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Siawn Hy's Keep
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Title                   : Siawn Hy's Keep
Author                  : Siawn Hy
Name of File            : Beta7.ZIP
Email Address           :
Misc. Author Info       :
Description             : **SEE BELOW**

Additional Credits to   : Exodus (for helping me test and debug
                          the level)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E3M1
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : A long time!
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.0 & 1, DoomED 2.50 Beta 3, BSP 1.2x
Known Bugs              : <<none>> -- I think I have de-bugged it...but
                          you never know...there aren't any bugs that I
                          found and I went over every inch of every wall
                          so I am pretty sure it is fine.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

BBS numbers: Albion -- (916)895-8689 -- SysOp - Siawn Hy

* Story *

        You look around and see signs of destruction everywhere.  Your 
heart sinks as you see what has happened to Earth.  But, just as you start
to reload your Shotgun, it vanishes along with all your other weapons, 
leaving you with only a pistol and some ammo.  To your surprise,
the scene of Earth vanishes and you find you are standing in a marble
        Looking behind you, you notice a stack of papers laying on a red
pillar.  You pick up the papers and stand there for about an hour reading
and trying to comprehend what it all means.  Finally, you figure out what
has been going on.
        The radioactive disposal site had been a mask for the UAC's true
intentions.  More, the head of the UAC, Siawn Hy.  Using the UAC, Siawn 
Hy managed to make contact with Hell.  Seeing as it was just demons running
loose everywhere, he went there and, after much trouble, managed to make
the demons see him as their leader.  With the forces of Hell behind him, he
thought he could rule the entire universe.
        Wanting to set up his own base in Hell, he managed to bring Deimos
in to him.  Taking the resources from the base, he created, underneath Dis,
a keep.  Then he sent hordes of demons to Phobos and then Deimos with orders
to kill all life.  While I was fighting through Phobos and Deimos, Siawn Hy
was hard at work creating and constructing his keep.  While I was on Hell,
he managed to take one of each of the eight types of demons, made a special
cage for each which enabled him to spawn unlimited demons, and finished his
        The eight monsters are still set up in the Lazarus Cages and are
still reproducing demons.  Furthermore, Siawn Hy has established a link from
the eight demons to himself, rendering him immortal.  An accident proved this
as he was constructing his keep.  A marble block fell and crushed him, thus
killing him.  But, soon afterwards, from a Lazarus Hold, he appeared.  He
jumped out of it, looked at himself and proclaimed he was immortal.
        As you finish thinking, you place the diary back on the pillar.  
After removing your hand, the papers vanish from the pillar.  Four walls 
start to rise and out of one approaches a figure.  Coming closer you 
recognize the grey uniform of the UAC, worn only by one person.  "Siawn Hy!"
        "So, my friend, you are the one who has been routing my forces.  Not
to worry though, Hell and both bases have already been repopulated and the
gateways to Earth are almost complete.  I would like to give you a chance,
        You start to feel a strange sensation as a ball of plasma engulfs 
you.  But it doesn't hurt.  Then six more walls, three on each side, near the
top of the room open.  Each one blue.
        "Do not be alarmed.  This will put a copy of your whole self into
a Lazarus Hold.  I will give you twenty-five reincarnations before you die.
Now, try to find a way to kill me, before I kill you..."
        With that a green plasma engulfs both him and you.  The next thing
you know you are standing in a small blue room.  The Lazarus Hold.

* Instructions *

        Sorry, but most of you won't be able to really "win" this level.  
The only way to really win it is to play it with me.  Since most won't be
able to do that, then your objective is to find and shut down each of the
Lazarus Cages.  If you are playing with me, then after shutting down all
eight Lazarus Cages, the final thing you need to do is to kill me.  Then
since my powers from the eight demons have left me, I will be dead and not
be able to reincarnate myself.  But, if you die twenty-five times (I can't
count all of them so if you really want to have the full experience then
you will count how many times you die) then I have won.  If you want to
set up a time to play then call Albion and set up a time.  Have fun!

