Slaughter House 5
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MAP01, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12
Title                   : Slaughter House 5
Filename                : sh5.WAD
Author                  : Chris Lloyd
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Academic mathematician working at the
                          University of Hong Kong, with 2 kids,
                          and old enough to know better. Oh yeah
                          I'm an Aussie.

Additional Credits to   : Jason Hoffoss writer of Dpamedit

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP06-MAP12
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes. Borrowed from Dr. Dad.
New Graphics            : No. Don't know how yet.
New Music               : Yes. Not much better but it's a change.

All levels tested for 1 player by my 6 year old who has awesome dodging
skills. Do I worry about his learning to settle problems with the use
of deadly force? This is just a small price humanity has to pay if we
are to be ready for an alien invasion. Mulder and myself are very close
on this point. So don't ask my boy to save your arse when Cyberdemons
invade your local shopping mall.

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Dmapedit
Known Bugs              : (i) The last level is pretty large, very close
                          to the doom limit for saving. Occasionally, I
                          find that after saving on this level, the
                          system hangs on leaving doom with a
                          memory allocation error. Does anyone know
                          how/if the save limit on doom can be increased?
                          (ii) Wierd sky shimmer in the outside area on
                          level 2 (map 8). I think this is a doom error.
                          I did lots of experimenting with building big
                          mountains outside and this always happens after
                          a certain size.
                          (iii) Some annoying thin verticle lines. This
                          seems to happen when you go for smooth curves
                          and so have lots of close vertices. Why blame
                          myself when ID aren't here to defend themselves?
                          Another doom error I reckon.
                          (iv) It is possible to get visiplanes overflow
                          in map 9 if you really work at it, but it won't
                          happen in general play.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may do whatever the hell they like with this. What can I do about it?
Do I really care? What sorts of pretentious buggers bother about copyright
on something as trivial as a WAD which is worth sweet FA, with so many free WADS
out there in cyberspace?


Your mission Jim, should you decide to take it ....ah who gives a shit?

LEVELS  Engineered by Dr. Christopher John Lloyd

These are the first levels I have written. They were written in the order
8, 10, 11, 9, 7, 12 though I went back and added heaps of stuff to 7 & 8. I
only put them in maps 7-12 because I like the music better and so the last
level comes after the automatic doom blurb about you having won etc. and
then...back to a few surprises on the giant level.

Level 1: (Map 7) If I am playing a WAD and am still piss-farting around
with the shitty number 2 pistol after 10 seconds then I, and thousands
like me, hit the quit. I haven't seen a level based around an elevator. Of
course you can't have anything on top of anything so you need to create
the illusion. On the last level I add to the illusion (you will see what
I mean). I discovered invisible walls at this stage and got a bit carried
away I guess. I have seen WADS where you don't get the shimmer when the force
wall drops (I quite like this effect actually). Any one who could explain
to me how to do this please email me. You can finish the level without any
key. There are 5 secrets.

Level 2: (Map 8) The first room is the first room I ever built. Maximum
red. In fact generally I find the Doom textures quite boring (if
consistent) and so I like to play around with colours (see map 9!).
I thought the idea of blocking access to the last blue door with the
teleporter was nifty. No doubt this, and everything, has been done
elsewhere. I really like the splice door in the church area.
You can finish the level without the yellow key. There are 5 secrets.

Level 3: (Map 9) Discovered lifts around here and it shows. Then I went
back and built map 7. The main idea for this level is to
see how ridiculously colourful I could make some of the rooms. Hint:
After you have gone down each main lift, return to the coloured room
and search around for changes. You need all keys to finish this level.
No secrets as far as I recall.

Level 4: (Map 10) The outside area was added quite late. The large room
with the boxes is maybe a little tough on HMP. If you elect to go through
the teleporter before you have done the rest of the dungeon then you
deserve what you get. You don't need the red key to finish this level.
There are three secrets. Hint: After exploring the dungeon go back towards
the start and re-explore the labyrinth.

Level 5: (Map 11) You only need the yellow key to finish this level and
it is right there for you. However, you have to let out the Cyberdemon to
get it! If you can get away from the big bastard then good luck to you
but if you pike out on a fight why are you playing? So make sure you find
(and work out how to get) the BFG as well as the invincibility orb in the
red pit.  This was supposed to be the end of the series but then I got an idea...

Level 6: (Map 12) Why not make a level that unifies the previous five? You
will find major areas from all earlier levels on this level. Many of the
switches no longer have the same effect. There are some changes to the
landscape from some sort of earthquake. The blue key is tough to find so
just remember that if a wall cabinet wouldn't open on an earlier level
it wasn't an error! I haven't seen an exit like the one I made. Of course
it is just a Boss Brain inside a cylinder but I think it makes a nice

Best wads I have found at ftp.cdrom:
   accursed by <email removed>
   artifact by Paul Smidt (<email removed>)
   altd2 - alternate doom
   skyewood - by Steve Rescoe (just for the graphics)

Final comment: I reckon that Doom2 is much better than Quake. Not that
Quake is bad. Doom just has an excellent feel. And the Quake levels that
I have downloaded are absolutely hopeless. ID should bring out Doom3,
with some new textures and monsters.




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