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Spooky Doom : The Deathmatch 2.2 is a PWAD featuring 16 maps, playable on DOOM2

Spooky Doom : The Deathmatch 2.2
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP15, MAP31
Title                   : Spooky Doom : The Deathmatch 2.2
Filename                : 2spook22.wad
Author                  : Adam Williamson       
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Doom addict, and couldn't have made 
                          these wads without the following CDs
                          playing in the background : 
                          Crank Crank Crank, by The Almighty
                          Dookie, by Green Day, and
                          Incesticide, by Nirvana
                          :). Pet hates: People who play, and like,
                          other people's levels but NEVER SEND THEM
                          A SINGLE BLOODY E-MAIL TO TELL THEM SO!
                          You know who you are (ie, everyone who
                          flipping well gets this wad!)

Description             : 15 small deathmatch wads, main idea was
                          to create a set of levels for fast, but
                          skilled, action. 

Additional Credits to   : The author of stars.wad, from which I
                          drew some inspiration, Gary Barton
                          for playtesting and design of level 7,
                          Osiris and Jiffy Bag for playtesting 
                          and of course id :)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : 
Single Player           : Nah, but you can look around if you want
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No - most levels have no player 2 3 4 starts
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes!
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes - details later
New Music               : No - if I could sample a CD thru my SB16
                          into a file format Doom could take there
                          would be. Help, anyone?

Demos Replaced          : OK, 3 lmps included in this .zip. Me vs Osiris 
                          3 times. Osiris normally wins massively - on the 
                          level 10 lmp he did have some mouse problems.

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch, but drew ideas from
                          various sources. If you recognize any features,
                          feel touched :)
Editor(s) used          : Edmap 1.40, IDBSP 1.1, WARM, NWT 1.03, Neopaint, 
                          Edmap 1.31.
Known Bugs              : There is one misalignment on the y-axis of a  
                          texture in level 10, but i'm buggered if i'm
                          fixing it and re-merging the ENTIRE WAD FILE
                          again. You probably will never notice it anyway.
                          You may also see the error due to too many 2 sided
                          linedefs in view whilst looking through the
                          window into the dark Super Shotgun room in
                          level 15. This is due to the extremely complex
                          lighting effects in this area, and since it will
                          never be noticed in the heat of a deathmatch,
                          I decided to leave it in and keep the very nice
                          lighting. Also, obviously, you will see some slight
                          slowdown in that area.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors (MAY use these levels as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact, and tell me - I like to know.

And, of course, iD will NOT provide technical support for Doom while
this .wad is running :).

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com

BBS numbers: Both in England. London Connection : 0171 460 0515
                              This is a great Sirdoom BBS too!

                              Pharaoh's Curse : 01432 271 638 (Oh yeah,
                              Osiris asked me to give it a plug - this
                              is a great BBS!....can I have my fiver now?)


* Additional Info *


Levels 1 - 3 have one switch. THIS IS THE EXIT. Level 4 has 2 switches -
the one in the blood pool room is the exit, the other one brings down
a lift. Level 5 has 2 switches. The exit is clearly marked. Levels 1 and
2 should be played OLD DEATHMATCH ONLY - in altdeath, they are unbalanced.
The other 3 can be played in any mode. Level 6 has an exit switch in the
rocket launcher room on one wall. Level 7 has an exit switch on the wall
in one of the blood rooms (the BFG one) to...ahem...discourage cowards.
Level 8 has an exit behind the only door in the level - it's an exit door
(you know, the one coloured gold and black). Level 9 has an exit clearly
marked in the rocket launcher room. Level 10 has a clearly marked exit
in the main room. Level 11 has a clearly marked exit in the ECA. Level 12
has a clearly marked exit in the rocket launcher room. Level 13's exit is in
the area surrounding the plasma rifle's toxic pit. Level 14's exit is in
the dark crate-filled room. Level 15 has no exit, one will be put in in
the next release.

