Just run the Station.bat file and a full description will be available.

Station Alpha Omega
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STATION3.ZIP - Station Alpha Omega - for Doom II v1.9

This is an updated version of STATION2.ZIP

The main reason for this update was to convert the .pat patch file to
an equivalent DeHackEd patch to allow 'Station Alpha Omega' to be
played with many popular Doom Source Ports (see list below).

Original Author:  Giac Veltri               <email removed>
Station3 Update:  Sparky of KISS Software   <email removed>

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- converted the .pat patch to an equivalent DeHackEd patch (compatible
  with Doom II v1.9, DeHackEd v3.1 & many popular Source Ports).
- added the level name to the DeHackEd patch.
- combined the original text files station.txt and station.doc;
  so now there's only 3 files: station3.deh  station3.wad  station3.txt
- made the main teleporter hum louder and removed the annoying clicks.
- added a level name graphic and "New Game" menu graphic.
- added game screens - title, intermission and help screens.
- rebuilt the wad and sorted the resources.
- created an external lmp demo just to show where all the keys are.
  It's only on skill 2 (Hey, not too rough) but I can't play it on
  Ultra-Violence without saving the game  :(

Play the game:

To play STATION3 with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II:
a) create a replacement exe (doomhack.exe) using DeHackEd v3.1 and
   station3.deh.  For example:   dehacked -load station3.deh
b) To play the game:   doomhack -file station3.wad

Alternatively, use a Source Port which can import DeHackEd patches,
such as:  Boom, PrBoom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, etc.
Patching is not required with these ports. Just use the command:
  -deh station3 -file station3

View the demo:

To view the external lmp demo (single-player, skill 2, 23min 17sec):
  doomhack -file station3.wad -playdemo station3

The demo also tested okay with Boom, PrBoom and PrjDoom:
  -deh station3 -file station3 -playdemo station3

Note, PrBoom v2.02 defaults to 320x200 resolution so use the command:
 -width 800 -height 600 -deh station3 -file station3 -playdemo station3


a) STATION3 has been FULLY tested with:
     'Plain Vanilla' Doom II v1.9
     Boom v2.02   PrBoom v2.02   MBF v2.03   PrjDoom v0.1   SMMU v3.21

     - with MBF and SMMU the demo goes out of synch after 20 minutes
     - check out the demo with PrjDoom's chase-cam - it's much better
       than actually playing the game in 3rd person perspective.
     - SMMU v3.21 has a mouse-look feature which is useful in places.

     Play the game - SMMU v3.21 or PrBoom v2.02 - high resolution video
     View the demo - PrBoom v2.02 - high resolution demo playback

   Not recommended:
     ZDoom v1.22  - it's very easy to get stuck in the special doors;
                    and it only plays lmp demos recorded with ZDoom
     Legacy v1.30 - there's a rendering problem with the handrails
                    (even in software mode).

b) The following Source Ports cannot be used:
     Vavoom v1.5 - only partial DeHackEd support
     JDoom v0.81, DosDoom v0.653b and Edge v1.24 - no DeHackEd support

c) only the single-player game has been tested, although Multiplayer
   Cooperative and Deathmatch are also supported.

d) Here's a few hints and suggestions before you get started:
   - read the Background Story and Mission Briefing below.
   - save the game before you pick up the Blue Keycard  ;)
   - don't even think about going through the Blue Security Door before
     you've found the armory.
   - the Former Human carrying the Yellow Keycard is in a different
     location for each skill setting.
   - once you've disabled the Main Teleport Chamber head back to your
     docked spaceship - once again... read the story  ;)

The original text files follow:
  station.txt   the author's wad description
  station.doc   the background story and mission description


