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This is a sprite wad. It replaces several sprites in Doom2 with nude or semi-nude female monsters. The rating for this wad is "NC17". You...

sirens_k.wad, sirens.wad
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WAD Type
Title                 : Sirens
Filename              : Sirens.wad (sirens.zip)
Author                : Wraithchilde
Email Address         : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info     : Wannabe artist who loves fooling with games
Other wads by author  : SirensZD.wad, which contains the levels meant to
                        go with this wad. Not that the levels are anything
                        particularly great, but they tell a story
                        with my sprites. Get it from my hompage at
Description           :
          This is a sprite wad. It replaces several sprites in Doom2 with
        nude or semi-nude female monsters. The rating for this wad is "NC17". You
        should take precautions to keep it out of the hands of those who should not
        view such material (children, religious freaks).
          The mosnters are done so they can be used all the time, not just
        as a novelty. This is not a trashy naked-chicks-on-walls wad (sorry, but
        pornography on walls IS trashy). There are 400+ individual frames that I
        editted to make this wad.
          I added 6 new weapons. Except for the hyperblaster which is a blatant Quake II
        ripoff, they are original and the graphic work was done by me.
          Instructions on how to use the wad are given below.

Additional Credits to : Doom2, Heretic, Id Software, Diablo, Greg Lewis
                        (Dehacked), Randy Heit (ZDoom), and anyone who
                        has ever hacked Doom and inspired me.

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II (ZDoom or BOOM or something that supports such)
Episode and Level #     : N/A
Single Player           : N/A
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : N/A
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : N/A
Difficulty Settings     : N/A
New Sounds              : Yes, plenty
New Graphics            : Yes, plenty
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : No
Other features          : Kick ass dehacked work

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build time              : Too long
Editor(s) used          : WinTex, Photoshop, Photstyler
Known Bugs              : If you use Doom2.exe, you'll have nothing but
                          one big bug. Really the only bug is that the
                          plasma gun has been replaced with the assault
                          shotgun, which uses shells not cells. So when
                          you run out of ammo, it automatically switches
                          to the shotgun, which is, of course, also empty.
                          To get around this just keep an eye on your ammo.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use these sprites as a base to build additional levels as long as
you ask me first. In fact, I'd love for someone to build some themed levels
to use with these sprites, but like I said, pleas ask me.

Because of the nature of this wad, it really shouldn't be distributed all
over the net. Though this is NOT pornography (it's art, duh), it still
may offend some people. Pass it on to friends, etc, just watch where you
put it. Make sure to always include this text file.

* Instructions *

If you are using ZDoom.exe instead of Doom2.exe, all you have to do is
load the wad using the -file option. If you are using Doom2.exe, you have
to add all sprites to the wad, making it huge, then use WinTex to pull the
dehacked lump out of the wad and use it to alter your exe. Sorry, but you're
on your own with that one. Instead of going through all that trouble, you
should download ZDoom from http://zdoom.notgod.com/ if you haven't already.
The sprites just look so much better. Some people bitch about ZDoom being
slow or having memory leaks. I run it on an AMDK6 233 with 128MB RAM and it
runs great. If it runs poorly for you, give your computer to Fred Flintstone
and get up with the times.

If you want the sprites to be part of your Doom2.wad forever, just put the
wad file and deusf.exe are in your Doom2 directory and type
'deusf -merge sirens.wad'. You can then use '-restor' to get the doom2.wad
back to its original condition should you want to (provided you didn't do
anything else to the wad in the interim). Deusf is available all over the
place, like at cdrom.com.

* Note on the Dehacked patch *

This patch is absolutely necessary to use this wad. Don't pull it out. If
you have your own favorite patch that you like to use, just yank this lump
out, open it in a text editor, copy and paste the lines into your own
patch and it should work fine, except that the guns will probably
malfunction, since, if you have a patch that's probably what you use it for.

* Comments *

Feel free to email me with comments/questions about this wad, unless you
are some religious freak who wants to hassle me, in which case you should
go to church and repent for what you were about to do, or just keel over
and die, saving us all a lot of misery.

Final Note: I used to distribute a guns.wad with this wad. That is an older
version. All the guns are now incorporated into this wad. This latest version
updated in July 2000.
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