* Revision history *  

        This WAD is an ongoing project. This is release 2.2. 1.0 had no text 
file, 4 levels, and was converted from Doom 1 and put together in 45 
minutes. It was released to a local BBS for testing. 1.1 added level 5,
and corrected some fairly major (in my mind - you probably never noticed
'em) texture bugs. 1.2 put Super Shotguns in the 1st 3 levels. It was
never released publicly. 1.3 added level 6 - unfortunately with 3 misplaced
textures. These were noticed just as I was about to upload it, so v1.4
was hastily written. 1.5 adds level 7. 1.6 adds levels 8 and 31, a new title
screen, and some new textures. 1.7 added level 9. 1.8 added levels 10 and
11 and 2 more new textures. 1.9 added level 12. 2.0 rebuilt the entire .wad
with idbsp 1.1 so the levels were very slightly faster and they all have
maps! It also added level 13. 2.1 added level 14 and a new texture that
you will not even _notice_, because iD should have included it - a
switch on a STARGR1 background. 2.2 adds level 15.
         Later releases will include more levels, new music (if I ever get 
a general midi sound card), a new credits screen, and a *few* new textures.

        The first three levels are straight Doom 1 - 2 conversions. They 
now have Super Shotguns!  

* Playing Hints *

Level 1

DO NOT spend much time in the dark middle section. TRY not to get chased
down there. Early on, try and do the "weapon run" - running through the
middle layer of the level that has all the meaty weapons. Look for long
distance sniping oppurtunities - due to the large amounts of windows you
can see right through the level.

Level 2

When chased, head for the outer layer and try to lose your opponent. Get
a meaty weapon and turn the tables! The lite-amp glasses are valuable -
try to get to 'em first!

Level 3

This is an unusual idea for a level. There is an inside area and an
outside area - thus:

        |                                                  |
        |                                                  |
        |     ________________      _________________      |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |      INSIDE     |     |
        |    |   INSIDE       |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |________________|    |_________________|     |
        |                                                  |
        |                     OUTSIDE                      |
        |                                                  |
        |     ________________      _________________      |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |    INSIDE      |    |      INSIDE     |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |                |    |                 |     |
        |    |________________|    |_________________|     |
        |                                                  |
        |                                                  |
        |                                                  |

There are windows from the outside corridors into the inside rooms. The
inside rooms are linked by teleporters. Around the outside there is health,
shotguns and chainguns, with lots of ammo. On the inside there is rockets,
plasma etc but not much ammo, and no health. So you get an interesting
combat. If I could control the spawn spots this would make a good team
level - but I can't. Bummer.

Level 4

GET THAT SSG! But watch for campers coming out. Try and sneak shots on
firefights through windows, giving yourself a bit of space. Be careful
going for the BFG - on that narrow path you are a sitting duck. Also, go
for the plasma rifle, but don't run too far into the corner - if you
are in the corner of the room when the platform goes back up, you're 
trapped :). Osiris doesn't like this, but I do...heehee.

Level 5

Careful on the BFG! Try pulling the lift down, running away and going
back. For a laff, get on the lift, and wait for some poor sod to activate
it :)

Level 6

Oh boy. I went to town on this one. Go for the rocket launcher - it's the
easiest "meat" weapon to get. Watch for the BFG trap. And get ready for
EVERYONE playing to know where you are when you get the SSG (thanx to
Peter Meredith are due here...)

Level 7

If this level seems to have a slightly different spirit (and it does) it's
because Gary Barton designed it. If you are careful, you _can_ get the
weapons without teleporting - it's hard, though. When you hear a weapon
grab followed by a teleport sound, peg it thru the plasma teleport and
prepare to kill :)

Level 8

Oh God. Carnage, carnage, carnage. A small level with no doors = frag a
second action. Always be tooled up with a super-shotty or plasma. Try and
make your opponent hit walls with his rocket launcher. And to get the plasma,
WALK off the ledge - running will take you right over the platform!

