This is a new six level episode created for DOOM2. All modes of play are supported: single player, cooperative, and Deathmatch. All skill levels ar...

Space 2096: The Invasion Begins
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06

Needs:DOOM2 v1.666+ by id Software 
486/66 or better recommended.
Author:Dave Sherwin
Email Address:<email removed>, or
<email removed>
Misc. Author Info:Spends way too much time in front of
a computer!


This is a new six level episode created for DOOM2.  All
modes of play are supported.  Single player, cooperative,
and Deathmatch.  All skill levels are supported as well.  I
think you will find this episode to be unique in that I have
tried to create the illusion of actual travel from place to place
(levels) in a variety of UAC spacecraft  You will end a level
and then begin the next within the same spacecraft, standing
in the same spot.  The difference will be that once you begin
the new level you and your spacecraft has seemingly traveled
to a new and different location.  In this way each level is a
part of the one before and after it.  I have also made this
episode mission orientated.  Each level has a goal which is
part of your overall mission.  The exit is not the goal, only a
way to get to the next level.  In most cases you cannot
advance to the next level until you have accomplished your

During game play be sure to check the auto map upon
completion of level 3: The USS Encounter.  The map will
depict the actual shape of the ship!

You will start out deep within a small, secret underground
UAC spaceport surrounded by other marines.  You will
board a deep space shuttle and intercept the USS Encounter
orbiting Phobos.  UAC lost contact with it several days ago. 
From there you will dock with an orbiting robotic space
station used for refueling, light repairs, and supply transfer
to the Martian surface.  After securing the station you will
take your shuttle down to the surface of Mars to investigate
a problem with the remote power transfer facility located
there.  Finally you will return to the same spaceport on Earth
from which you left only to find that somehow the aliens
have made it to Earth!  All your buddies lie about the port
dead or transformed.  You fight your way to the entrance on
the surface. All the while hoping against hope they haven't
spread beyond the spaceport.  BUT IT WAS NOT TO BE! 
HELL hath come to Earth today.  No time for pain and
sorrow.  Doom awaits tomorrow........

Level 7: DEAD SIMPLE  


Level 1: UAC Underground Spaceport

Read mission briefing. Board shuttle. Proceed to
Phobos to dock with the USS Encounter.

Level 2: Phobos Rendezvous

Board the Encounter through the shuttles' emergency
airlock under the bridge.

Level 3: The USS Encounter

Secure the USS Encounter from any alien influence.
Rescue any survivors.
Upload all computer logs from the Encounter to
(This will require you to access the proper
computer console in the computer room. 
Once that is done first you can locate the
blue key card in order to get into the rest of
the ship.  You cannot get the blue key
without interfacing with the ships computer
first.) Gain access to the central reactor core
and shut it down before it goes super-critical
and destroys the ship.

Level 4: The robotic orbiting supply & refueling spacecraft

Secure the station from alien influence.
Get to your shuttle now docked on the port side of
the station.

Level 5: Mars power transfer station.

* The station has stopped beaming power in the
form of a pure plasma stream to several orbiting
stations.  UAC has ordered you to descend to the
planet surface and restore power transmission. 
Aliens are now strongly suspected to have taken
control. *
Land on the planet surface undetected, away from
the station.
Gain access to the station through the underground
sewer/ventilation system.
Locate the main control room.
Restore plasma power transmission to orbiting space
Secure the facility from possible alien influence.
Return to shuttle and set course for Earth.

Level 6: UAC Spaceport Revisited (Earth)

Land your shuttle in the hardened underground
hanger bay.
Make your way to the surface taking revenge on all
who would get in your way.
Begin DOOM2: HELL ON EARTH, level 7 to find the
source of this evil and stop it once and for all!


The story so far;

