Stairway to Heaven (STAIRWAY.WAD)

Stairway to Heaven (STAIRWAY.WAD) is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM2

Stairway to Heaven (STAIRWAY.WAD)
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WAD Type
Title: Stairway to Heaven (STAIRWAY.WAD)
Version: 0.1 Beta
Author: Jonathan Hall

* Play Information *

                    Game : DOOM ][
                     Map : MAP01
           Single Player : Yes
  Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
   Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
    Difficultly Settings : Yes
              New Sounds : No
               New Music : Yes
            New Graphics : No -- Not yet, but I plan to change a
                           few textures later
          Demos Replaced : None
                 Weapons : All in Deathmatch--all but BFG and
                           chainsaw in single-player or co-op
                           play, although many of them are in

* Construction *

                    Base : From scratch
              Build Time : Who knows?
          Editor(s) used : DoomEd 4.2 for Windows 3.1, DCK 2.2
              Known Bugs : A few, but I'm working on them. 
                           Please report any bugs you notice to
                           <email removed>!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Feel free to copy this WAD and give it to your friends.  I only
ask that if you use this level as a base, you give me due credit-
-I'd also like to see what you come up with, so if you don't
mind, send your modified level to me at <email removed>
(UUencode or MIME is OK).

* Description *

When I started making this level, I had Deathmatch in mind, but
as I went on, I ended up making it more of a single-player type
level.  Oh well, it should still be cool for Deathmatch.  I have
put a few "special effects" in this level as well.  When you
start the game (in single-player mode), you'll see a pool, or
pond in front of you.  If you walk into it, you sink down as
though you are walking along the bottom of the pool.  Also, at
the end of the level, there is an "invisible lift," giving the
appearance that you walk on air.

* Story *

After ridding Earth from the evil domination of Hell (in DOOM and
the original DOOM ][ levels), you decided to spend the rest of
your life as a Catholic Monk in Germany.  After many years of
happy, peaceful solitude, you have passed away peacefully in your
sleep.  There's only one problem--ever since being defeated on
Earth, Hell has been tightening its grip on Purgatory.  Now,
before you can go to Heaven to spend eternity with your Creator,
you must cleanse Purgatory of Hell's agents--before they can kill
you and send you to an eternity in Hell!

* Miscellaneous Information *

This is my first real WAD file, and I think I'm pretty pleased
with it.  I hope you enjoy it.

I'm sure there are some bugs in this level, and I will be fixing
them as I become aware of them.  If you find a bug, please write
to me at <email removed> to report it.  Afterall, this is the
Beta version!

Also, there are several secrets in this level--some of which are
fairly difficult to find, while others are fairly easy.  If you
are stumped, and want to know how to get into all the secrets,
write to me, and I'll send you the instructions (this might be
particularly helpful to get an edge on someone else during a
Deathmatch game!).

Thank you!


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