A non-linear level that is set in a space ship. Don't look at the map if you want to preserve the idea that it's multi-floor!

Star Ship ATC
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WAD Type
          Star Ship ATC for Doom2, Registered (tested using v1.9)
Title                   : Star Ship ATC
                          (ATC stands for "Almost Total Conversion")
Filelist                : SSATC1.ZIP & SSATC2.ZIP (it's split into 2 because
                          as one ZIP file it was too big for my internet
                          account).  Unzip these in your Doom2 directory.
Author                  : Kyle Smith
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : I'm a 18 year old guy going to Cal Poly Pomona and 
                          majoring in Architecture.
Other Files by Author   : - I have 2 others for Doom 2, but they suck.
                          - Look for Arisythila (ARISYTH.ZIP) for Hexen 
                          coming soon!
Description             : A non-linear level that is set in a space ship.
                          Don't look at the map if you want to preserve the
                          idea that it's multi-floor!
Features                : Lots of new sounds and graphics.  Special effects
                          involving the Reject Table.  2 completely NEW
                          enemies!  A room that shouldn't be possible,
                          considering the limits of Doom 2 (you should know
                          it when you see it).
Additional Credits to   : Ok, here we go...<deep breath>...

        The most thanks to id Software for THE most addictive games I've ever 
        TONS of thanks to Anthony J. Burden and Simon Oke for DETH, the best 
editor I've ever used (and believe me, I've tried them all).

        Major thanks to Justin Fisher for new graphics and for ideas.

        Lots and lots of thanks to Greg Lewis for DeHackEd v3.0a.  I love
that program!  It made the new enemies possible.        

        Lots of thanks to Steve Benner for 3D GAME ALCHEMY.  I don't agree 
with all of his design ideas, but that book still helped out tremendously!  I
already knew basic WAD design, but I only had DEU2, which is incomplete, and
besides getting me MUCH better software from the CD, it also instructed me 
about advanced editing techniques, such as EXE editing, graphical changes,
etc.  I especially liked the "Towards the Land of the Gods" section.
        Many thanks to Oliver Montanuy for WinTex and DeuSF, the easiest to
use WAD handlers out there.
        More thanks to Leo Martin Lim for inspiration for the Docking Bay 
(from UAC_DEAD.WAD), and for making a REALLY good WAD.
        And some more thanks to Robert Fenske, Jr. for WARM:  the best nodes
and blockmap builder out there.
        Even more thanks to Jens Hykkelbjerg for the best reject map builder 
out there, RMB, and for his WAD incorporating tons of special effects (I have 
        Yet more thanks to Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Geoff Moore & the        
Distance, and the Newsboys for great music to listen to while working on

        Thanks to Star Trek (and Gene Rodenberry) for inspiration.
        This WAD is dedicated to all those other WADsters out there who have
lost themselves in the wonderful(?) world of vertices, linedefs, and sector
        All true DOOMers out there who don't use cheats deserve a warm round
of applause.  We WADsters make these things for you guys!
        And finally, many, many thanks to Angelina Perez for being herself
(and that's all the explanation you'll get from me).

* Play Information *

Level #                 : Map06 - warp to it.
Single Player           : Of course.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes - Just the player starts (for completeness, I 
                          don't think I even tagged anything as multi-player)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No, there's just too many special effects for a
                          good DM level.
Difficulty Settings     : Of course.
New Sounds              : Yes! 
New Graphics            : Yes! (not all of the new textures are used-I made
                          them, then couldn't find a place to use them!)
New Music               : Yes! 
EXE Patch               : Yes!
Demos Replaced          : None.  I wanted to cut down on the size because of
                          the small amount of stuff I could have in my
                          internet account.  
To Play It              : See README.1ST.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch, with graphical exceptions.  
                          Most of the new graphics were from the 3D GAME 
                          ALCHEMY CD, published by SAMS PUBLISHING CO., 
                          provided by Justin Fisher.  The status bar came 
                          from Doom Alien Star - FX Pack (FX.WAD), which was 
                          put together by Michael Byrnes.
Construction Time       : A couple of weeks, working anywhere from 2-7 hours
                          a day.  Every now and then I have gone back and
                          done a minor change.
Editor(s) used          : Thanks to the authors of:
                          Doom Editor for Total Headcases (DETH)
                          Doom Enhanced Editor Program (DeeP)
                          Creative Wave Studio
                          WAD Auxiliary Resource Manipulator (WARM)
                          Reject Map Builder (RMB)
Known Bugs              : WHAT?!?  In MY level?  Surely you jest!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this WAD (using other graphics) as a base to build additional 
levels, provided:
a) A new name is used, AND
b) I am given a copy of the new WAD, AND
c) I am given due credit in the accompanying text file, AND
d) I have given it the personal okay.
Note:  "WAD" includes ALL of the files included in SHIP.ZIP.  If you use any
file from it, excepting DEHACKED.EXE, DEHACKED.INI, and DEUSF.EXE, then the 
previous terms are to be followed.

