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Solid Colours
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============ General Info - TEXTURE WAD FILES ==============
              Title : Solid Colours
           Filename : SOLIDS3.WAD
               Date : June 25, 1997
             Author : Sonya Roberts and Brian "R.B.W." Peterson
    Email Addresses : Sonya Roberts -- <email removed>
                      Brian "R.B.W." Peterson -- <email removed>
        Description : Set of solid colours (regular and fullbrights) 
                      for use in texturing objects.
     Download Sites :
 Additional Credits : Creators of AdQuedit, Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro
                      Special thanks to Dan Bickell of QuakeLab for the 
                      "QUAKE GRAPHICS EDITING FAQ"

======================= Construction =======================

   Style of Textures: Other (Solid Colours)
 Number of Textures : 57
     Editor(s) used : Photoshop, AdQuedit, and Paint Shop Pro
         Known Bugs : None... e-mail Brian at <email removed> if you find any.
         Build Time : I dunno...  I messed with Sonya's original SOLIDS.WAD for 
                      a while before I figured out what was wrong.  Probably about 
                      two hours.

======================== Other Info ========================

All the solid colours are named beginning with "solid_", fullbright solids 
start with "fb_".  Sonya tried to included a light, medium, and dark 
entry for each colour.

In the original SOLIDS.WAD, there was a texture named "solid_g_pink" which 
actually turned out to be black (RGB 0x000000) for some reason.  I looked 
through the fullbright colors and found nothing resembling pink, so I have 
removed it from SOLIDS3.WAD.  (BTW, SOLIDS2.WAD is not available for the 
public, it was an internal version that I used when troubleshooting the 
origianl SOLIDS.WAD.)

The main problem with Sonya's SOLIDS.WAD was that the MipMaps (textures) were 
only 8 pixels by 8 pixels (which is what the AdQuedit manual says is the minimum 
size for a MipMap).  Unfortunately, Quake requires that textures be multiples 
of 16 pixels in both dimensions.  Oh well, no biggie.

Okay, now for the "British English vs. American English" bit... I assume Sonya 
made the title "Solid Colours" because she lives in Canada and, therefore, uses 
British English.  I live in the United States and use American English, so I 
probably would have called it "Solid Colors".  I thought I was going to make a 
point here, but I guess I was wrong... oh well.

================== Copyright / Permissions =================
This WAD file may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems.

You are NOT authorized to put this WAD file on any CD-ROM or distribute it for profit 
in any way without the express written permission of both Sonya Roberts and Brian 

Permission to distribute this WAD file on the Qoole Web/ftp site and on the Qoole 
CD-ROM is hereby granted by both Sonya Roberts and Brian Peterson.

Permission to distribute this WAD file on the Walnut Creek Web/ftp site and on 
Walnut Creek CD-ROMs is hereby granted by both Sonya Roberts and Brian Peterson.
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