        Be sure to turn on Respawn.  Siawn Hy (story) will bring them back
to life.  Use Cooperative, unless you have the pleasure to play with me
where it will be Deathmatch.  If I play on a net with three to four players
it must still be Deathmatch though it will be me verses them.  That's it for

        The enemies have been put in so this should add a lot more 
difficulty.  It is almost impossible to get through the level with only
one person at a hard skill level.  And the harder the level the more
decor appears.
* Objective *

        I might have said something up there but this should be more 
detailed.  Find each of the eight Lazarus Cages (you'll know when you get
to them) and shut them down.  There should be a couple switches in there
that will accomplish this for you.  When one of them shuts down one of the
eight doors that lead to Siawn Hy will open.  Once all eight cages have 
been shut down, the way to Siawn Hy will be before you...

* Revision Info *


The first version.  All in this was the marble palace and pit.  A few bugs
but fun.


Never released this one to the public.  Just corrected some bugs.  No major


The dungeon was added.  I had to find a place worthy to hold the BFG so I
created somewhere that could hold it with some risk to themselves but still
accessible.  The dungeon was that and more.  Still some little errors.


Ok...this one has many more special effects.  For example all my floors that
lower.  Changed the pit texture and moved the level from E1L1 to E3L1.
Still no Lazarus Cages added...I hope the first one will be in Beta5.


Monsters added!  Skill levels!  Sorry, no Lazuras Cages yet.  I did add on
a few teleporters and some cool stairs.  It is off the Marble Palace and
the new area is in a mountain and the wood is holding the place together.
It is called the Mine of Wood.  


First Lazuras Cage added.  You will know when you get to it.  This cage is 
holding the Imp.  There is a switch that will shut it down.  Also included
is two batch files to run Doom with this wad.  One for dialing (BETADIAL)  
and one for answering (BETAANSW).  Just type (for dial): BETADIAL (comport
number ex:1) (phone number to dial ex:9116766) (skill level number ex:3)
(for answer) BETAANSW (comport number ex:1) (skill level number ex:3)
These are made for Doom's SERSETUP device so I don't think anything else 
will work but that for these batch files.  
That will set it up for modem play at the right
episode and mission, respawning on, and cooperative.  It's a challenge but
some of the pros out there should be able to pass it.

Well, I finally reached the size limit for the level.  For this reason I will
be spanning the Keep over all of Episode III.  This will make for bigger 
levels and more fun.  Beta 7_7 is the last one for the level on e3m1.  The
final Beta will be 8 which might contain some bug fixes (if there are any)
and new graphics, sound, and music.  

Never really got around to distributing 7_7 cause I wanted something more.
So there is a new piece of music in and some little bugs fixed along with
a ceiling texture that I never changed...  I won't get into that.  
   Future Plans:

       I might also do a bit of graphic editing so that one of
the enemies I might not use (maybe a soldier?) will look super cool that 
I will use for Siawn Hy.  Though for the full experience you will want to 
play with me.  Sky editing, wall editing, etc.    
       Donations?  Call Albion.  Five bucks will get you free updates and
if you donate now the full version won't cost a penny.  
       Beta 8 if it does contain the graphics and music etc. will be the last                             
free version of the level.  After Beta 8 if you want to continue to        
receive updates to Siawn Hy's Keep it will cost five bucks.  Send a check to
my associate, Exodus, and then get on the board and you will be able to down-
load the latest version.  The five bucks will get you the latest and ALL
FUTURE versions of S.H.K.  Well worth it if you are into Doom.  
       Checks, make them out to : Isaac Posey (Exodus)
       Send to:     2673 Lakewest Dr.                             
                    Chico, CA 95928
       If you don't have a modem or would just rather have it sent to you,
Exodus should have the most currect version, just send him a self-addressed
envelope with a blank 3 1/2 disk.
       Questions?  Call my board and I will try to answer them.


                                          ô     ô
                                          õiawn ³³y


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