignment: We 
                         are proud of this wad. If you find a glitch, 
                         please let us know and it will be fixed.
                         * Ultra-fast gameplay: The effect of adding 
                         automatic doors and bridges was amazing. It 
                         added ultra-speed to the game. No time to rest!
                         Finally, we believe the spirit of our original 
                         idea on deathmatch is still intact, and we hope 
                         you enjoy this new version as much as we do, 
                         every single day.

Additional Credits to   : 
* What is included *

New levels              : 1
Sounds                  : No
Music                   : No
Graphics                : No
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : No
Other files required    : SKULLTAG.WAD

* Play Information *

Game                    : Skulltag (Doom in Hexen format)
Map #                   : MAP01
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Designed for
Other game styles       : No
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented

* Construction *

Base                    : SHTG42RL.WAD
Build Time              : Month or so.
Editor(s) used          : Codeimp’s Doom Builder
Known Bugs              : None
May Not Run With        : None
Tested With             : Skulltag

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original 
authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact.  I have received permission from the original authors of any
modified or included content in this file to allow further distribution.

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