Marine Private Sparks having completed boot was on a short leave. While touring the countryside with his sweet baby.....Babs, he chanced upon the S...

Skull Hall
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Title:          Skull Hall
Filename:       skulhall.wad
Author:         Dr. Bombay  aka  Agent X  aka  AgX   
e-mail:         <email removed>
Misc. Author
Info:           Other pwads by author:  3daypass,    Dustdeth,    Magnus

Description:       Marine Private Sparks having completed boot was on a 
                short leave. While touring the countryside with his sweet
                baby.....Babs, he chanced upon the Sarge's secret Hole-in
                the-Wall. Armed with but a revolver Sparks brought that 
                house down!
                   Recovering from wounds incured he got id in his 
                skull that Special Forces was his calling...he had to forget
                about Babs...poor girl. None had seen her since his heroic
                though foolhardy attack on the Sargent's lair. UAC did find
                a lock of her hair.....bloodied.
                   Something hadn't felt right during and after his Special 
                Forces interview with Sgt. Magnus. The sarge, though posesser
                of a sparkling military record was somehow...illegitamate.
                So said Sparks gut level feeling. And why did he persistently
                break into mindless laughter?
                   Sparks was, of course, admitted to SF training. He passed
                but not before sustaining some rather severe "hard to explain"
                injuries. One night, quite late, while recuperating Sparks
                logged onto the UAC BBS to check e-mail and there id was
                a brief cut-off message from Babs..." Magnus is one of them..
                a mindless HellBeast, DON'T " and that was it. Babs was alive
                and Magnus was Hell Spawn!
                   Unbeknowst to Sparks, Magnus had him under constant
                surveilance. Before Sprks logged off that night Magnus had 
                trumped up new orders for him. UAC had been working on time 
                travel and had maxed out work with animals. They now needed
                a human "volunteer". A few electronic manuvers by Magnus and
                the Time Brigade from UAC was hustling their volunteer Sparks
                to the transport pod.
                   Will Sparks survive the transport? Where will he be sent?
                And if he survives how will he get back to give Magnus his 
                due and maybe, just maybe be able to pull Babs close once 
                again and whisper those sweet nothings in her ear!

Credits to:     Ben Morris for DCK 2.2  Colin Reed for BSP 1.2x
                Mr Midnite for tech support extraordinaire !!!
                All the pwad authors that inspire me....many.

Play Info:       E2M1 DOOM I (the game is what you make it)
Single Player:   Yes
Co-op:           Yes
DeathMatch:      Yes   Equal starts in an enclosed area...might be fun.
Settings:        Yes
New Sound or
Graphics:        Sigh.....No but that IZ next or BUST!


Build Time:      Summer of 95
Editors Used:    Doom Construction Kit 2.2  and  BSP 1.2x
Base:            New Level from ScaRatch!
Known Bugs:      One room lets rockets thru the walls...tried to fix...but.
Copyright:       EtCetera!!!


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