Title                   : Station Alpha Omega
Filename                : STATION.WAD
Author                  : Giac Veltri
Email Address           : <email removed>  E-mail me if you like
                          this .wad  file. (or if you dislike it, I
  just want to know.)
Misc. Author Info       : This is the second wad file I have put on
                          the net.  I hope you enjoy it.
Description             : Just run the Station.bat file and a full
                          description will be available.
Additional Credits to   : Nate Makaryk for additional testing.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 (It's for DOOM II)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes, a couple of textures here and there.
New Music               : Actually, D_RUNNIN has been silenced. . .
Demos Replaced          : 0
EXE Replaced            : Yes, you must run the STATION.PAT made with
                          D2.  That is the only Doom II EXE Editor I
                          have.  Sorry, but if you don't, this will
                          *  Wolfenstein SS's in weird places
                          *  Hanging Commander Keen somewhere.
                          *  You can't get the yellow key.
                          *  A Hell Knight is placed in a sector too
                             small for him.
                          Also, you should run the patch on a copy of
                          your Doom II EXE named ST.EXE.  The batch
                          file will look for ST.EXE
* Construction *
Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : WinTex, DoomCAD 6.1, BSP12
Known Bugs              : None, I think.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

(KNOWN) FTP sites:

BBS numbers:




|||||||||||||||||||||||||||  STATION ALPHA OMEGA  ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


        It happened  on  Phobos.   It  happened  on  Earth.   And  now,  it's
happening  again.   Scientists  on  the  research space  station  Alpha Omega
have  been  trying  to  discover  how to  make a  teleporter  device  without
actually  having  the creatures  from  another  dimension  take  over.   What
made them think it could actually work?
        For the first six  months,  the  station  had  nothing  but  success.
They made the teleporter  by using  different matter  frequencies than  those
on Phobos and Deimos,  and thus, the  monsters would  not be able  to use it.
The theory seemed to work, for a while. After six months of vigorous testing,
an accident occured on the station.   Two monsters came through the teleport.
The  station claims  that they  handled the  situation and that both monsters
were contained.  They changed frequencies again and continued testing.
        The next time,  the  monsters were  not as  dumb.  Instead of sending
two through  the  teleporter,  they sent  an armada.  The station was not the
least  bit  prepared for  this sort  of large  scale attack.  Security guards
were slaughtered  as they tried  to repel  the forces.  Nearly all members of
the  ship  were  killed,  or so we  thought, when we received a communication
from the station.

    "They keep  on coming  through the teleport!  There is no way to stop
    them.  I am the only  survivor.  In order to prevent any more of them
    from  gaining  access to the ship,  I have activated all the security
    doors.  I  do  not have the red or yellow keycards, but I do have the
    blue  one.   The blue  one controls  access into  and out of the main
    teleport chamber.  I  will hide  it somewhere  on the  station.  If a
    rescue  is  attempted,  you must  find the blue keycard.  I can't say
    where  I will  hide it  because the  transmissions  are monitered.  I
    can only tell you that . . . Oh my god! . . ."

        The monsters have taken control of the bridge and have  activated the
main thrusters, thus propelling it towards Earth.  If the monsters already on
the station find the blue keycard, they will open the blue security door  and
launch a full scale attack on Earth . . . again. If they cannot find the blue
keycard, it is assumed that the station's  course  will remain  the same  and
it  will  collide with  Earth.  An impact between Earth and the space station
will cause severe damage and possibly a nuclear winter.  At  the very  least,
millions of tons of dust will be released into the atmosphere and  not  allow
sunlight into the atmosphere.  We would die just like the dinosaurs.


  1)  You  will board  the space station  by docking  with  it.  The monsters
      will  know  you are there,  so they will be heavily armed and prepared.
      You can take up to a maximum of four people on your transport ship.

  2)  Penetrate  the  base and  find the  blue keycard.  Make your way to the
      main teleport  chamber  and  find  a  way to shut it off or prevent the

  3)  Now,  you  have been  given  a Sig-Cow  Military  Pistol along with 200
      bullets.  Your transport  ship has been equipped with  three  Medikits.
      Use these Medikits wisely,  because  we do not  know if any are located
      on the station. Assume there are not. Any weapons you find  inside  the
      station are yours, so try to find the armory. We believe it needs a red
      security keycard.

  4)  Once  you have defeated all of the bestiary and prevented the  rest  of
      monsters from entering the station, we can then  take  control  of  the
      space station  and stop it's collision course with Earth.  All you have
      to do is return to your ship and head back to our military base.  Press
      the release airlock switch in the rear of  the ship  and the  automatic
      flight will take over.



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