Authors may NOT extract any graphic (textures, patches, sprites, flats, or
any other graphic) from this WAD, period (you can get most of them from the 
3D GAME ALCHEMY CD).  Authors MAY extract sounds (give me a line in the 
accompanying text file).

You may NOT distribute this WAD for commercial purposes unless I am given a
free copy.  You may NOT distribute part of this package without distributing
all of it, excepting DEHACKED.EXE and DEHACKED.INI (which must be distributed
together), and DEUSF.EXE.  You may NOT include this WAD in a compiliation 
* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com and its mirrors.

BBS numbers: That depends on whether or not you upload it to one.

Other: My hard disk, of course.  However, due to the size, I will not
attach it to an email message, sorry.

* Disclaimer *                        

This WAD and all of its components (see file list above) have been tested on
two computers:

1) A Pentium 90Mhz, 8 Mb RAM, video card with 1 MB of RAM, running through
DOS 6.22, with no slow down.
2) A Pentium 133Mhz, 32 Mb RAM, video card with 4 MB of RAM, running through
Win95 with a Music CD playing at the same time, downloading something off
the internet through a direct slip cable connection, with no slow down.

No adverse effects have ever been encountered while playing this WAD, but the
author accepts no responsibility for ANY undesirable effect as a result of
handling this WAD.

* Comments *

- You need to be observant to find the secrets.  Look for different textures,
or different light levels.

- I need feedback!  Should I do a sequel to this level, with you attacking 
the UAC fortress on planet Jibralt (see the story)?  Is this level good? bad? 
okay?  You can even send me flames (limit yourself to 5 pages).  Compliments 
and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism will be much appreciated.  This is kind of a 
pre-release version.  I'm seriously considering making it a couple of levels, 
with this one being just the first level.  The other levels would be on the 
planet, with you attacking the base.  Tell me if this would be worth it.  

- This WAD sounds best if you turn up the music volume and the sound effects
volume down some.

To: DoomTrooper 001
From: UAC (United Aerospace Commission), DoomTrooper HQ
Re: Destruction of UAC (United Aliens Corporation, code name UAC2 for future
Date: December 6, 2132.
Security Class C - Unauthorized personnel reading this missive will be fined
up to 500,000 credits, with a maximum prison sentence of 5 years.

        Due to your outstanding perfomance in the course of your last 
mission, saving the Earth from Hell, you have been promoted from DoomTrooper
001 to SpaceTrooper 053.  Congratulations!  You are to be transferred to our
base on Ganymede for training in the subtelties involved in fighting in

To: SpaceTrooper 053
From: UAC, SpaceTrooper HQ
Re: Training completed, New mission.
Date: March 5, 2133
Security Class A - Unauthorized personnel reading this missive will be
        You have successfully completed your training, and are now an 
official SpaceTrooper!  You have been selected for a very secretive mission.  
Only the president of UAC, a few of his top aides, and the trusted crew of 
our flagship, the FEARLESS, know about this mission.  You are to beam aboard 
the FEARLESS, which will then transport you to planet Jibralt, in the Solar
System Horinth.  It has been discovered that that is UAC2's head quarters.  
These are the two reasons that UAC2 is to be destroyed:
        a) They will undoubtably attempt to eradicate the human race.
        b) Those bastards stole our acronym!
You are to rendezvous with the FEARLESS in one week, March 12, at landing pad
#12, at 0700 hours.  Good Luck.