     UAC has been unable to raise the heavy space transport
USS Encounter which was on a Top Secret mission near
Phobos, a moon of Mars.  They have refused to tell you the
complete nature of that mission.  In your experience,
standard UAC operating procedure.  You have been ordered
to intercept , investigate,  secure the ship, rescue any
surviving crew, and upload all computer logs to Earth. 
Great!  You love nothing more than walking into a situation
not knowing all the facts.  All they would confirm was the
possible presence of alien life forms.  Hostile life forms that
may have the ability to mutate human DNA into something
more like themselves.  It also seems they have the ability to
teleport at will within open areas not physically separated by
something like a closed door or bulkhead.
You leave on a small, high speed, well armed,
interplanetary shuttle craft and set course for Mars following
the emergency distress beacon emanating from the
Encounter.    As the days pass you wonder if anyone is still
alive.  Why are you being sent in alone?  What is UAC putting
you in the middle of this time?  What was the true nature of the
Encounter's mission?
Ten days later you arrive and find the Encounter
adrift in a decaying orbit around Mars.  Still no reply to
repeated hails. Initial scans indicate a serious problem with
the fusion reactor containment system.  The computer
estimates a catastrophic failure in 52 minutes.  Not good. 
UAC advises that if the ship cannot be moved or the
explosion averted the resulting blast could destroy the
orbiting space station Orion which in one hour will be
dangerously close to the Encounter.  There are 193 people
on board the Orion.  Also the EM pulse from the ships
destruction would severely damage all satellite electronics in
the area. Further scans indicate no life on the bridge but
unusual life signs throughout the rest of the ship. There
appears to be a high concentration confined in the cargo
bays.  They seemed to be locked in but you can't be sure. 
You pray you won't have to open those bay doors in order
to complete your mission.  Because of this you decide not to
use the airlocks located port and starboard off the main
cargo bays. Instead you carefully maneuver your shuttle
under the Encounter and dock to the emergency escape
hatch in the front of the ship.  That hatch opens directly
onto the bridge in front of the captains chair.
That is where you find yourself at the beginning of
level 3.  Standing on top of that hatch facing aft.  As you
look around you find the bridge crew dead.  A check of the
computer shows that bridge life support was shut down from
engineering.  Good thing you have your helmet on! 
Apparently the bridge crew was able to lock out the mutants
from this area denying them total control of the ship.  They
also locked those cargo doors from here.  It will require the
blue key card to open them.  "Damn it's cold in here!", you
curse.  Suddenly you here the shuttle separating from the
Encounter!  You look to the main viewer to see it moving to
a position just off the port bow.  Weapons deployed!  UAC
had apparently decided to hedge their bets.  Not only had
they given you more incentive to get the job done but if
things went wrong the shuttles computer was no doubt
programmed to destroy the ship, you, itself, and thus all
evidence of what was going on here.  Suddenly you realize
why you were sent alone.  Alone with only your pistol!  You
had planned to go back into the shuttle to get your plasma
rifle.  You also realize that you probably have less than 35
minutes to get the job done before your shuttle opens fire! 
UAC wouldn't want all this to happen in view of the Orion! 
Someone might have to do some explaining.  And, as if you
didn't have enough to worry about the ship-board scanner is
showing some incredibly powerful entity absorbing copious
amounts of radiation directly from the reactor core.  It seems
to grow more powerful with each minute!!!

Levels 4-6.

You've done it!  The Encounter is secure and the
reactor is shut down.  So far so good.  The shuttle hasn't
opened fire.  Your still not out of the woods yet though. 
The Encounter is still in a decaying orbit!  With only
emergency power it will be impossible to stabilize the orbit. 
It will take at least two hours to bring main power back on
line and you figure the ship has about 90 minutes before
impact.  The rate of descent is now so fast that the shuttle
would be unable to stop it.  What to do, what to do. 
Suddenly you have a plan!  Contact the shuttle computer
and have it relay a command to the Argon, a robotic supply
and refueling station in orbit around Mars.  It's capable of
limited space travel around Mars and all it's moons.  Direct it
to intercept the Encounter, dock with it and pull it into a
stable orbit.  Since it was designed to land on the Martian
surface if need be it's engines should be powerful enough to
do the job.
You quickly pull out your communicator and instruct
the shuttles' computer on what to do.  It estimates 35
minutes to intercept.  Yes, yes! That should be plenty of
time.  As you wait for the Argon you reflect on what has
happened so far.  Evidently UAC had ordered the crew of
the Encounter to capture the aliens and take them
somewhere.  What did they plan to do with them? 
Whatever it was something went very, very wrong.  Could
there be other secret missions like the Encounter's?  Surely
UAC wouldn't be fool enough to risk bringing these things
anywhere near Earth.  What if the crew hadn't been able to
lock out the command functions?  Could the aliens have
taken the ship to Earth.  What then?  That prospect was
something you really didn't want to think about.
Just then you hear the gentle thud of the Argon
docking with the Encounter.  You begin to feel the vibration
and acceleration as the Argon begins straining against the
clutches of the moons gravity. In less than an hour the
Encounter would have been so much debris spread across
several kilometers of barren wasteland.  Well it should be
smooth sailing now.  Your eager to get back to Earth and
some much deserved R & R.  If only it was to be that

Good luck.  You will need it.

Please email me and let me know what you thought.  I
WANT to hear the BAD as well as the good.  Don't hold


Additional Credits to:Dan Hazenfeld, Chris Scherado, and
Glenn Zimmerman for play 
My wife Shirley for sharing me with
the computer.
id Software
Matthew Ayres for Waded 1.83B
The authors of WARM 1.6 (nodes
and reject map)
Ben Morris for DCK v2.2 (used for
error checking)
Greg Kwok for WADWHAT 2.0

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #:MAP 01-06
Single Player:Yes
Cooperative 2-4 PlayerYes, although not designed
for it.
Deathmatch 2-4 PlayerYes, although not designed
for it.  Let me know what you
thought.  Too big?
Difficulty SettingsYes
New SoundsNo
New GraphicsNo
New MusicNo

BaseNew levels from scratch.
(Level 3 was previously
released by me.  It was called
(UAC Deep Space Transport
Level)  It has been updated
for this episode)
Build/Test time150 hours at least!
Editors usedWaded 1.83B
Known BugsNone.  Let me know if you
find any.

I would have preferred to make the sky red in Level 5 in
order to better represent the Martian sky.  If anyone out
there could tell me how to do it I would much appreciate it. 
The red sky texture from Doom would have been fine.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional
levels without my permission.  

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this
file, with no modifications.  You may distribute this file in
any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as
you include this text file intact.  If used in a commercially
available CD-ROM I want to be informed and a free copy of
such CD provided to me.

* Where to get this WAD *

America Online, CompuServe 


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