First map is a brand new map sets into a phobos mining facility, with a nice walk trought hell... The other maps was already uploaded and presented...

Special squad cobra 11
1.41 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Advanced engine needed  : Boom-Compatible
Primary purpose         : Single + Coop Play
Title                   : Special squad cobra 11
Filename                : cobra11.wad
Release date            : 
Author                  : Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : Try of a level of DooM
                          "anime music" and "a real rude one"
                          Demons just wanna have fun
                          Morbid Scream
                          Wolfeshit Saga T_T (,,
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Misc. Author Info       : An Italian dude who is 24 years old and who started 
                          to play this amazing game since the age of 10 (really!),
                          my other favourite games are Max Payne, N4SU2 
                          (Need for Speed Underground 2), Half Life, Hentai and
                          Bishoujo games (my favouite is the "Viper" series!) and 
                          retrogaming. My other interests are drawing (only a bit), 
                          reading italian and japanese comics, watching japanese 
                          anime, and the japanese culture in general. One of 
                          these days i'll turn japanese ^0^ ^0^

Description             : First map is a brand new map sets into a phobos mining facility, with a nice walk trought hell...
  The other maps was already uploaded and presented in the \idgames, now all joined into one map
  like as you impressions on voting section.... at the bottom of this file there's a little maplist
  if you wish play it at solo play....

Additional Credits to   : ID, for the fancy game!
                          My Family
  M. W. for sog.lmp
  A lime Zen sky for "alien vs. predator 2 texture pack"
  Team TNT for "Eternal Resource Pack"
  Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler for "CWB Texture Pack 1"
  B.P.R.D for "The monster Resource wad" for the "oldskool rapidfiretrooper" graphics, that replaces     that hated ss nazi enemy...
  sargebaldy for doom to doom2 textures
  other people i forgot to mention
* What is included *

New levels              : 4
Sounds                  : No
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : sog.lmp (map02 demo)
Other files required    : No

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM2
Map #                   : MAP01 to MAP04
Single Player           : yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : yes and no
Other game styles       : no
Difficulty Settings     : no

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : 3 months
Editor(s) used          : XWE, Wintex 4.3, Paint and Internet for decorating works
  Doombuilder for map
  ZenNode for node building
Known Bugs              : MAP03 doesn't works for inteded source port! Oh yes, and legacy hate MAP04 (since that source port    hate the "voodooo dolls" effect...)
May Not Run With...     : not boom-compatible ports
Tested Whit: Gzdoom 1.0.9, Prboom 2.0.2

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original 
authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
NO modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact.  I have received permission from the original authors of any
modified or included content in this file to allow further distribution.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: and mirrors

* Map Listing *

MAP01: Special squad cobra 11 (brand new map)

MAP02: Knee Deep in your fears (

EDIT: Fixed the stairs texture aligniment, added few new textures...

MAP03: Shades of Gray (

EDIT: Texture alligniment improved

MAP04: Nikita Base ( ----> DA WAD OF DA WEEK!!!!! (over some ruba wads and a few ugly jokewads)

EDIT: I changed the PE with a Manc, and some errors was fixed...


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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