You had no idea when you warped into the base that you would have such a fight on your hands - after all it was only a supply and recreation base p...

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Title                   : Sprike
Date                    : November 1998 
Game                    : Doom II plus TeamTNT's BOOM Engine (www.teamtnt.com)   
Filename                : SPRIKE.WAD           
Author                  : John Bishop
Email Addresses         : <email removed>
                          <email removed>
                          <email removed>

Web pages               : http://www.users.waitrose.com/~sharx                           
Author's works          : BrikBlat! (with Chris Christensen)
                          The Honeycomb (with Chris Christensen)
                          The Orangery
                          Crabbet (with Chris Christensen) 
                          The Waterwheel

                          Author of 'Getting Started with DOOM Editing'.
Contributed to          : BIOWAR (Maps 6 and 13)
                          Plutonia 2 (Maps 3 and 28)     
Description             : You had no idea when you warped into the 
                          base that you would have such a fight on your 
                          hands - after all it was only a supply and 
                          recreation base planetside and the scans had
                          showed no signs of life - not as you knew it
                          anyway. But within minutes your three buddies
                          had been iced and the ground was littered with
                          gore. You stepped back into the alcove to catch
                          your breath, knowing that the warp point out of 
                          the place was some way away. With no more than 
                          a pistol, hope, and your innate belief in 
                          yourself and your ability to overcome the odds
                          whatever they might be, you step forward into
                          the unknown ...           
Notes:                  : This WAD requires the BOOM Engine by TeamTNT.
                          If you try to run it under the normal DOOMII
                          Engine it just won't work as it should. Go to 
                          TeamTNT's website for the BOOM Engine - 
                          http://www.teamtnt.com/boompubl/getit.htm - 
                          which is free and has loads of cool new features
                          in it, but mainly 'cos it's bug-free !! At the 
                          time of writing TeamTNT had just released the 
                          final version of BOOM v2.02. Get it - it's FREE!                                                    
Additional Credits to   : Jack Vermeulen for DeeP97 and help with graphics   
                          Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB version 2.1 
                          All the guys at TeamTNT
                          And, of course, id Software for DOOMII

                          A special thank you to Simon "Chief" Varszeghy
                          the project leader of Team Insanity who was
                          kind enough to record a terrific 100% kills demo 
                          in 7:46... quite a feat ! Nice one Simon. Visit
                          the Team Insanity website at:
                          for a variety of doom related stuff particularly
                          lots of WAD reviews. And finally ...      

                          A particular mention for Iikka Keranen without
                          whom this level would never have been created.
                          It was Iikka who created the new graphics which
                          have been used almost exclusively throughout 
                          this level. Originally created for Quake, Iikka
                          converted them for use with DOOM. Most of his
                          work is now with Quake, and you can visit his
                          site at www.planetquake.com/ikq/

* Files Supplied *

SPRIKE.BAT   Batch file to run SPRIKE.WAD
SPRIKE.TXT   This text file
SPRIKE.LMP   Full UV 100% kills demo by Simon "Chief" Varszeghy
SPRIKEDM.BAT To run the demo


* Play Information *

To install              : Install BOOM into directory C:\BOOM then
                          unzip SPRIKE.ZIP into C:\DOOM2    
To run this level       : BOOM C:\DOOM2\SPRIKE  
                          or use SPRIKE.BAT (both from the \BOOM directory)
Level #                 : Map01
Single Player           : Yes 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes  
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : 4 starts available  
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Oh Yes (Thanks to Iikka Keranen)
New Music               : Yes from DOOM95 
Demos Replaced          : No - full UV demo LMP provided separately


* Construction *

Base                    : New level built from scratch

Editors used            : DeeP97 by Jack Vermeulen 
                          RMB version 2.1 reject map builder
                          WinTex to change music &amp; sound effects
Known Bugs              : None I know of - EMail me if you find any.
Other info              : Created over a period of about a month, just
                          to see what Iikka's textures looked like in DOOM ! 

* Copyright / Permissions *

Please keep this WAD and its associated TXT file intact and give me
credit for it. Otherwise feel free to distribute it at will.

You may use this WAD as a basis for your own WAD design.

Email me with questions or comments at any of the above addresses.



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