                                UAC Base
                          Transmissions Room #2
                             March 13, 2133
                               2120 hours

        "Seargent!  I've got an incoming transmission...it appears to be a
distress signal!"  Slowly, almost apatheticaly, Seargent Hofsky turns around 
and walks over to Private Miller.  "Why now?  Why do I always get stuck with 
the distress signals?" Hofsky mutters to himself.
        "Sir, it's definetly a distress signal...I think it's being
transmitted from the Kor system, but I can't quite make it out..." 
        "Well, let's hear it, Private Miller!"
        In response, the young private flips a few switches, and suddenly
the distress signal blares out from the speakers in the room:

        þMa..Day!  May....y!...We're....attack....aliens....need help.........
anybody hear this?.....May D...! <static>þ

        "Private Green!  Clear up that transmission!  I need to hear all of
it!" Hofsky barks at another young man.
        "Yes sir!  I'll get right on it!"
        "Now, Private Miller, can we get a transmission to the ship?" Hofsky
says, sudddenly no longer lethargic.  Most distress signals did not have 
aliens as the cause.
        "I...I think so sir, but it may not be easy.  The Kor system is
pretty far away, and it sounds like that ship is not in good shape."
        "Get right on it Private." Hofsky turns over to Private Green.
"Have you cleaned up that transmission yet?"
        "Yes Seargent...I'm putting it on the speakers now, sir."

        þMay Day!  May Day!  We're under attack by aliens!  We need help!
Can anybody here this distress signal?  May Day!  May Day!þ

        "Sir?  I think we'll be able to get a transmission to them, but there
seems to be a lot of interference.  It's like somebody's jamming them!"
        "Well, we'll have to take what we can get.  Get me connected to that
        After punching a few buttons, Private Miller gives his communications
equipment to Seargent Hofsky, saying, "Go ahead sir."

        þAttention UAC star ship.  This is Seargent Hofsky, from UAC Charon,
Trans2.  We have received your distress signal.  Please clarify your

        þThis is the FEARLESS, in the Kor system.  We've been attacked by 3
alien attack cruisers, bearing the insignia of...th.....ted...Alie....or......

        "BLAST!  Private Miller!  Get him back!  That's our flagship out 
        "Yes sir...I just need a second.  There!  Try again sir!"

        þCome in FEARLESS...can you hear me?þ

        þFEAR...SS here.  Sir, our shields are down, alien boarding parties
are beaming in.  I don't think we have a chance sir.  You need to get in
contact with General Reid.  Tell him mission UAC2D has failed...give him the 
code Alpha, Venega, Gamma, Ome...<static>þ

        þYou're not finished until everybody is dead!  How is security 
handling the alien boarding parties?  Check the cameras!þ

        þYes sir......Okay, I've switched to the cameras...Oh my god...the
aliens have killed all the security teams.  They're collecting the corpses
and beaming them into space, sir...Uh oh...one of the aliens has noticed one
of the cameras...It just ripped it off the wall.  Now all the other cameras
are being destroyed sir...þ

        þIs there any other human left alive on your ship?þ

        þNo sir...I'm the last one.  Everybody else had to fight the aliens.
The Captain ordered me to stay here, transmitting our distress signal.þ

        þYou're sure there's no one left?þ

        þYes sir, I'm sur...wait!  We have, um, a, well, I'm not authorized
to tell you this, but we do have SpaceTrooper 053 on board.  He normally 
stayed in an out of the way observation room that has no cameras in it...he 
could very well be alive sir!...Sir!  The aliens are in the bridge............
<horrifying screams>...<silence for a few seconds>...'Yoooou wiilll 
fooolllloow theesee hyuuummaans toooo Heelllll!' <static>þ

        Hofsky rips the headset off his head.  "BLAST!  We need to find out
if that SpaceTrooper is still alive...Private Miller!  Find me a way to 
transmit a message to him!"
        "Yes sir...this will only take a few seconds....there you go.  I've
got a link, but it's unstable...the communications on the FEARLESS are about
to go."
        "It'll have to do." Hofsky mutters.

        þSpaceTrooper 053, are you there?  Come in!þ

        þThis is SpaceTrooper 053.  Do you know what's going on?  I was 
resting in Observation Room #32 when some weird guy barged in and shot me 
with a stun beam.  I was able to kill him before losing consciousness.  Your 
transmission just woke me up...<static>þ

        þWell, we're still not sure exactly what happened, but...<static>þ

        Hofsky turns over to Miller, "GET HIM BACK!"
        "I'm sorry sir, but the FEARLESS has lost all communications."

                                The FEARLESS
                             Observation Room #32
                                March 13, 2133
                                  2127 hours

        þ...not sure exactly what happened, but...<static>þ

        The transmission cuts off suddenly, meaning only one thing:  the
FEARLESS has lost its communications.  You've got a bad feeling about this.
Picking up your shotgun and a few spare shells, you prepare to investigate 
what's been going on.  Looking around, you immediately notice that the ship's 
main lights are not working.  Your sixth sense hasn't tingled this much since 
you were back cleaning Hell off Earth.  Taking a deep breath, you prepare to 
throw open the door...


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