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Sonya's 1st Set of Textures
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              Title : Sonya's 1st Set of Textures
           Filename : SR_SET1.WAD
               Date : May 16, 1997
             Author : Sonya Roberts
      Email Address : <email removed>
        Description : Miscellaneous Textures
     Download Sites :

 Additional Credits : The creators of Quake (the best game),
                      Qoole (the best editor for the best game),
                      and AdQuedit (the best utility for the best game).


   Style of Textures: Other (Decorative)
 Number of Textures : 40
     Editor(s) used : Photoshop, AdQuedit
         Known Bugs : In Qoole, the really big textures will appear improperly
                      tiled in the "texture" rendered viewport, but will render
                      correctly in the final game.
         Build Time : Spread over several days in between other things.


SR_Set1.wad- Name of .WAD file submitted
0texture.bsp- Preview of textures
0texture.qle- Source for preview


SR_Abandon- Sign reading "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here" in glowing red letters.
SR_Acanthus- Two acanthus leaves, suitable for borders or perhaps wallpaper.
SR_Armory- Black lettering on white background
SR_Ashore- Based on military insignia for Ashore Commander
SR_Catface- Cheetah's face
SR_Compass- Compass Rose on brown background
SR_Corrosive- Safety sign on brown background
SR_Danger- Black lettering on white sign
SR_Demon_1- Goat-footed horned man on brown background
SR_Demon_2- Cat-like demon on brown background
SR_Evergreen- Scanned image of pine branches, shrunk a lot.  Great for hedge mazes.
SR_Fire- Glowing tilable orange/yellow/red plasma texture
SR_Floral- Black triangle with purple/pink flower, on brown background.
SR_Green_Rough- Embossed-looking pattern in green.
SR_Green_Stucco- Speckly green texture.
SR_Lion- Ancient winged lion (Sumerian?)
SR_Mask_1- Human face nailed to surface of greenish block.
SR_Medic- Black lettering on white background.
SR_Oakleaves- Triagular pattern of oak leaves and acorns on brown background.
SR_Octotile- Tiling pattern of octagonal stone tiles.
SR_Parachute- Based on military isignia.
SR_Plain_Brown- Blank sample of the brown background used for a lot of these textures.
SR_Qoole- Sign reading "Created With Qoole".
SR_Rossetti- Rossetti's "Persephone", shrunk a lot.
SR_Shingles- Cedar shingles.  Shrunk too much, doesn't look like much of anything.
SR_Skeleton- Big skeleton with glowing eyes on brown background.
SR_Skull_1- Small skull on speckly brown background.
SR_Skull_2- Big skull on brown background.
SR_Skull_3- Big skull with glowing eyes on brown background.
SR_Skull_4- Small skull with glowing eyes on brown background.
SR_Snake- Decorative snake-like thing on brown background.
SR_Snakeskin- Pebbly green texture.
SR_Supply- Based on military insignia.
SR_Tile1- Simple greayish-brown tile.
SR_Tile3- Same as Tile1 but with addition of two blue buttons.
SR_Torches- Crossed glowing torches on brown background.
SR_Wolf- I think this started as a Wolf Scout badge.
SR_Woman- Cool image of half-machine half-woman from clipart library.
SR_Wood_1- Just a doodle of wood.  Not very realistic.

Other Info

This texture set was put together more as of experiment of what could be done than
with any specific goal in mind.  Overall the results can be described as being mainly
decorative in nature; lots of things that would look interesting as a border or used
in a single copy to form an architectural element of some kind.  A few really useful
textures among them.

A lot of these were based on clip art; they started as quite large black and white images,
then I colourized them, shrunk them to size, translated them into the correct colour
palette for Quake, etc.  A few were image maps that either came with 3D Studio Max or I
pulled off the web.  A few (like Mask_1, Tile1, Tile3, most of the text signs) I created
from scratch.

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and/or BBS systems.

You are NOT authorized to put these BSP/MAP/QLE/WAD files on any CD or
distribute it for profit in any way without my permission.

Permission to distribute these BSP, MAP, QLE and/or WAD file(s) on the
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