Level 9

Get the Super Shotgun or rocket launcher - the two best weapons in the .wad.
There are 2 difficult jumps that CAN be made - from the SSG to the box
of shells, and in the stairs bit, you CAN jump over the gap. For both, you
have to do the strafe+run trick.

Level 10

The decent weapons are teleport-to weapons, but beware - everyone will know
where you are when you grab 'em! Do some main room ambushes from the dark

Level 11

This level introduces a new feature into Spooky Doom. It also changes the
main texture - it becomes GRAY1. This makes it into a Doom 1 Episode 1
style, this will be the style for levels 11-20. THe new feature is the ECA.
Throughout the level you will see little features - a bridge and two lifts -
marked UNDER ECA CONTROL. In the middle of the level is the ECA. ECA stands
for Environment Control Area. It is a room of switches which control various
features of the environment throughout the level. You can see "ridges" 
running through the level from the various switches in the ECA - these
run directly to the feature that switch controls. They carry the electronics
that make the feature move, and give the player the added bonus of seeing
what the switch will affect. (NB this is for the sake of the game - these
do not have to be in for the switch to work or anything, it's just a nice

Level 12

Oho, still an Episode 1 style but not the same textures as 11. The feature
in this level is lights and toxic waste - you'll see lots of different light
levels. NOTE: There are occasional blue textures near doors - these are
LIGHTS, and do not denote a door needing a blue keycard. Get the plasma
if you've got a lot of health, otherwise...it ain't worth it :).

Level 31

This is level 31 because a) It is a Wolf3D level, and b) It is the 
"Easter Egg" level. Play it and see why ;)

IMPORTANT : This is not a deathmatch level! It is a complete Easter Egg
level! There are NO DEATHMATCH SPAWNSPOTS! You can put some in and play it
if ya like, but...nah.

Level 13

Tool up on the weapons - try and get the super-shotgun, shotgun, chaingun
and rocket launcher - these are all easily gettable. Only get the plasma
if you have the supercharge, because it takes up to 70% health off you!
Try and do some ambushes into the area surrounding the plasma's pit - it
has no less than 4 entrances!

Level 14

Grab the super-shotgun or rocket launcher early on. Watch both doors
in the corridors. The dark crate-filled room is perfect for ambushes!

Level 15

Be careful of the lighting while grabbing the super shotgun. To get the
rocket launcher on the crate, jump from the ledge. Be very, very careful
here. EVERY single area has more than one entrance, so you are never

* New Stuff!*


Yes, Spooky Doom 2.2 has new graphics! It has a new title screen with 
the wad's name in a funky font, two Spooky screenshots, and a disclaimer
in shadowed size 13 Helga font - maybe now everyone will get the tech
support message :). It also has 5 new textures - a door and four walls.

* Credits *

Name                    Comments                        Role
----                    --------                        ----

Adam Williamson         Me. If you see a Lemming        Design, and
                        on a UK BBS or Compuserve,      construction.
                        then it's probably me :)
Osiris                  Sysop of Pharaoh's Curse 
                        and bloody good doomer.         Playtesting.

Jiffy Bag               Regular on The Games BBS.       Playtesting (and
                                                        being bad enough
                                                        for me and Osiris
                                                        to frag him a lot)

Gary Barton             Short, and has two annoying     Playtesting. (Also
                        brothers.                       designed level 7.)
                        * And finally... *

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me comments and demos on this wad.
I MEAN THAT. I want overall comments, bug reports (arrrggghhh!), 
congratulations if it's good, REASONS if it's not good, and frantic 4 or
3 way action! Please, it'll help improve this wad. 

SPECIAL NOTE : TIMinator, please get your lot together and record me an
lmp? Your igor9 lmps are just cool (suck suck).

BYE FOR NOW, folks...
































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