You flick the exit switch of Sprike; there is a moment of disorientation and you find yourself staring through a window into the very same exit roo...

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Title                   : Sprike2
Date                    : October 2012 
Game                    : Doom II plus ZDOOM (http://www.zdoom.org/Download)   
Filename                : SPRIKE2.WAD           
Author                  : John Bishop
Email Addresses         : <email removed> 
Web:                    : www.johnwbishop.com                          

Author's other works    : Sprike (MAP01)
                          BrikBlat! (MAP01 with Chris Christensen)
                          The Honeycomb (MAP01 with Chris Christensen)
                          The Orangery (MAP01)
                          Kiddy (MAP01)
                          The WaterWheel (MAP01)
                          Crabbet Park House (MAP01 with help from Chris) 
                          Author of the 'Getting Started with DOOM Editing'
                          guide available from my website. 

Contributed to          : BIOWAR (Maps 6 and 13)
Description             : You flick the exit switch of Sprike; there
                          is a moment of disorientation and you find 
                          yourself staring through a window into 
                          the very same exit room you had just struggled 
                          to reach. It seems that the nightmare is not
                          yet over... 

                          You pause momentarily and then operating a 
                          switch just ahead of you once again descend into
                          the unknown.       
Restrictions:           : This WAD requires the ZDOOM Engine (or other 
                          restriction-removing port). Sprike2 was built
                          using ZDoom in 'Doom' format rather than 'Hexen'
                          format so cannot use many of the excellent new
                          ZDOOM features. If I ever do another level I'll
                          use Hexen format to use all those additional 
                          ZDOOM features.                                                       
Big Credits to          : Pascal van der Heiden for Doombuilder
                          Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer for 2mbrown.wad
                          Iikka Keranen for his quake texture set ikdtex
                          And, of course, id Software for the mother and 
                          father of all FPS games, DOOM and DOOMII.

                          "We're magicians working with ethereal stuff and
                           creating worlds". John Carmack, Quakecon 2011.

Note:                     Came across Doombuilder by accident and thought 
                          it would be interesting to learn a new editor after
                          an absence of more than a decade. Doombuilder is 
                          very impressive, particularly the visual mode
                          which is very reminiscent of UnrealEd. Also, I'm
                          probably way to old to be still doing this, but hey,
                          it remains really good fun.    

* Files Supplied *

sprike2.wad   The Sprike2 WAD
sprike2.txt   This text file


* Play Information *

To install              : Install zdoom into directory c:\doom2 then
                          unzip sprike2.zip into c:\doom2 (or equivalent)    
To run this level       : cd\zdoom and run zdoom -file sprike2.wad  
                          or use your favourite launcher
Level #                 : Map01
Single Player           : Yes 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes  
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No  
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes (Thanks to Iikka Keranen and Daniel Gimmer)
New Music               : Yes, from DOOM95 
Demos Replaced          : No


* Construction *

Base                    : New level built from scratch

Editors used            : Doombuilder v2.1.2.1553 
Known Bugs              : None I know of - EMail me if you find any.
Other info              : Created over a period of several months. 

* Copyright / Permissions *

Please keep this WAD and its associated TXT file intact and give me
credit for it. Otherwise feel free to distribute it at will.

You may use this WAD as a basis for your own WAD design.

Email me with questions or comments at either of the above addresses.



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